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Vote for your favorite soap stars, couples and soap in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of July 1, 2013.

It’s time again for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple and show from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Stars and couples from The OnLine Network’s All My Children and One Life to Live are available for voting! Be sure to show the anytime soaps your support.

Leave your comments below telling us why you voted for your faves, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls will close on Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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  • You are able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday. Remember you can make selections for EACH show if you choose.
  • You may cast a vote for a couple already listed OR write in. You CANNOT do both for one show. Votes for couples already listed, not on the show or using couple names (ie Ejami, Broe) will not be counted.
  • If you see a an actor, actress or current/potential pairing that isn’t listed and would like them to be added or have any questions about the poll, please e-mail tvsource [at] sosourcemedia.com. We update these lists at least once a month.
  • Couples available for voting is a reflection of CURRENT storylines. Couples are decided based on current and potential pairings. These lists will be modified as storylines evolve and will be changed without notice. If a pairing you previously voted for is unavailable, you may vote write-in for them.

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  • tia

    Dylan and Chelsea will always have my vote. I see a lot of great stories that the writers can write for Chelsea & Dylan and we need more hot and steamy love scenes in the future!!
    Today’s episode was very good. Chelsea defended Dylan and the life that she has chosen with Dylan to her parents, and when Dylan said these words to Chelsea’s parents, “I am not rich, and I don’t plan to be, not if it means more time away from my family then with them, and I’m not Adam Newman, nor do I want to be, he was smart enough to make millions but he wasn’t smart enough to make Chelsea happy”.
    The look on Chelsea’s face after he said that was filled with pride and joy. Chelsea and Dylan are in love and you can see it when they look at each other.
    I want more and I can’t wait to see their love story unfold.

  • pf

    CHYLAN all the way!!!!! These two are funny together, they can have their own comedy show. They bring out the best in each other, and they have secrets that will eventually come out, but they are the best couple to watch on y&r. We are talking soap opera people, anything could happen!!

  • renda

    My vote goes to the one and only Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber played by Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst! Chemistry cannot be manufactured and these two have IT in spades!

  • I love Villy

    Villy.Villy.Villy. Villy. Villy For the Win!!!!!

  • Deanna

    I voted for AJ and Elizabeth on GH. Although it has been a slow, and trying road, their scenes last week proved why they are worth it!

  • ChylanFan

    Chelsea and Dylan, always.

  • :) yssirhc

    Once again Nikolas & Elizabeth have my heart all in knots. Tyler & Becky are too amazing for words.

  • Noirdame

    Nikolas and Elizabeth from GH and EJ and Sami from DAYS are my fave current soap couples. Mad chemistry that can never be duplicated! EJAMI is finally getting their chance, now it’s time for NIZ to have the same! That kind of dynamic just can’t be denied! More NIZ please!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • LeLe

    Just when I think that it’s hopeless to love a couple that is doomed because of the writers obvious interest in another pairing for each of them…..I am pleasantly surprised. AJ and Elizabeth have wormed their way back into my heart. I really hope that the writing for them continues to improve and they finally get a real, honest chance to be together.

  • kaths82

    EJAMI ALL THE WAY. They are the only reason I even watch days. The chemistry is always off the roof with the dynamic duo!

  • lynnet

    Its been a busy week for EJami with Sami’s grand Jury appearance but EJ has been by her side through it all ,with comforting words and no criticism whatsoever ,this is the guy after all who has always loved her for herself, even if herself at the moment is a gun toting trigger happy sort!

  • marry

    chadam simply the best for MM &MCE

  • iheartwilson

    Another great WilSon week on Days! Chandler Massey once again proved he can handle multiple emotions. Freddie Smith showed us he can sing-song talk to a baby while swaying away. Judi Evans was giving bad mom advice and she (well the writers) made me look up the meaning of the word “effusive.” (It means “gushing.”) Arianne Zucker cracked me up with her antics towards Kristen. Shawn Christian didn’t annoy me too much this week O.O I liked his scenes with Greg Vaughn. And although I still don’t like the character of Jennifer, Melissa was awesome when yelling at JJ this week!

  • Lidia

    VILLY for the WIN!! A Newman & Abbott pairing is pure genius! AH & BM are superb, they come across as a real couple crazy in love.

  • spunkyterror

    Adam and Chelsea are everything. Chelsea is headed for a big fall, but Adam will always be there to catch her.

  • Susan

    I agree. I REALLY like Chelsea with Dylan. Dylan brings out the best in Chelsea & they are crazy about each other. Theirs is a true love & i know as Dylan struggles with his PTSD, Chelsea will be right by his side.

  • ChillyFan

    Voted for Chloe and Billy. Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson have great chemistry together and I have loved seeing their characters reconnect. The Chilly scenes last week were great and a perfect example of why fans of theirs have held out hope for them for more than three years.

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    AJ & Elizabeth are everything.

  • Ivy

    My favourites are YR’s Villy, GH’s Lante & DOOL’s WilSon!!! They all show what true love is!

  • Sea Siren

    GH’s Niz has it all! Tyler and Becky get my votes, and I’ll always be team Niz! Hoping they get the love story they deserve, the chemistry says it all…

  • Joey

    Sweet Villy get my votes. So much angst right now with Billy’s gambling causing serious problems not to mention ole Vic’s interference. Not worried, what can’t destroy them only makes them stronger!! AH & BM are awesome in their roles…can’t get enough!!!

  • lynnet

    Every week ,every year ,together or apart ,I’m always voting for EJami,they make DAYS the soap that it is for me ,the first original “grey ” couple to ever survive in Salem!

  • JorgeAnn

    Go EJami!!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For the most awesome couple ever…Go Ejami <3

  • Silo

    Team EJami!

  • Sammy

    VILLY is my favourite couple!!! Love Amelia & Billy, the are just perfect together!!! Can’t wait to see their make up scenes, so romantic & sexy!!!

  • Angie

    Voting for Daytime’s #1 POWERCOUPLE Victoria Newman & Billy Abbott! Yet again facing more problems and outside interference, Villy will come out on top! Billy Miller & Amelia Heinle bring such honesty to their characters.

  • rose

    CHADAM I’ll catch u if u fall I’ll always be there great acting from MM & MCE

  • Linloveslik

    It’s Liz and Nik all the way!! Best soap couple on daytime tv!!

  • Maybe

    Voted for Chloe & Billy. To think, after YEARS of their chemistry, their history, and their connection being ignored, this Chilly fan is beyond ecastic that Chloe and Billy are interacting again. They were such a missed opportunity IMO and dysfunctional and messy couples are lacking on soaps.

  • LeLe

    I am voting for Hope and Wyatt. IMO they are the best new couple on daytime right now….and they aren’t even a couple yet. But I hope that they will be because I believe that they are fresh and exciting and so much story could be told between the two of them. Wyatt is such a breath of fresh air for Hope right now. He is all about her and he proves that when he didn’t back down from Liam. He stood his ground and he was there for Hope. And that sweet and tender kiss made me swoon.

  • Maria

    I voted for Silas & Sam. I love Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco’s chemistry, as well as the Pride and Prejudice style romance that’s unfolding for their characters. Silas & Sam keep me watching General Hospital.

  • Para B

    The best thing happening on soaps is Dylan and Chelsea, brilliantly portrayed by Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan. They were adorable in their talk with Dylan’s buddy, Stitch — so affectionate and clearly in love. Chelsea cooing she’d be lost without her man. Awww. Dylan saying she’s the best thing in his life. The week ended on a sadder note with Dylan’s PTSD rearing it’s ugly head. I loved how Chelsea held him as he is obviously struggling with deep emotional scars. This couple has everything and I can’t wait to see their relationship unfold. Y&R is pretty boring to me but CHYLAN give me something to anticipate. My favorite couple in many, many years.

  • Lisamae

    Love AJ and Elizabeth on GH!

  • Cassaluvdine

    If love came to us so easily we probably wouldn’t want it so badly. Same for our couples. My votes will always be for Nikolas Cassadine(Tyler Christopher) and Elizabeth Webber( Rebecca Herbst). Their Love will always be tested. As my patience to see them happy. however I believe both shall be over come. Niz is Love I/T afternoon!!

  • Spunky Terror

    Just a little two minute interaction and Chadam broke my heart. Adam catching Chelsea from another fall felt so right until he saw that Riley’s blanket was in the charity box. Adam’s grief and Chelsea’s shame at hurting him were brilliantly conveyed in those brief seconds. Great acting by MM & MCE.

  • renda

    Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst as Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber have what very few soap couple have and that is the ability to make allure you in and make you fall madly in love with them! if all couples had what these two have, love in the afternoon will never die. The intensity they bring on screen is unmatched, and they do it so effortlessly you can’t help but root for them, that is why they will forever have my heart and my votes.

  • kayhan

    My favorite couple on Days of our Lives is Will and Sonny. They are the best couple on the show, even though right now Will is insecure and is feeling like Sonny is “settling” for him, but Sonny has loved Will since they first met (I believe) and is so happy with Will and now with Arianna. Just look at his face when he talks about Will or Arianna, he just glows. My votes for favorite actor are split between Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith. Votes for favorite actress this week is Judi Evans and Alison Sweeney. Loved the shows this week, especially the ones that featured Will and Sonny together (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday where they were celebrating the 4th of July with a picnic at the lake with friends and family). Not happy about Brent coming around and trying to cause trouble between the boys. He is questioning how Sonny can be happy with Will and a baby and living a life totally different than before. Brent doesn’t understand how Sonny can fall in love with someone and change his way of life – Brent clearly has never been in love before. He needs to keep his opinions to himself.

  • Otter1

    What can I say? I love soapy angst and Niz embody it! They are soul mates! Of that, I feel even more certain now. Niz have everything it takes to soar to super couple status. I will patiently await their return and continue to vote for them regardless. Niz is love!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 for Ejami…Best, hottest couple ever <3

  • :) yssirhc

    All the angst & obstacles Nikolas & Elizabeth are getting, only makes me love them more & more. Also voted Tyler & Becky for actor & actress. <3 Niz

  • MomOfSydBlake

    Adam & Sharon Newman still hold my heart! No other soap couple has ever made me love them & want to root for them like Shadam has. MM & SC have so much chemistry! They are best together!! Shadam always for me!!

  • Mary

    Young and Restless: Peter Bergman’s scenes with Billy Miller this past week were so touching. Billy is a mess and Jack knows fixing things with Victoria is what Billy needs to straighten this out. Jack sees her side in this and doesn’t judge Victoria the way Victor always judges Billy. Amelia Heinle is doing outstanding work at Victoria. Victoria is hurting and scared especially since she was kidnapped just a few months ago as payback from some of Billy’s old gambling “buddies”. I am also hoping that she is pregnant and is trying to do what’s best in that situation too. Billy & Victoria deserve the happiness back they bring to each other.

  • Dayz

    EJami and Days gets my votes every day, every week.=)

  • sam

    go chadam

  • Rock

    James and Allison have above average and blow you right out the roof acting skills! They bring acting to a whole new level when they work together. Wake up producers you want to embrace and celebrate this type of opportunity that comes along once in a life time! We love EJAMI!!! times infinite.

  • irtr

    Both MM and SC are great, but I’d still like to see the pairing of Adam (MM) with someone like Hillary (also, MM) for now. I personally believe that Adam was better in a romantic pairing with Chelsea (Chadam) than Sharon, even though I liked him with Sharon before Chelsea arrived. I just like Michael Muhney’s portrayal of Adam Newman and don’t think it really is about the romantic pairing for Adam right now. Mishael Morgan (Hillary) has been on for a short time, but there is something about her, i.e., smart, mysterious, and up to something that I don’t think is “good.” I’ d like for Adam’s and hers paths to cross in Genoa City! :-)

  • Lisa

    Voted for Will & Sonny for favorite couple. I am looking forward to this new dynamic this summer!

  • Mary

    Victoria & Billy Abbott are still the best couple on tv. They will work things out and be stronger than ever. If all goes right, we will hopefully get to watch them welcome their child into the world in the months to come.

  • Kittykat01

    I don’t want to see Adam with Hilary or Victor’s spy, Melanie. I still beleve in Shadam. MM & SC work so well together & have amazing chemistry. MM & SC took an unlikly pairing & made Shadam into a fan favorite with all the makings for a Super Couple. The writers would have to be fools to throw Shadam away.

  • The Cassadines

    There ain’t no angst like Nikolas and Elizabeth angst. They wouldn’t be the couple we love, yet drive us completely up the walls when doing so. So much passion and love, yet it remains heavily guarded to protect obsolete people that are part of the equation in them being together. Time for the heart to prevail and it’s past time for Niz to be victorious and indulge in the love story they so deserve. There are no obstacles that this couple can’t overcome without the other. Their love and friendship will ensure that. Niz are EVERYTHING!!!

    Really loving the story of Hope and Wyatt on B&B. While it may seem kiddish at times, I can’t help but feel giddy about these two and the potential they have to be something great. Here we have a man that can love Hope fully and completely…she deserves that. Just keep him away from your mom girl ;)

    Ejami…are Ejami. They get my vote no matter what. So glad that DOOL finally put these two together after years of us waiting. Our payoff has been well worth it and DOOL has benefited from the wait because they are on fire across the board. BEST SOAP ON TV RIGHT NOW!!!

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    I love AJ and Liz on GH! They’re perfect for each other.

  • Madison2489

    I am all about the chemistry and history btw Nik and Liz. Niz deserve to have their love story told.

  • irtr

    Voting for Bold and Beautiful this week as my favorite soap! Katie/Bill/Brooke – phenomenal work! Voting for Wyatt and Hope (HOTT) as favorite couple ad Rick and Maya on B&B. On Y&R, usually my favorite, but pace is too slow for resolution of storylines. My favorite character/actor on Y&R this week is Adam Newman/Michael Muhney, followed by Billy Abbott/Billy Miller, and Nick Newman/Joshua Morrow. My favorite female characters this week were Phyllis Newman/Michelle Stafford and Jill Fenmore/Jess Walton. I wrote in a pairing I’d like to see on Y&R. I’d like to see Adam Newman paired with mysterious Hillary Curtis! Instead of using Hillary to mess with Lane, let’s see what Adam does with Hillary instead of this Melanie chick!

  • Jillian D

    Voting for Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber for Favorite Couple. They will have some trying times coming in July, but I got their back no matter what. I’ve waited since 1997 for this pairing and I will not relent, even if I have to wait just a measly month or two. I have a feeling the payoff will be worth the wait. No way Ron and Frank waste the talent and chemisry Tyler and Rebecca breathes into this couple. GO TEAM NIZ!!!

  • Leigh

    Voted for James Scott. Love my EJ Dimera, especially with the sexy scruffy beard. lol :)

  • Lilly Leanne

    I am voting for AJ and Elizabeth on GH, Hope and Wyatt on BB and Chelsea and Adam on YR.

  • Hannah

    Voted Billy and Victoria Abbott. Huge fan of them. They are the reason I started watching Y&R, and the reason I continue watching. Hope they finally get their miracle baby. They’ll get through this rough patch. I have faith in them. VILLY FTW! :)



  • Suzie2013

    I love Nicholas and Elizabeth they just shine as a piairng. I like AJ and Liz but not as a pairing but I can see these two being firends good friends I just don’t get love. So I am staying with GH Nicholas and Elizabeth on screen they set off the fire alarms!

  • JorgeAnn

    EJami!! Ryan can we get a new banner for Days?

  • LaceyLou

    Such hard decisions this week.

    On GH I am voting for both AJ and Elizabeth and Nikolas and Elizabeth. I love both couples. Niz’s chemistry pulled me in and made me love them. And this week I was reminded of the reason that I fell in love with the idea of Quiz in the first place. The sweetness, and the sparkly chemistry between them. So each couple gets one vote from me.

    On YR I am sticking with my heart which is with Chadam. The tiny little scene with Adam catching Chelsea before she fell down the stairs…and then him finding out that she is giving away the baby blanket that he bought for their son..was heart wrenching and proof positive that I still and will always love these two. Though I have really been enjoying the Chloe and Billy scenes as well as the heartbreaking scenes between Billy and Vicky….I am voting for Chadam.

    BB is easy…….though the standout for the show this week was the incredible acting associated with the Katie/Bill/Brooke reveal…..my excitement for the potential of Wyatt and Hope wins out. I really really really want these two together. The chemistry is undeniable and the sweet, fairytale like buildup has been nothing short of amazing. HOTT gets my vote.

    And BB is undeniably the best show right now so that is my vote for best show.

  • Joey

    All time favourite couple are Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman!!!! Villy is so special, not like any other soap couple. YR is getting better too with the Summer Paternity reveal about to happen.

  • Dayz

    Voted for EJami and Days. I hear things are heating up even more this summer with Sami & EJ. ;)

  • Patty

    I’m buckled up and ready for a rollercoaster ride of romance and intrigue for EJAMI this summer. I absolutely adore this couple.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami! Hottest couple on daytime Soaps! <3

  • lilith niflheim

    Just love B&B right now… The Bill/Brooke/Katie drama, because it’s feisty and refreshing. Non of the characters are 100% in their right and all are wrong on some leven, tho some more than others. Also LOVE Wyatt and Hope! Let’s pray for a HOTT summer and Liam being left to ponder on his life’s choices for a change!

  • Emmy

    My poor Villy, their pain is gut wrenching. Proves beyond a doubt that Billy & Vicki are crazy in love! Best couple on YR, gets my votes! BM & AH are fantastic in their roles!

  • deb

    voting for the best actors in the Y&R MM&MCE CHADAM all the way whenevers she falls he’ll catch her

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