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Vote for your favorite soap stars, couples and soap in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of July 15, 2013.

It’s time again for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple and show from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Stars and couples from The OnLine Network’s All My Children and One Life to Live are available for voting! Be sure to show the anytime soaps your support.

Leave your comments below telling us why you voted for your faves, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls will close on Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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  • You are able to cast TWO ballots per day Thursday – Monday. Remember you can make selections for EACH show if you choose.
  • You may cast a vote for a couple already listed OR write in. You CANNOT do both for one show. Votes for couples already listed, not on the show or using couple names (ie Ejami, Broe) will not be counted.
  • If you see a an actor, actress or current/potential pairing that isn’t listed and would like them to be added or have any questions about the poll, please e-mail tvsource [at] sosourcemedia.com. We update these lists at least once a month.
  • Couples available for voting is a reflection of CURRENT storylines. Couples are decided based on current and potential pairings. These lists will be modified as storylines evolve and will be changed without notice. If a pairing you previously voted for is unavailable, you may vote write-in for them.

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  • Josie

    Sam and Patrick. Dream on. Patrick wouldn’t touch that child endangering skank with a 10 foot pole. Robin would turn over in her fake grave knowing that trash was anywhere near Emma.

  • Dayz

    I think you picked the perfect couple. When you’re hot…you’re hot. Nuff said.=)

  • JorgeAnn

    Love the picture. Passion undeniable…And thanks for being first with the picture tribute.

  • JorgeAnn

    EJami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I savor every minute they are on screen.

  • pf

    My vote will always be for Chylan!!

  • ree

    Prince Nikolas Cassadine and Queen Elizabeth Webber are beautiful inside and out. They are selfless and compassionate and are each others’ match in every way. I have adored many couples, but no none have moved me the way these two have. I am in awe with them every time i am given the pleasure to see them. They are effortless with each other; their chemistry is so intense, you forget that they are fictional characters. If anyone deserve to be an “Endgame” it is these two.

  • nicole

    Billy and Victoria always

  • ree

    My vote will always be for my favorite couple Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber.

  • renda

    Nikolas and Elizabeth are adventurous,exciting, fun, and passionate. They have faced more obstacles than many couples, its time to tell their love story. all hail Queen Elizabeth and her Prince Nikolas Cassadine!

  • Katie

    This is true love! Nikolas and Elizabeth on #GH.

  • ChillyFan

    Billy and Chloe. Their scenes last week were fabulous. Have been waiting since 2010 for their reunion and their chemistry can once again not be denied. TeamChilly!

  • Jbomb

    Michael Muhney & Melissa Claire Egan Adam & Chelsea! #Chadam

  • Gabriel Krueger

    EJami is and forever will be my fav.

  • Sea Siren

    Nikolas and Elizabeth for GH…history, passion and undeniable chemistry! Tyler and Becky will make Niz an ALWAYS love, and some of us have been waiting years! :)

  • April

    Just voted for Steve Burton, Melissa Claire Egan and Dylan/Chelsea! Nothing better than Chylan!

  • demi

    For me, Wilson is the ultimate couple and are well on their way to being the next soap super-couple!

  • JorgeAnn

    When will Days get a new banner?

  • Otter1

    I am voting for 16 years of friendship, history and support that has turned into “forever.” Niz have angst and chemistry in spades. It may take time for them to become an official pairing, but I can wait because they are meant to be together. They are for each other and I’m starting to believe they always have been. Niz are my OTP.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…James & Ali…Days <3

  • Name

    Sorry Brooklyn I cannot stomach Ejole. In my opinion they should never have been paired together to start with. Nicole KNEW EJ loved Sami. Nicole was always walking in Samis shadow and never good enough for EJ. Nicole was fighting a losing battle. Nicole herself even said to EJ once “It’s always Sami, Sami, Sami!” I didn’t like how desperate, needy and weak Nicole was with EJ. She was always his second choice, a convenient booty call when Sami had given him the flick. I think EJ summed it up best recently when on Ejami proposal EJ said to Sami “Even when I said I didn’t love you…. I loved you.” In January EJ said to Sami “I’ve never had that choice Samantha, you are the only one I’ve really ever looked at. It’s always been you. I changed in the hope of you, because of you.” Ever since arriving in Salem to me EJ has been a one woman man. Yes Nicole was mixed in there but EJ said it best on Sami once “Do you think I would be at dinner with Nicole or any other woman for the fact if you showed me you were the least bit interested in me?”
    Nicole couldn’t even compete with her own sister Taylor for EJs affection. No Nicole is far better off with either Brady or Eric. I like Nicole and I say it’s time for her to be first in someones life, their main priority for a change.

  • Rock

    EJ and Sami are so multidimensional with their acting skills!!! I know the writers have fun writing for these two incredible actors.The writers know that they don’t have to put boundaries on the scenes that they ask them to perform. They hit it out of the ball park with all the different types of emotions wither it be giddy, funny, scheming, sizzling, or serious. They captivate their huge fan base with their familiarity but yet freshness that they bring to this wonderful tender love story! Love the tenderness then evil laugh this week!

  • :) yssirhc

    I think I love them more each day. Niz <3

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Chadam is pure magic. After Sonny and Brenda, I never thought I would pull for a soap couple ever again but Chadam has that magic and that pull that it is impossible to resist them. They are the epitome of true love and soulmate.

  • rose


  • rose

    spot on

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Please add Ejole as a couple .They need to be there. They are also a power couple like Ejami so they also need to be there.

    I am Team Ejole and Ejami. Ej is irresistible with both his leading ladies. ;)

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    you got that right. He is soulless but i love seeing a mushy Adam. He is on the path of self destruction since he lost Chelsea. He has already realized that Sharon was not worth losing Chelsea over it and sooner or later he will realize that Victor and Newman enterprise isn’t worth losing his family over.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    I agree Ejami and Chadam are so epic. I am torn between both Ejami and Ejole because I like both pairing but Chadam is just too good for words. I have never seen a super couple like Chadam in daytime since Sonny and Brenda.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    For me the the most powerful super couple has got to be Chadam Chadam and only Chadam. There is just something so beautiful and unique and refreshing about Chadam that other soap couple have in them except Ejami and Ejole. Not only they have the potential to be be the younger version Victor and Nikki, Adam being Victor 2.0 and Chelsea coming from a not so respectful past just like Nikki but both women try to love these two father and son despite of insecurities one of which were Ashley and Sharon.

    Chadam bring out a whole new dimension to the show. It brings romance and angst and realism to YR. Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan are chemistry magnet and just bring out the best each other. They have this comfort level and ease that translates into their acting .

    Adam went from a despicable evil character and evovled into a leading man for the show with his pairing with chelsea and Chelsea went from a newbie to slowly turning into leading lady. Chadam also have that realism factor in them. They both started from a sweet friendship to falling in love with each other and then getting married and expecting a child and then losing that child and then Adam numbing his pain by going to his old ways fighting Victor for power and saving a bipolar Sharon and as a result he lost his Chelsea .
    Chelsea thinks she has moved on from Adam but with this whole paternity lies and lying to Dylan, She is soon going to realize that she still love Adam .

    I know that Chadam have not been together for months but I believe they will find their way back to each other. True love always does and baby makes three.

    Chadam-Norman Rockwell Family All The Way .

  • Katie

    Nikolas and Elizabeth will always be the #1 couple in Daytime. Perfect chemistry. I love them so much!

  • Name

    I simply love grey couples…. way more exciting and interesting to watch with so many twists and turns!
    Thats why EJ and Sami – Adam and Chelsea are my two favourite couples. They are not perfect, have plenty of faults but through it all love and accept each other for who they are NOT who they would like them to be.
    As for Ejami…. they are like daytime 50 Shades of Grey! Loving Days at the moment :)
    And I cannot wait until Adam finds out that the baby Chelsea is carrying is his. Its gunna be nice to see Adam as a dad. You had better rest up Chelsea…. Adam will be coming at you hook, line and sinker!

  • Kittykat01

    I agree with you, Joujou. Adam & Sharon should be on the list. They have a bond that can never be broken. Theirs is a all-consumming, undying love.
    Nick & Sharon are history!

  • Susan


  • renda

    as always, my votes goes to the one and only Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber, played my the handsome Tyler Christopher and the gorgeous Rebecca Herbst. Their chemistry is unmatched.

  • JorgeAnn


  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami <3 James & Ali <3 Days<3

  • Daysfan41

    EJ & Sami = EJAMI = Best couple in Daytime!! Superior acting by James Scott & Ali Sweeney their natural chemistry with each other shines thru whether it’s a hot love making scene or just holding each on the couch talking about being the most powerful couple in Salem! Days has been must not miss TV because of these two! WTG DAYS & NBC!!

  • Jbomb

    Adam and Chelsea! #Chadam

  • Otter1

    Still voting for Nik and Liz! I have been waiting for this pairing for 4 long years. Flirted with them since 2000. They have so much history and connection. Liz and Nik have “supercouple” potential. Its their time.

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    Alan James Quartermaine Jr and Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Two legacy characters.

  • Joujou

    How can you not have Adam and Sharon as a couple? Nick and Sharon have not been a couple for years.
    Adam and Sharon are still seething with passion underneath all the craziness that has been given them. Put them there as a couple where they belong.

  • renda

    my votes forever will go to nikolas and elizabeth

  • irtr

    Favorite show: Y&R hands down this week with Bold and Beautiful a strong second! Loved Brooke’s cheekiness when she slapped Katie after her insult! Tired of her treating Katie like a delicate thing, taking all of her insults, when Katie feels strong enough to head a major corporation with her heart condition, loving this too!

    Emmy winner Sharon Case’s performance in Y&R’s Nick/Phyllis/Jack/Summer paternity story is high drama at its best! I’m looking forward to her being the villain in this and getting away with it, because she is bi-polar! Sharon’s portrayal of mania in the bi-polar condition is over-the-top, awesome! Loved the scene where Sharon was speaking to a visible Cassie in her eyes, while her arch-rival, Phyllis, looking on and seeing Sharon talking to herself! Just crazy as all get out! Loved it! Sharon’s role IS what makes leading actors in the soap world! It made me go from hate-to-love for Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Adam (Michael Muhney)! Sharon is fighting to get her family back and I am all for it! (Bring back SHICK)! I am going to miss Michelle Stafford as Phyllis, but I wish her the best in her choice to move on!

    So for me this week, on B&B, best actor Don Diamont (BIll Spencer), best actress Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan), best couple Brooke and Bill Spencer! On Y&R, best actor Michael Muhney (Adam Newman), best actress (Sharon Case), best couple Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson Newman (Chadam)! The brief scenes still make me love Chadam the most out of all of the pairings on Y&R! Also, Chelsea’s pairing with Dylan is taking the feistiness/con sense out of Chelsea! Chelsea belongs with Adam! Too many people know that Adam is the father of the baby! Also, now Chelsea’s paying off her Jeffrey, her absent father, and submitting to Victoria’s blackmail, the same Victoria Chelsea gave baby Johnny to is taking the punch out of the Chelsea character!

  • Kittykat01

    PLEASE PUT SHADAM BACK ON THE LIST!! They are the only ones that really deserve to be there!!
    Sharon loves Adam. She doesn’t love Nick in a romantic way. She is a very sick woman who feels-in her sick, twisted mind- that her “destiny” is with Nick. Nick cares about her as the mother of his children; but he’s in totally in love with Avery. When Nick decovers the pat. test results & tried to kill Phyllis & may have suceeded, he’ll never forgive her.

  • shelby35

    I just really started watching Nicholas and Liz are so good together. I went back and watched scenes of them. They just need to be together.

  • Dayz

    Love Love Love my Dimeras! EJami brings the sizzle and Kristen brings the crazy (very well I might add). Chad the young charmer… that we’re losing (@*&%!). Stefano is not done. I just can not see him taking this without some kind of retaliation. SQUEEEE This is going to be so good. =)

  • Sedgrick

    Will and Sonny are the SuperCouple on Days period point blank.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    James & Ali do such a great job as EJ & Sami. Their acting make the relationship seem so natural. I vote
    for Days because they know what they have in EJami

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami. Ejami Sizzles! <3

  • kayhan

    Voted for Will and Sonny as favorite couple from my choice of favorite soap Days of our Lives. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are the best choice as favorite actor. Judi Evans as Adrienne was annoying but perfect as a meddling mother and Deidre Hall was the perfect sounding board for an insecure Will. Love to see those two share scenes together and Grandma Marlena is the voice of reason.

  • Brooke

    Voting for the gorgeous Katherine Kelly Lang! Brooke is really the only reason I am still watching Bold and Beautiful :-). As well as Hope and Wyatt.
    Elvis and Samantha for Days of our Lives :-). How super cute were they on that sofa this week?

  • spunkyterror

    Chadam–Adam is a soulless money making robot without his lady love. Chelsea still loves Adam too or she wouldn’t get so mad every time someone speaks his name.

  • myendlessloveejami

    Mrs Samantha Gene Brady Dimera – Enough of the teasing I want them Married Now..#Ejami I aged 7 years waiting for them however it was worth the wait..Ali Sweeney and James Scott thank you and Days THANK YOU!!

  • ty

    happy birthday to chadam a year ago they got married and soon baby newman makes them three MM&MCE are the best

  • Jilliand

    Voting for Rebecca Herbst & Tyler Christopher from General Hospital along with Nikolas/Elizabeth. I’ve been waiting and I will continue to wait for this couple to happen. We’re 16 years overdue, but our payoff will be worth the wait. I know it!
    Y&R: My pick for this week’s best soap

  • Kittykat01

    My vote will always go to Adam & Sharon Newman. I can’t believe you took them off the couple’s list! Whether together or apart, they are the best couple/non-couple on YR. Their scenes together are always a breath of fresh air. They need to be put back on the list!

  • Dayz

    EJami is Hot Hot Hot! Days is earning that Emmy as far as I’m concerned. Kristen is a perfect DiMera. Love her. But..Sonny is the one with the baggage. He has Adrienne. =P

  • Roseanna

    Happy birthday Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine!! They need to fix his paternity and reunite Liz & Nik! They have YEARS of history and Tyler & Rebecca just melt the screen.

  • Dawn Taddeo

    Loving Patrina!! They just plain make me smile.

  • KLJ5017A

    Prince Nikolas Cassadine & Queen Elizabeth the Fabulous Webber, the amazing Rebecca Herbst who can do more with an eye brow than most actors can with pages of dialogue, and his royal hottness Tyler Christopher!! Even though I voted for my GH babies, I still chose Y&R for best show. The paternity reveal, Billy & Victoria, Dylan & Chelsea have the best overall stories to be told right now.

  • renda

    Nikolas and Elizabeth knows how to light up my screen, and i can’t get enough of them.

  • DD

    What can be said about EJ Dimera and Sami Brady that hasn’t already been said? They are just a powerhouse couple! James Scott and Alison Sweeney make these characters seem very real, makes you root for them to succeed, makes you love them. The chemistry and passion that EJami share (whether fighting or making love) is truly undeniable!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 …Go Ejami!!!

  • bettyrj

    EJ and Sami have my votes x2! They are awesome when they’re fighting, scheming or making love! What does the Salem Super Couple Beyond Compare have in store for us? More revenge, scheming, celebrating? Can’t wait to see what we will be treated to by our Super Couple! James Scott and Alison Sweeney are blowing it out of the water with their superb acting! EJ and Sami, our friendly neighbors who live next door!

  • Mary

    Billy & Victoria Abbott….Villy always!

  • Patty

    Just when I think I can’t love EJami any more than I do, Ali and James tutn in a performance that makes me love them even more. Their scenes this week celebrating their status as Salem’s most powerful couple were so much fun. Their ease with each other shines through all of their performances. Thanks, Days!

  • iheartwilson

    WilSon is my super couple of choice again! Wow, Freddie was on fire with Judi Evans (Sonny & Adrienne) again this week. They make their mother/son arguments seem so real and tense. And it was so great having Chandler in scenes with Deidre Hall again! Will needed his grandma’s advice. How funny was it when Will realized he was acting like his mom. As far as Sonny’s friend, Brent, I’m waffling about how I feel about him. Lack of communication is the name of the game between Will and Sonny. Typical soap angst even though dialogue is what carries a soap along. LOL

  • Sedgrick

    The Supercouple of Days Will and Sonny have stepped into the couples games and showing not only do they have amazing chemistry but that they love each other and they will always for ever.
    Y&R has their next hottest couple in Tyler and Abby and I love them they are amazing.

  • Spitting_Mad Y&R Fan

    Voted for Adam & Chelsea (Y&R).
    C’mon Chelsea, tell him! Look into his eyes and tell Adam “it is you I have loved all along…oh and this is your son, Adam. Your the father.” God, I want Chelsea and Adam to reunite so BAD. Y&R writers are kicking my ass with this shit story. Just have Chelsea tell Adam already and ditch the dumb blond (my 6 year old niece is smarter than this jarhead…Dylan McA….whatever the blue-bloody blazes his name is) and go get your man. You know damn well your still I in love him, otherwise, you wouldn’t still be angry enough to keep it from Adam. Aurgh!

  • suzie2013

    Elizabeth and Nicholas needs to be a couple!! They will be the Next Super Couple of GH… They maybe be the last great super couple of Gh if given a chance

  • Julie

    I voted for my favorite couples EJami(Days), Niz(GH) every time I seen them on my screen my heart melts. I voted for Tyler & Becky(Gh) I haved loved watching both of them for years.

  • Tee

    EJ and Sami got my vote.Their scenes this past week were on fire. From EJ’s takeover, and showing her just how powerful he is, to Their lighthearted conversation.They have always been my favorite couple.Soulmates for life.

  • :) yssirhc

    Voted for the lovely Niz. Nikolas &Elizabeth are soulmates! They know each other so well. Voted Tyler & Becky for actors & also Sal Towers for her incredible performance on AMC omg that girl is amazing & deserves an award for this sex trafficking SL!!

  • The Cassadines

    Voting for Elizabeth/Nikolas (GH), Samantha/EJ (DAYS), and Hope/Wyatt (BB) for my favorite couples. I swear shipping is a dangerous game in soaps. We ship and invest so much into them. We’re in a car going 100 MPH to the end of a cliff, but we refuse to press the brakes because we love them too much to stop. UGH! #SoapLife lol

  • Spunkyterror

    MM, MCE & Chadam. Adam knows Chelsea inside and out. He senses a con and loves her anyways.

  • Jade

    My vote is always for the best couple in daytime – Dylan and Chelsea and their fabulous portrayers Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan.

  • Galagirl

    Villy please :)

  • irtr

    Y&R Chadam (Chelsea & Adam) all the way, still holding out for them… B&B HOTT (Hope & Wyatt)

  • beth

    chadam MCE&MM

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 for Ejami <3 Forever Soulmates! <3

  • Krista

    Highlight of the week: EJ and Sami plotting away and revelling in their status as Salem’s greatest power couple!

  • Jessica

    So glad Chloe and Billy are added to the list. Team Chilly!

  • Grace

    Billy and Victoria get my vote.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • jess

    Chloe & billy are added!! yay!!! :) Chilly <3

  • DawnL

    Steve Burton, Melissa Claire Egan and Chylan all the way!

  • Silo

    E.J. and Sami. E.J. and Sami.

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