Pulse Poll: May 6, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap stars, couples and soap in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of May 6, 2013.

It’s time again for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple and show from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Stars and couples from The OnLine Network’s All My Children and One Life to Live are available for voting! Be sure to show the anytime soaps your support.

Be sure to leave your comments below telling us why you voted for your faves, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls will close on Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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  • You are able to cast TWO ballots per day Thursday – Monday. Remember you can make selections for EACH show if you choose.
  • You may cast a vote for a couple already listed OR write in. You CANNOT do both for one show. Votes for couples already listed, not on the show or using couple names (ie Ejami, Broe) will not be counted.
  • If you see a an actor, actress or current/potential pairing that isn’t listed and would like them to be added or have any questions about the poll, please e-mail tvsource [at] sosourcemedia.com. We update these lists at least once a month.
  • Couples available for voting is a reflection of CURRENT storylines. Couples are decided based on current and potential pairings. These lists will be modified as storylines evolve and will be changed without notice. If a pairing you previously voted for is unavailable, you may vote write-in for them.

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  • AJ and Elizabeth have great chemistry together.Elizabeth out what AJ did with Carly she run back to Nik again hate so stupid.

  • iheartwilson

    Only one more comment from me. I have nothing against Ejami; they’re a great couple. But Alison and James are not repsonsible for the success of other actors and couples, including WilSon. WilSon became a super couple because of Chandler and Freddie. They didn’t need to be propped by other actors.
    As far as LSB, it’s already been delivered. Rafe is not part of their lives. There is no more love triangle.

  • iheartwilson

    I’d like to give my 2 cents & change this up a bit. Athough with inflation it really should be 10 cents by now don’t ya think? :P I think the best couple on TV right now is WilSon (Chandler & Freddie). As wonderful as the s/l has been written, it’s the actors that brought the characrtors to life and gave them so much chemistry. They have such a huge fandom which many are new to watching Days because of them. BUT we can’t forget about Ejami. They have chemistry all their own and their own fandom who have been routing for them for years. I don’t think Ejami and their fans are going anywhere anytime soon. I like the way these two couples are working together for Will and what a surprise later will it be to find out EJ DiMera was working with Justin Kiriakis. Who needs Stefano anymore when we have villians like Nick, Vargas, Jenson and even Gabi.This is a smart move for Days cuz Stefano (And Victor) are getting up there is years. Jeanne Cooper’s death was a sad reminder on how fragile life can be when elderly.

  • Stories are good and couples (esp. EJami) are hot. That makes Days Good & Hot must see TV. =)

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates! <3

  • JorgeAnn

    It isn’t the Will and Sonny show either.That is your opinion, but the actors that you seem to think are worthy of the leading s/l would not be where they are if it not had been for the talents of James Scott and Alison Sweeney. One storyline should not cause certain characters to be backburned. A good example is Chad. He and Will were best friends and he and Sonny are co-owners of the coffee house. Chad also knows Gabi’s dirty secret which he shared with Sonny. The LSB in EJami was made by Ken Corday, I’m waiting on him to deliver. You like Wilson and I love EJami. No more comments will be made from me on this subject …Thanks for your opinion

  • Carolyn Levesque

    The best couple on TV with out a doubt is Ali & James (EJami) Their acting is natural & never forced. More chemistry then any
    other actor/actress on TV. Perfect acting, perfect couple. Days is No. 1 because of EJami.

  • Lilly

    I am really loving the sweet and completely adorable romance between Elizabeth and AJ on General Hospital. Rebecca Herbst has chemistry with everyone but its off the charts with Sean Kanan.

  • Rock

    Heartfelt and on Fire for James and Allison! Never ever, ever before has their ever been a couple that won the hearts of their huge, huge fan base like these two soul mates. We love your extraordinary acting and passion for your work. I love how Sami proves her love for EJ and is able to shrug off negative comments about him. Take it to the mat Sami! Voted EJAMI.

  • Klj5017a

    General Hospital is just rocking right now. We have NULU (Emme Rylan) stepping in to fill some pretty big acting shoes (JMB) and doing a fabulous job. Then how can you not enjoy the “Clash of the Condiments” which just happens to involve a fabulous triangle between the dashing yet dastardly AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan), the lovely Queen Elizabeth the Fabulous (dubbed by Felix played by Becky Herbst), and the most stunningly handsome man on daytime, Prince Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher). Next week we have a wedding (Laura & Scott) and the return of OUR GH3 (Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson, and Michael Easton) in all new roles that are said to be tied in to some of the greatest stories ever told in Port Charles, NY. And let’s not forget we have two young women about to give birth under very mysterious circumstances. If you are not watching GH right now, you are missing out on a wild and crazy ride!

  • Loving Days right now. Always love EJami. =)

  • I agree with you.

  • Gisele

    WRITERS can write the most dynamic love story for two characters but it’s the ACTORS that have to make you FEEL their love, see their chemistry, cry at their pain, acknowledge their longing and blush at their desire. That said, Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva have made their fans FEEL the supercouple that is Todd and Blair. They literally took the lines written on a page and turned it into a golden pairing that lasted for many years.

  • CarolynCal2422

    DAyS is No.1 because of the romance & excitement EJami brings to the show.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami <3

  • Sedgrick

    Wow Days need to look at our section and those are the couples we ant to see chad and Abby are interesting me and will and sonny are the main reason I watch days but the show is on fire right now if you aren’t watching you need to it about ti get interesting in Salem.

  • iheartwilson

    I think it’s wonderful for storylines to intertwine and I think the baby storyline is a great umbrella story. Also, I don’t think any character or couple should be front and center. They should be sharing the stage. It’s Days of Our Lives, not the EJ and Sami Show. Lock, stock and barrel has nothing to do with lead or supporting characters.

  • JorgeAnn

    Can’t wait until this baby s/l ends. That baby has tied the Hernandi into EJami’s orbit…Thanks to GT. EJami shouldn’t constantly be used as a supporting role to keep building other characters. It is time for them to be front and center where they belong….What happened to lock, stock and barrel?

  • Rhonda

    Will and Sonny are such a beautiful couple! Their scenes together are so tender and realistic. They are the reason I watch Days of our Lives!

  • I have been watching All My Children since 1970. Back when Phillip Brent and Tara were on the show. Erica was very young then. I love Dr. Joe Martin and his wife Ruth. Kate was always a blessing and such a sweet person. Palmer and Daisy Courtland were very special to me as well. Nina and Cliff Warner had a wonderful wedding and were a very nice couple as well. I am and will always remember Merytle Fargait.

  • CarolynCal2422

    the hottest couple on tv EJAMI!

  • King Wilson

    Got my Friday votes in for Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and for Will & Sonny Wilson 2x for favorite couple.Happy to see the best couple Wilson back on the Days’ banner along with Chabby.

  • EJami serves up the SIZZLING HEAT on Days! Days serves up some good stories! Woot!

  • Will and Sonny are my favorite couple on Days of our Lives. They just look so happy and in love. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are really doing a terrific job in their portrayal of Will and Sonny. They really do seem like a real couple with all the little gestures and glances (holding hands, touching Freddie’s ear and playing with his hair) that couples do to create intimacy. So sweet. Loved the scenes where Sami tried to convince Joe Bernardi to give her the evidence and the chase through the square – so hilarious. Of course it was an epic failure – when does Sami’s schemes ever work? Rafe being attacked on Friday was shocking. Is Nick guilty or did someone else do it? The plot thickens…

  • shoshanna

    The incredible chemistry that Ejami have is unmatched. I have never seen anything like it on television and probably never will again. The characters of EJ and Sami have come alive. I hope their family have a long, happy and grey life together.

  • Kenzie

    Voted for Will and Sonny. They are the most loving couple on Days and are so cute to watch together!

  • dorothyg

    Voted Ejami….Meant to be for so long. <3

  • bettyrj

    Sami is back! Love it! Love EJ for supporting her in her schemes to “Eavesdrop – that’s how she gets all of her information!” Hilarious! I’m glad the writers recognize that this is the Sami that the fans love! EJ’s scheming with Sami shows that they are made for each other!

  • loa

    love Days this week They did a great job with the stories being played, Love Will and Sonny, They are the cutest couple But yet EJ and Sami are high on my list too, but love love Wilson!!

  • iheartwilson

    I voted for my favorite couple, WilSon. They were so sweet this week. My shipper heart melted. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are so convincing; they are truly amazing actors. I also voted for Lauren Koslow. I always love her scenes with WilSon; they have such great chemistry together.

  • jewals6

    Voted for James Scott & Alison Sweeney EJAMI such a pleasure to watch these two actors on days. Ejami are simply Devine.

  • Dayz

    EJami and Days are my top pick. Always.=)

  • JorgeAnn

    My vote goes to James Scott and Alison Sweeney aka EJami. Without them some of the other actors careers would not have taken off.

  • King Wilson

    Got my Friday votes in for Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and for Will & Sonny Wilson 2x for favorite couple.Happy to see the best couple Wilson back on the Days’ banner along with Chabby.

  • Leigh

    I agree, it was a good week on Days. And I love EJami & Wilson. They are my faves!

  • Leigh

    Voted for James Scott & Alison Sweeney. Love my EJami!

  • dorothyg

    Voted for my favorite couple…Ejami <3

  • CarolynCal2422

    my votes go to the POWER couple EJami!!!!!!!!!

  • Georgina

    Ejami all the way!!!

  • bettyrj

    Love, love EJami! 2 votes for Ali Sweeney, James Scott and EJami! They are the most awesome, sexy, fun couple on tv!

  • 2 votes for James Scott and Alison Sweeney…Ejami is the hottest couple on TV!

  • Days of our Lives was very good this week. Looking forward to this baby storyline to move along as Gabi looks like she is ready to pop. Sami was hilarious as she was chasing Joe Bernardi through HTS trying to get that backpack. Loved that lady dancing to her I-pod – so funny. Of course Sami’s plan was an EPIC FAIL. Will is so looking forward to the birth of his daughter. His scenes with Gabi and Rafe were great. Kristen and John in the secret room…Brady arranging for an adoption for Bristen. All kinds of stuff happening. Sonny FINALLY appeared on Friday – wish he and Will would be on every day!
    They are the main reason I watch the show.

  • Silo

    Friday’s votes go to James Scott and Alison Sweeney as well as EJami, the sexiest couple on DAYS, Daytime and possibly TV :-)!
    E.J. and Sami are so much fun to watch. Sami is FINALLY the strong and independent Sami I used to root for. I love seeing this side of her back. And E.J. right beside her, supporting her. More please.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and voted Will & Sonny Wilson 2x for favorite couple.Happy to see the best couple Wilson back on the Days’ banner along with Chabby.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 for Ejami…The best couple on Days. They are everything a supercouple should be. I Love Ejami!!!!!! <3

  • Patty

    So happy to be able to vote for EJAMI on Days. My favorite couple of all times. Best chemistry. Great acting. What a delight they are!

  • Julia

    I want Steffy and Bill together B&B

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