Pulse Ballot: January 21, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap stars, couples and soap in the Pulse Poll for the week of January 21, 2013.

It’s time again for TVSource Magazine’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple and show from their favorite daytime soaps! Encourage your fellow fans to vote for their favorites! The top stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Be sure to leave your comments below telling us why you voted for your faves, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls will close on Monday at 10:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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  • bstanley

    I am loving Young and Restless these days. Just love Adam and Sharon. Michael Muhney is so talented he brings a tear to my eyes with his acting. Adam Newman and Sharon Newman are the most fantastic, beautiful, sexy, dynamic, #1 Supercouple to ever grace a daytime tv screen. I hope we see them on our tv screens for many, many more years to come. Just love them. One super-duper soapy couple. Just love them. Did I say I love them? Of course I did. Team Shadam all the way!

  • Doolfanjill

    Having so much fun with Days right now! Can’t wait for the Ejami scenes this week!

  • Silo

    My votes go to EJami and Bill/Katie. As a Brooke fan, I absolutely HATE the writers having Brooke develop feelings for her sister’s husband. Why can’t she have a business-related SL?

    And Sami and E.J. were just amazing last week…as always. I am SO excited to see DAYS FINALLY give this couple a chance! Go EJami!

  • daisylex

    Dante and Lulu Falconeri… Always true, always real, always right for each other. Enough said.

  • Dying for EJami this week !!

  • Dayz

    EJami is almost here guys! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • dorothyg

    Can’t wait for Days to be on today..Hopefully Ejami will be on. Go Ejami <3

  • Patty

    Days is good again! And Ejami’s the winner!

  • Missy

    Ejami is on fire

  • Annie

    Ejami all the way

  • Dayz

    Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this coming Days. I’m liking of the stories and EJami too? I’ve died and went to soap heaven.

  • Jordan

    Amelia Heinle and Billy Miller have the perfect chemistry as Y&R’s #1 couple: Billy and Victoria Abbott.

  • MaryP

    Love, love, love Victoria and Billy Abbott on Y&R. They are the best couple to come along in a long time.

  • Annie

    Love Ejami, at long last, i like Will and Sonny also. Its a pleasure to watch again after such a long horrible ordeal we have had shoved at us. Go Ejami show them what real romance and chemistry looks like. YAHOO!!!

  • Rock

    Thanks to the writers for a day with EJ and Sami! These two are soul mates in the acting arena! We can not wait to see the heart warming real romance between these two. This makes coming home from work a reckless drive home and a race to the DVR. What a pick me up after a busy day at work. So much better than a “Debbie Downer” triangle.

  • dorothyg

    Ejami is coming…Ejami Forever!!!! <3

  • carolyn

    Looking forward to more EJami. I would love to see them get married. They are soulmates.

  • carolyn

    looking forward to Mon.EJami getting together. Hate the way the characters treat EJami when they are less
    hypocritical then they are. The writers should show the good side of EJami.

  • Patty

    Looking forward to all the deliciousness on Days this next week – Ejami, Wilson, Bristen, and the custody battle. More please!

  • pspcindy

    I always knew EJami could be wonderful as a real couple. So glad Days finally gave this storyline a chance.

  • dielee

    Dominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman who protrays this young married couple Dante and Lulu Falconeri are the ones who kept me watching GH and wanting more of there story because they have the real thing TRUE LOVE Lante Forever.

  • Doolfanjill

    Days is getting so good! I’m actually looking forward to everything, but especially seeing more Ejami! They are smoking!

  • Maryl

    Great week for EJ and Sami!! Looking forward to more during the coming week! Simply loving it!

  • Paige

    It makes me smile to read all the excited posts for other newer couples, because I STILL feel that way about Billy and Victoria, who have been my favorite couple on Y&R for a few years running now. Thanks to the writers and to Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle for keeping it fresh by infusing them with the perfect balance and portrayal of devoted love with realistic conflict; I love watching them at home, so clearly in love, dealing with their days, hanging out, quarrelling and making up, and then having each others backs when they face the outside world. Nobody does it better!

  • Beth CP

    Beautifully said! The best description for JMB and DZ’s portayals of Lulu and Dante! Brava, Caitie!

  • T. Edwards

    So excited to see DAYS return to the classic soap opera that it was once was. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds for all of the new couples and friendships that are coming together in Salem. Of course, Ejami is my favorite!! Love their natural chemistry. As usual, James and Ali did great this week, and I look forward to watching their true love story pan out!!

  • toner40

    their last scene together was FULL of passion for each other. You could tell Sonny missed Will as well. But Sonny had to stop things where they were. It would have been just about the sex. Yes it will suck seeing Brian make his move on Sonny. But you can tell Sonny is still in love with Will. Sonny is hurt no doubt and Brian I think will be that push Sonny needs and maybe along with Tad and Chad to know he truly belongs with Will.

  • Dayz

    Saturday’s vote goes to the Sizzling Hot EJami. More Please!

  • carolyn

    Eileen Davidson if so good on Days. She never got good storylines on Y&R. Some actors play villains
    better then their peers.

  • carolyn

    Can hardly wait for next week.Love EJami

  • Cristina

    I love Will & Sonny

  • Sophia

    Loved the EJami scenes this past week! Looking forward to see what will happen!! :)

  • Go DAYS!! Ejami were awesome. Enjoying Rafe/Nicole/Eric as well. Blake/Camilla/Chandler are knocking this baby story out of the park. Kristen is her usual fabulous, wicked self. Keep it up, lovin’ it!

  • dorothyg

    Can’t wait for Ejami to connect…no secrets…no lies. For all the right reasons…Love. Go Ejami Forever! <3

  • Caitie

    Dom Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman as Dante and Lulu seamlessly enter each other’s personal space and create an emotional intimacy in Dante and Lulu that has brought many of us back to watching GH full time … and has kept us watching. They give us the sense that Dante and Lulu entrust their hearts to each other in a way they never have and never will with anyone else.

  • Patty

    Looking forward to the Nicole and Kristen face-off this week on Days, the baby custody, Wilson, and especially to Ejami as they grow closer.

  • Wow!! It is going to be a great week of Ejami

  • loa

    LOVE WIll and Sonny on Thursday, They do such an amazing job, and rock Sure hope they can get past this and get back together SOON, They belong together, IT is going to be REALLY HARD to see them move on for while hope it isn’t for LONG!! Need their best friend, Excited to See EJ/ Sami Heat up, interesting to see what Nichole has up her sleeve for Kristen

  • bettyrj

    Now Days knows who their super couple is! Go EJAMI!

  • im loving days of our lives and will and sonny and all the drama now surrounding their storyline, right now the boys are at odds but i hope this isn’t drawn out too long and eventually they get back together, i’m optimistic they’ll get back together, after all you can’t get that supercouple status without having all kinds of drama thrown their way and i eventually want them to be a supercouple, freddie and chandler have been giving great performances as these characters and with this storyline so keep up the good work boys as well as DOOL and everyone involved

  • Daysfan41

    Finally EJAMI!! Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting until their next scene together. Whether they are just talking to each other, holding each other or kissing they are the best and most interesting couple on daytime! James Scott & Alison Sweeney deserve to win Emmy’s for their performances and this couple they have created is hot, hot hot!!! I’m breathless waiting for the long awaited admission from Sami that she loves EJ and that they will be together for real this time!!

  • dorothyg

    Go Ejami…Forever Soumates <3

  • Doolfanjill

    Days has been amazing this week! Ejami was on fire! Cannot wait to finally see their story! So excited!

  • Kay

    Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith really did an amazing job this week. Thursday’s episode was especially touching but sad since they showed that Will and Sonny have broken up. I am hoping this is just temporary and that they will eventually resolve their problems and reunite. Anyway, the emotional scene of Will finding out that the baby is a girl was really powerful. The look on Will’s (Chandler) face was priceless. He is so excited about this baby now. So glad the truth is finally out that he is the father. Also, Will and Sonny’s passionate kissing scenes were really good. Chandler and Freddie really did a great job. They are so convincing as Will and Sonny, with the facial expressions and the emotions they show, and the way they touch each other – well it is just so real and powerful. If I didn’t know they were acting, I would swear that they are a real couple. That is how good these two actors are. They make you feel like you are witnessing a real love story.

  • Nicole

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed and loved the EJami scenes this week. Please keep them coming!!!! Thank you NBC/Sony and writers!!!! Thank you James and Ali for the amazing performance you give us as EJami. We are blown away everytime!

  • Dayz

    The promise of EJami is making me all kinds of excited! =)

  • Sweetsherry30

    Lovin Ejami heating up onscreen!

  • JorgeAnn

    Once EJami make love and seal the deal as an exclusive couple, can the Days banner be updated? This week ♫EJami was on fire….EJami was on fire♫ Thanks going out to James Scott and Alison Sweeney, the hottest and best looking acting duo on daytime tv. Your EJami scenes were breathtaking and sexy.

  • Krista

    So happy to see that Days is finally investing in Ejami! Bring on Ejami!

  • IheartWilSon]

    Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith rocked their scenes as usual. I cried happy tears when Will realized he was having a girl and how much he wanted to be a dad. I cried sad tears seeing how much Will and Sonny love each other but Sonny can’t get over the lies. And I cried over the bittersweet moment of their very hot & passionate kisses in their last scene of the week. I’m going to cry buckets of tears next week when Sonny tries to move on.

  • Beth CP

    Showing my love and devotion for my favorites, Lulu and Dante Spencer-Falconeri and their always spot on portrayers Julie Marie Berman and Dominic Zamprogna. Their commitment to their roles touches and warms my heart. They keep me tuning in, even when the story they are telling presents difficulties for we who want to see them showcased with material that allows these gifted actors to shine. For me, there are none better. My sincere thanks to them both.

  • Ejamifan662

    Ejami all the way!!!I It was a great week for “The Couple”

  • Patty

    Such wonderful EJami this week. Looking forward for what’s to come!

  • I haven’t given DAYS thumbs up for soaps since the CH, but this past week has been mostly good. JS/AS and EJami are my faves as usual.

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