Pulse Poll: June 24, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap stars, couples and soap in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of June 24, 2013.

It’s time again for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple and show from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Stars and couples from The OnLine Network’s All My Children and One Life to Live are available for voting! Be sure to show the anytime soaps your support.

Leave your comments below telling us why you voted for your faves, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls will close on Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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  • You are able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday. Remember you can make selections for EACH show if you choose.
  • You may cast a vote for a couple already listed OR write in. You CANNOT do both for one show. Votes for couples already listed, not on the show or using couple names (ie Ejami, Broe) will not be counted.
  • If you see a an actor, actress or current/potential pairing that isn’t listed and would like them to be added or have any questions about the poll, please e-mail tvsource [at] sosourcemedia.com. We update these lists at least once a month.
  • Couples available for voting is a reflection of CURRENT storylines. Couples are decided based on current and potential pairings. These lists will be modified as storylines evolve and will be changed without notice. If a pairing you previously voted for is unavailable, you may vote write-in for them.

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  • pg

    CHYLAN, CHYLAN ALL THE WAY!!! These 2 always put a smile on my face, I just love them. The baby story will be great, can’t wait for all the emotions to come out, but for now, I will enjoy the happy times.

  • Rock

    The modern day Tom and Alice has to be EJ and Sami!!! I love this beautiful love story that embraces all the elements of human drama. They were born to be soul mates with an incredible strong love for one another. Thank you writers this is like reading a great love story.

  • tourank

    I voted for brady and nicole. They’re the hottest and exciting couple on dool. Love them. Hot and sexy bricole all the way.

  • Deanna

    Voted for AJ & Elizabeth on GH. Loved watching their story/relationship develop these past 6 months, and look forward their next steps together.

  • spunky terror

    Chadam–MM & MCE are acting soul mates. Adam’s love for Chelsea is the one bright spot in his dark soul; how I wish she would realize how much he still loves her.

  • Queen Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith as Will & Sonny for favorite actors and favorite couple.

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea #Chadam

  • autumn

    Patrina all the way

  • Sea Siren

    My votes are for Nikolas and Elizabeth. They have such amazing chemistry and a rich history that is just waiting for their story! The actors have a stunning comfort level with each other that makes them my all time favorite couple. Niz!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 fot the hottest couple on daytime soaps…Ejami <3

  • Noirdame

    Nikolas and Elizabeth on GH and EJ and Sami on DAYS get my vote. If the term “supercouple” exists today on soaps, these two couples are it!

  • tariro

    Voted for my only couple on my only soap EJAMI ,have give up on shadam and on Y and R. Right this is the only couple thats getting it right for me

  • Patty

    Big week coming up for Sami on Days with EJ there to support her. And even better yet, Ej’s battle with Stefano begins to heat up. Action packed shows. Go Ejami!

  • Roc N Rose

    ONSCREEN SOULMATES describes the essence of the Michael Easton (Silas Clay) and Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) pairing. Lightening has struck not once, not twice, but three times and will continue to do so as long as they are in each others’ orbit. Individually, these talented and gifted actors can ‘Rock any Role’ they are given to support/advance story.

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea #Chadam

  • SiamChillyFan

    I am a Sam and Silas fan voted Siam in the GH poll and wrote in for Chilly/Billy and Chloe on Y&R!!!

  • Maria

    Voted for Sam and Silas! They have amazing chemistry. It’s great to see them making the Top 5 couples list this early in their relationship.

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    AJ & Elizabeth! I’m so glad Nik is getting a new love interest! Buh-bye Nik!

  • KBP

    Ditto to your message about Nikolas and Elizabeth. I am so ready for their story to play out. I was so excited these new writers must have seen the connection from the first round, but I am a little nervous that they have decided to go in another direction. I am staying positive. Please let TPTB know where you stand….write, call, tweet!! They have a great pairing on their hands and I just hope they realize it!

  • The Cassadines

    I sincerely hope, RC/FV get it right this time in allowing Nikolas and Elizabeth to finally have their love story they were robbed of years ago. The upcoming story is a “very familiar” theme to Niz/Lik fans, but all we can be is optimistic that they’ll do right by our couple and have them together soon. The thought of them not allowing Niz to have the romance and love they are past due for, is quite concerning. If they can’t appreciate the gold they have with this couple, the clear winner in being one of if not the most popular couple on the show right now, I don’t know what else to say.

    Voting for Ejami because they’re Ejami and that = LOVE!

    Voting for HOTT because I can finally start to watch B&B again, now that Wyatt and Hope have my attention. I love the potential between the two.

  • DawnL

    Steve Burton, Melissa Claire Egan and Chylan all the way! I know the baby lie is between them, but Dylan and Chelsea are simply magic together. LOVE them!

  • JorgeAnn

    What I love about EJami….They are an awesome couple, and they can be independent and strong in their own individual storylines…..Thank you James Scott and Alison Sweeney.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • MomOfSydBlake

    Still love Shadam! No one an bring the passion & heat like Shadam….MM & SC own it!!

  • J

    Voting Victoria and Billy always. I love their love for each other. Even through the ups and downs. They are True Soulmates. They warm my heart and keep me watching YR.♥♥♥

  • Emmy

    LOVE VILLY!!!! So sweet, romantic, not to mention gorgeous and super sexy! Billy & Amelia always deliver.

  • Rosie

    As voted here for as the SUPERCOUPLE of the Summer, Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman get my votes!! Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle are pure acting gold! Both deliver so much authenticity to scenes, you feel like you’re watching a real life couple. No cliche acting here!!!

  • :) yssirhc

    Elizabeth & Nikolas <3 TC & Becky are too amazing.

  • spunkyterror

    Chadam! Enough with the angst already writers. Put them back together ASAP

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea! #Chadam

  • Amy

    Hello Eric and Nicole on DOOL is the most obvious choice this week. The scenes with Nicole trying to take care of Eric were totally awesome if you have not seen them and showed who much she truly cared for him. Even Brady told Nicole realized they needed to just be friends.

  • Farrah

    Voting for Hope and Wyatt on BB today :) I really love the dynamic between the two of them already. The whole fairytale angle is not lost on me but more than that….the chemistry is there. It’s way past time for Hope to have someone in her life that will put her and only her first and will not be waffling back and forth between her and Steffy. Liam’s too wishy washy and Hope deserves better. Prince Wyatt adds a freshness to the story and I can’t wait to see what is in store for them.

  • irtr

    I agree morally with you that what the character, Chelsea, is doing is wrong, especially for the child she claims to be protecting, but the actress, Melissa Claire Egan, is doing a phenomenal job in her portrayal of this flawed character! This is why I am a #Chadam fan! The writing for Chelsea and Chloe reflects poorly on women, their choices, and their fears. I believe that, just as much soap drama could have been portrayed, if Chelsea had been written to tell both Dylan and Adam the truth about the baby and could have chosen to divorce Adam and marry Dylan! Like Hope did with Victor, Sr when Adam was conceived!

  • Heather Gasol

    I want to see Liz and Nik as a couple. He loves the ground Liz walks on. A.J. is just a liar.

  • Heather Gasol

    I cannot wait until Chelsea gets caught by telling this TERRIBLE lie to both Dylan & Adam. What she’s doing is messing with people’s lives here plus her babies life.

  • Dayz

    All my lovin I will send to you (&votes). EJami & Days =)

  • Leigh

    Voted for EJami. Loving James Scott & Alison Sweeney. And does anyone else think James should keep the scruffy beard he was sporting Friday? Wow, he was even hotter than usual!!

  • Suzie2013

    Elizabeth and Nicholas are the next super couple of GH

  • kayhan

    Will and Sonny are my favorite couple from Days of our Lives. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith got my votes for favorite actor and Judi Evans got my votes for favorite actress. Adrienne has been a thorn in Will and Sonny’s side this week
    but they stood their ground and told her that they were together whether she liked it or not. LOVED all the intimate moments between the guys even with all the interruptions (Nick, Chad, and Gabi) – you could tell Sonny really wanted to be with Will. This is the only storyline I care about.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 for the most exciting Soap couple…Ejami! <3

  • Cassaluvdine

    I’m voting for Love in the Afternoon. Becky Herbst and Tyler Christopher. Nikolas and Elizabeth
    of GH. They bring everything that makes them wonderful . For me there is nothing better!!

  • Otter1

    I really hope the EP and HW of GH realize that Nizfan Nation is strong! TC and BH have such an evident connection and chemistry as Nik and Liz. I’ve been waiting for Niz for 4 years. It’s their time! Love them! Niz is everything!

  • Krista

    Always Ejami!

  • bettyrj

    EJami are the greatest couple on daytime tv! James Scott and Alison Sweeney are dynamite together! Their scenes are explosive when they have their awesome love making scenes!

  • renda

    Nikolas and Elizabeth chemistry is Magic, there is non like it

  • jessica

    -Melanie and Adam seems so passionless. Chelsea and Adam felt so forced and unrealistic. I miss Sharon and Adam (when the writers gave them material). Sharon Case and Michael Muhney are mesmerizing together. I know, I know he stole her baby and kept her in jail, but that was the script the actors were given. The magic between them has always been real, never forced. Love them and hope that the writers will one day bring them back together.

  • irtr

    BB: Loved Hope and Wyatt this week, aka, HOTT! I hope HOTT gets a chance, tired of Hopeless Hope with “can’t make up his mind”-Liam! Hope sizzles with mysterious Wyatt!

    YR: Sticking with Chadam! MCE/MM are so, so good together on screen together and apart! Can’t get rid of words like natural, real when I think of this pairing! Nothing forced, natural passion, love, intensity! I have to continue to ship Chadam!
    MM is a phenomenal actor, exudes sensuality, but so very gifted as Adam! I guess the real-life mensa, MM, can’t help but bring this out in his portrayal as Adam Newman! He picked Melanie up in their love-making scene in today’s episode, but Melanie does not have enough raw. street-smarts and substance to be paired with Adam Newman or to be working for Victor Newman to spy on Adam Newman!
    MCE is a phenomenal actress! Like Adam she works with most pairings, but her passion and grit comes out in the Chadam pairing. This actress has a comedic, light, airy side that comes across on canvas, no matter how BAD she is for using Dylan as a target in her con, she comes off as believable in her love for Dylan! The problem is the relationship is based on a lie and just isn’t right, since, she of all people, knows what growing up without a father is like and knows that Adam is troubled like he is because he did not get to know his real father. So all of the little sweet-nothings between she and Dylan will be lost when Dylan finds out! I loved the scene today when she re-read Adam’s letter and touched the blanket Adam bought for the first baby they lost! Just well-done…her guilt was spot-on, but her willful, stubbornness to go on with this charade, in spite of the fact that she knows it will end badly, is “true” to the Chelsea character!

  • bricole love

    I love bricole on dool. They’re the hottest couple in salem. Bricole all the way:)

  • iheartwilson

    Voted for my favorite couple and actors: WilSon, Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith! Loved the affection this week. I especially loved their facial expressions when their moms were around. Priceless!

  • Katie

    Rebecca Herbst, Tyler Christopher and Niz (Nikolas and Liz) FTW! I just wish GH would not bait & switch especially after what Guza wrote for Niz. Despite the bad writing for our couple in the past, we love them, they have tons of chemistry in every scene. We need our Niz love story, i.e. Niz against all odds!

  • Patty

    What terrific scenes today for Sami, Will, Sonny, and Adrienne, EJ and Chad, EJ and Justin, and my faves, EJ and Samantha. Looking forward to lots of good scenes coming with Sami’s trial soon to get underway.

  • Keisha

    just vote

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • paul

    Ejami all the way Ali and James are simply the best together

  • Raymond

    I am voting for Hope and Wyatt on BB. I love them.

  • pam

    voting for MCE &MM chadam

  • Farrah

    Voting for Michael, Missy and Chadam. They are amazing and the reason why I started watching YR again after a long break.

  • LeLe

    I am voting for Becky, Tyler and Niz. I really hope that after all these years Elizabeth and Nikolas get the chance to have a real romance. They deserve it and so do the fans.

  • pspcindy

    Voted for EJami! But I really want to see more of them on DOOL.

  • JorgeAnn

    EJami needs to be on more than twice a week.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2…Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates! <3

  • Leigh

    Voting for Eric, Ari and Bricole. Just the idea of Brady and Nicole back together thrilled me beyond words.

  • LaceyLou

    For GH I am voting once for my favorites Nikolas and Elizabeth. I love them. They make my heart go crazy everytime they are on the screen. And I am voting once for a couple that I believe has the potential to be really great. Sam McCall and Patrick Drake. The chemistry between the two is amazing and if the writers gave them half a chance they would shine together.

    .For BB I am voting for my new favorites Hope and Wyatt aka Hott. The smash name says it all. They are amazing and the chemistry is undeniable. I really hope that they get a chance to be together. Sorry, Liam…too little too late.

    For YR I am sticking with my love for Chadam. They are so far apart right now but I know that they will find their way back to one another.

    And on Days I voted for Bricole. I love Ejami and Chabby too but Brady and Nicole have me so excited about the potential of them being a couple again.

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