Pulse Poll: August 12, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap actor, actress and couples in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of August 12, 2013.

It’s time for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Which stars and couples from All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for?

Leave your comments below and show your support for your favorites, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls close Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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Pulse Bulletins

  • NEW VOTING PROCEDURE *8/16/13*: We have added back the list of names/characters for the actors and actresses available for voting. Once you select the name of one actor and one actress from the drop down list, write in the name of your favorite couple using one of the examples listed.
  • WHY THE CHANGE?: A couple of reasons:
    • We wanted to increase the competition among the fans and allow the opportunity for other actors to be represented each week. It’s easy to cast a vote for all of your favorites, but when you can only select one, it makes your vote mean more.
    • This officially merges the couple selections and fan’s choice. Now, EVERY couple is a write in. You can choose one that’s together on-screen, might be together on-screen or those you hope will be together on-screen. It’s up to you.
    • This reduces the amount of time we have to spend sorting through ballots (meaning results will go up earlier).
    • Another benefit? It will hopefully reduce the amount of votes we have to discard for people who can’t follow the rules and try to automate multiple votes per day.
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED?: You are still able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday, though we are considering increasing that number.
  • WHAT ELSE?: Yeah, we still toss out votes using only couple/shipper names (ex: Villy, Quiz).
  • AND ONE MORE THING: We will be looking for dedicated fans to help us track the results and ensure that our weekly statistics are accurate. More details will be revealed…

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  • Joujou

    Adam and Sharon are the hottest couple ever. They need to be back together to bring some sizzle to Young and the Restless.

  • dawn

    I have never loved a couple like I have Elizabeth and AJ, there is something special about them, they make me smile. Hope they make love again soon

  • Jbomb

    We ARE crazy….. About Chadam!!

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea! Today, tomorrow, next week, next month & next year!! Chadam family!

  • Tina Byrd Payne

    Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco, and Sam & Silas!

  • Laura39

    Nicholas and Elizabeth on GH are meant for each other. Can’t wait for them to get together! It’s been too long already.

  • kayhan

    Voted Freddie Smith and Kate MansI for fave actor/actress. Will & Sonny as fave couple. Days of our Lives is best show.

  • :) yssirhc

    Voted for Tyler Christopher, Becky Herbst, & for Couple I voted the lovely Nikolas & Elizabeth

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • shelby35

    Nicholas and Elizabeth (GH) 16 years of amazing!

  • Sara P

    Many can claim super couple status BUT only one won the Spring Super Couple Poll – VILLY!! Billy & Victoria are GC Royalty, their families are deeply rooted in the history of YR plus their love story is a huge part of the future of YR. Many minor characters come and go, but the Abbotts & the Newmans are the lifeblood of YR!!!

  • Daysfan41

    EJAMI!!!! #FREESAMI Love Ej & Sami now get her out of jail and let the loving begin!!!!

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    You need to go and find a life instead of replying to my comments. Jealous and insecure much of Chadam.

  • pf

    Chylan is more of a couple than Chadam and Shadam, Adam will always put Newman first or another woman that comes along and dazzle him like Sharon did. Chelsea hasn’t been this happy and I truly believed she loves Dylan more than Adam and she will fight Adam to keep her new family together.
    But then again, this is soap opera, Dylan and Adam might just surprise all of us. We shall wait and see!!!

  • pf

    I second that, Chylan all the way. Two sad souls who stumbled into happiness with each other. SBu and MCE have done a truly wonderful job bringing this couple to life. Wherever the story goes, it will always be Chylan for me.

  • Guest

    My votes again go for Adam and Chelsea. There is a lot of potential and great storylines possible for them and their new son. I am hoping they are either reunited or on their path to that in October. Their last few scenes have been more civil with each showing concern for the other, so hopefully this will continue to build with their moment this week and into the coming weeks. They have a lot to get through, sort out, and overcome, but they should be up to the challenge. This should make the reunite that much more emotional and sweet.

  • Just Do it

    Patrick and Sam on GH are the story waiting to be told. The chemistry is there. Their connection/vibe is incredibly natural and most of all, not forced. They don’t have to be twisted into pretzels to fit together because they just do. Sam/Patrick. All day. Every day!

  • spunky terror

    Adam+Chelsea=super couple. Can’t wait for Adam to meet his son this week

  • Kittykat01

    Adam & Sharon all the way!!

  • Susan


  • Rock

    We love EJ and Sami, you are one of a kind couple! You two are extraordinary and bring a joy to our life that no one can. That is one of the many reasons your huge fan base loves you and want to spend the rest of our life watching you perform. Oh the places we can go with Sami being the mop king’s wife!!! We love the drama, humor, and the beautiful love story that we just can not get enough of each day. Hats off to the writers for knowing how to please the viewers.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and Chelsea YR. Chadam today and everyday. They are like the blue sky, raindrops on a window, smell of a beautiful breeze, sound of an ocean, rainbow after a rainfall, MM and MCE the one and only acting soulmate of today’s daytime soaps.

  • nicole

    Adam and Chelsea FTW YR needs to get their acts together and reunite them

  • Leah

    I like complex grey characters….. EJ and Sami then Adam and Chelsea for me

  • Mary

    I am so happy Billy and Victoria have reunited on Y&R. There is so much story potential for this couple who come from 2 powerful families that share no love for one another except for Billy and Victoria of course.

  • kathleen

    Adam and Sharon all the way. They are so amazing together.

  • ty

    chadam MCE&MM for the win

  • ree

    Nikolas & Elizabeth (GH) their Chemistry simply cannot be match by any other couple

  • Queen Wilson

    Voted for Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith and Will & Sonny.

  • lurk

    Nikolas and Elizabeth on GH. First couple I’ve gotten excited about in ages. It looks like they’re on screen together Monday and I can’t wait to see it!

  • Alicia_E

    EJ and Sami – Oh how I love thee. Big-time drama coming for our couple this week. Don’t miss it!!

  • Dayz

    E.J.A.M.I……nuff said =)

  • Carolyn Levesque

    love love Sami & EJ. The super couple on tv. So much chemistry & passion.

  • JH

    So happy YR’s Villy are back together!!! Didn’t doubt it for a minute. These two are totally destined to be together!! BM & AH are so great in their roles! Always enjoy their scenes. Looking forward to more Villy!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates! <3

  • myendlessloveejami


  • JorgeAnn


  • Patty

    Can’t help loving Days, and especially EJami. Romance. Passion. Commitment. Makes my EJami great.

  • Guest

    My votes again go for Adam & Chelsea as a couple and MCE and MM for actor and actress. In one of their most recent scenes I enjoyed how Adam was dishing it back to Victoria standing right next to Chelsea who was seated. Victoria asked Adam, “What do you know about being happy”, and Adam replies, “More than you think.” He then looks at Chelsea, who eventually looks up and makes the eye contact. Each of the scenes seem to have something neat about it.
    I have enjoyed the Adam/Billy, Chelsea/Victoria, etc. scenes of late, and I am hoping we get more of the Chadam vs. Villy scenes with both couples united in the future.

  • IrishWitch

    Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco as Silas & Sam definitely the two most explosive and desirable couple on daytime. The chemistry is unbelievable and amazing yet unforced. It just is.

  • Krista

    Always EJ and Sami! <3 Ejami!

  • Purple carrots

    Patrick and Sam FTW! They would fit so naturally together. C’mooooon, GH… do it…

  • Purple carrots

    Let’s go, Patrick and Sam! Two hot characters would make one gorgeous couple.

  • Maria

    I voted for GH stars Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco, and their Silas & Sam pairing. The actors have beautiful chemistry. I never tire of seeing these two together. I am totally ready to fall back in love with Michael & Kelly for a third time. In fact, I already have!

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    To even compare Chadam with Chylan is a joke . There is no comparison between them what so ever. Chadam is way way ahead of Chylan and Shadam in the awesomeness and epicness department.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Chylan isa joke. Chadam is power couple. They barely had any chance to be happy and yet still they are adored. Adam and Chelsea are a complicated and grey kind of lovers. IMO there is absolutely no comparison between the two pairs. Chadam is on a whole other level. Comparing Chadam to Chylan or Shadam is like comparing Tupac Shakur to Gucci Mane.;)
    Chadam is based on true love and friendship while Chylan started from a ONS . It was lust and Chelsea only makes herself think she loves Dylan, but when you listen to all her dialogues, all she talks about is how Adam hurt me and abandon me, she still loves Adam but she has a lot of inner self issues. She believes in fairy tales and Adam is obsessed with Sharon, Victor and Newman enterprise, the whole point of this Chadam break up is to build them stronger for the second time around. Adam had to realize that Chelsea should be his one and only priority and real family and Chelsea needs to wake up and see that life is no fairy tale. I believe in Chadam. They are the kind of power couple that will last for years to come, Chylan, I am not so sure about. They will implode on their own , it is only a matter of time, cause it is based on lies and has no solid or real foundation.

    Peace Out.

  • ree

    my votes goes to Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst with their pairing of Nikolas & Elizabeth from General Hospital.

  • Guest

    We shall be getting a clearer picture of things in the coming weeks. There has been lot of foreshadowing from the Adam/Jack scenes and other Adam scenes along with the episode where Adam caught Chelsea at the bottom of the stairs and had a flashback of telling Chelsea about their dreams, while Dylan had a nightmare later on in the episode. The writers have used important dates and parallel dates from last year, which it seems this story is on a timeline leading back to Chadam.
    Dylan and Chelsea keep talking about being happy forever which is another sign of doom. Dylan walking in with the birth certificate the other day was another sign of how he is going to be a sticking point regarding rights and access to the child for Chadam. This wedding is a set up for this blowing up in Chelsea’s face and the fallout affecting Dylan.
    They may love each other on some level, but a lot of this is substitute for their love for Adam and Avery. Chelsea still loves Adam. Dylan still loves Avery. Adam will not take the baby away. He is starting to realize his mistakes and see things more clearly. Yes, MM likes the “Army of One” mentality of Adam, but that does not mean that Chadam will not be reunited as a couple. Both have inner issues that will bring drama out at different points.
    Your comment about happy ever after regarding Chadam, is exactly what you seem to be pulling for with Chylan. Chylan comes across as too happy and thus bore me. Chadam has the different dimensions. I do not expect a happy Chadam, but instead there will be moments of happy, romance, drama, angst, fighting, etc. They do those different elements well.

  • Salli

    The Young and The Restless’ Steve Burton & Melissa Claire Egan for actor and actress!! Dylan and Chelsea McAvoy all the way. Love them with Baby Connor! There will be a bumpy road ahead but I am Team Chylan always!

  • rose

    chadam and baby newman

  • Julie H

    Y &R’s Amelia Heinle & Billy Miller have crazy chemistry!!! Even when they’re just simply looking at each, KAPOW, you feel this jolt of electricity unlike any other!!!

  • Kristen M.

    Voting for Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst, along with their pairing “Nikolas & Elizabeth.” On Monday, August 19th, Team Niz will be able to celebrate the 16th Anniversary of when Becky and TC first shared scenes with their characters. Over the course of those 16 years, we were able to grow with their characters. We laughed, we cried, we shouted at them, shook our heads in disappointment, cheered them on, worried for their safety and jobs, etc. We’ve literally seen it all between these two, but one thing as never changed, the chemistry that has been there since August 19, 1997. So CHEERS to Niz and another 16 years to come.

  • Lisa Greenway

    I voted for EJ and Sami…the hottest pairing in daytime..they are amazing

  • Dayz

    Calling all EJAMIS. We know EJ & Sami are the hottest gray couple of all time. We CAN NOT let this slid continue.

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea + Baby Chadam !!

  • Dayz

    Heck, they can do it in jail! I don’t care.>)

  • Susan

    Chelsea has CLEARLY moved on with Dylan. Like it or not, Chelsea truly LOVES Dylan & vice versa. Chelsea doesn’t care about money or a big house. She just wants a simple life & to be happy & has found it in Dylan & Connor. Adan was too busy protecting Sharon or working at NE or trying to be accepted by Victor. Chelsea was pretty much on her own couped up im that monsoleum of a house. Now she’s a designer with a new man & baby. Chelsea has everytrhing she ever wanted & IS NOT LOOKING BACK ! She doesn’t love Adam anymore, She is just afraid Adam will take Connor away from her, which is likely,especially when Victor gets involved These two will NEVER reunite & there is no such thing as happily-ever-after in soap opera world!! I’m rooting for Chelsea, Dylan & Connor!!
    MM has been quoted saying that what he likes BEST about Adam is his ALONENESS.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • JorgeAnn

    Waiting for TPTB to free Sami so we can get those hot EJami lovemaking scenes again.

  • Claudia

    VILLY was amazing this week!! LOVED their reunion, it was so romantic and fun. The flashbacks to some of their EPIC moments just reinforced why they’ve been Y &R’s super couple for the past 3+ yrs. Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle still keep it fresh and real, which speaks volumes about their talent and chemistry.

  • Bonnie

    I just LOVE Villy!! Even when they’re apart, neither hides their feelings for each other. Their deep love and connection is always there. They’ve never looked at anyone else since that first beautiful kiss which Billy described as life changing. BM & AH bring a subtle realness to their roles that makes Villy so special.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Is there truly a soul mate?
    Someone on whom you can always depend?
    Someone who brings sunshine into your life.
    More than a lover and always a friend?
    When they hear their voice and know that they’re safe…
    It is then when a smile lights up your face.
    To know true love, you want to give of yourself.
    Thoughts are of them and no one else
    It matters not if the road to happiness is a bumpy ride.
    As long as your soul mate is there by your side.
    You can handle the storms for you see sunny weather.
    Life is beautiful when you are together.
    Borrow from tomorrow’s sun if there are clouds today.
    Pick flowers and savour them, as you pass along the way.
    If you find your soul mate
    and you love them so … Never forget to let them know
    Love with a fervour full of fire.
    Let them know they are your hearts desire.
    And if they give it all back to you.
    Then you will know that they love you true.
    Perhaps it was fate … For you have found your
    Always loving you

    Adam and Chelsea -The one and Only Super Couple who define Soul mate .

    No matter how hard things get and how much they fall apart, together they will prevail all the odds .

    ♡Chadam ♡

  • Guest

    Adam and Chelsea just bring the entire package. They bring out the humor, sweetness, romance, love, passion, and intensity in their scenes together. I like how Chelsea commands the room when they are fighting or when she is upset with him. This couple needs to be reunited soon. They bring out the best in one another and are stronger when together. They are weaker as individuals when apart. This couple has the different layers and dimensions needed for great couples. They are both stubborn. They both have inner issues and turmoil which results in them doing reckless things and behaving in reckless ways. They do not always deal with hurt and pain in the most effective ways and are often their own worst enemies. All of these different things make the couple more compelling to me. I feel the emotion and realism with this couple. I want to see them reunited together with their baby boy.

  • kathleen

    I voted for Sharon and Adam, the most dynamic couple on Y&R.

  • Emily

    Casted one “Favorite Actress” vote for Angell Conwell (Leslie, Y&R) and one for Hunter King (Summer, Y&R). These two actresses aren’t necessarily the most popular, but bring their heart and soul into every performance!! These talented beauties deserve more credit!

  • Shawna

    Silas and Sam are my one couple on Daytime that I really can’t wait to heat up the screen. Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco are sexy on their own but together they are crazy hot. These two have sex appeal that reminds me of Sonny and Brenda and Maurice and Vanessa’s lightning chemistry. I can’t wait for the story of Siam to pick up.

  • renda

    Nikolas and Elizabeth all day everyday!

  • dawn

    AJ and Elizabeth.

  • Karina Oliva

    Chelsea and Adam are the best couple and can’t wait next week when Adam meet his son

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors & voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • iheartwilson

    Thanks for fixing the drop downs. I voted for Susan Hayes 2x – She was incredible during the Stoned book club. All the ladies were funny, but especially Susan. I also voted for Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith and WilSon. They didn’t have much air time, but as usual they can grab at my heartstrings in just a few seconds.

  • Jbomb

    Adam, Chelsea & Baby Chadam !! Chadam Family!!

  • Ella Tootie Brown

    Tyler and Abby!!!!!!! Couple……Heather Tom is my fav actress!!!

  • ingrid

    chadam for the win, they are the best couple

  • Kathy

    Please add Chandler Massey as a choice for actors for Days of our Lives.

  • Maryl

    EJ and Sami get my two votes as usual! Most dynamic couple in soapland! Simply love them together.

  • kim

    simplly the best MM &MCE chadam and baby newman

  • Laura39

    Nic and Elizabeth!!!!!

  • iheartwilson

    I refuse to vote until Chandler Massey is added as a choice for actors and Susan Hayes is added as a choice for actresses.

  • Absolute Lunatic

    AJ & Elizabeth on GH.
    – Good morning.
    – Yes it is.

  • Lasso

    Put in my vote for Dylan and Chelsea! I loved their wedding and the birth of baby Connor! Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan are absolute MAGIC!

  • dielee

    Lante is #1 in my books Love Dante and Lulu Falconeri played by Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Ryan there scenes at the Karoake were awesome so much chemistry oozz thru the TV so Hot

  • Roc N Rose

    THE KING & QUEEN of Onscreen Soulmates: Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco! They Rock whatever Role they portray and this ‘third’ potential pairing, as Silas and Sam, is pure MAGIC. Looking forward to seeing their story unfold.

  • ABB

    My votes go to Wyatt and Hope! The HOTTEST couple to light up my screen in a long, long time!

  • JorgeAnn

    EJ and Sami….EJami..The hottest couple in soapland.

  • liz

    adam and sharon

  • maggie

    My vote goes for Actor: Tyler Christopher (GH), Actress: Rebecca Herbst (GH), Couple: Nikolas & Elizabeth (GH)

  • Lilly Leanne

    I am splitting my votes this week since we can cast two seperate ballots. One time I voted for MM, MCE and Chadam. And the second time I used my votes for Darin, Kim and HOTT

  • dee

    I am voting for Patrick and Sam on GH again. It’s time for the writers to shake things up and give us something new and hot! The chemistry is definitely there in spades. All they need now is an actual story!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Dee

    My pic is Hope and Darin, the best couple by far thats been n BB for a while. Can’t get enough of the couple

  • Sara

    My pick for best daytime couple is the super sexy super couple Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman. Love Amelia Heinle & Billy Miller, these two have amazing chemistry that just sizzles. Villy = Perfection!

  • Lynn

    Where is Chandler Massey for Days? Please can this be fixed before the day is over so I can vote for him.

  • bettyrj

    ELvis and Sami are the couple for me! Days is writing their love story as it should have been written years ago! They are made for each other! Scheming, lying to tip the tables in their favor, but it doesn’t always work out for them! We love them all the same! I am hooked on Elvis and Samantha! Can’t wait for their wedding! It will be the most beautiful and best wedding ever on Days of our Lives!

  • Claudia

    Yoohooo Villy IS BACK!!! Villy fans were treated to a wonderful reunion (already shown in Canada). It was perfect just like VIlly. Amelia and Billy were amazing, love them even more if that’s possible!

  • sara

    I wish the writers would get their acts together and reunite Adam and Chelsea

  • Patty

    Always and forever, EJami. They keep me watching Days.

  • Zura

    Voting for HOTT and Ejamai this week again :)

  • SCgrace

    My votes are for Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton in the acting categories, and Silas and Sam (GH) for the couple category.

    I absolutely love this new potential pairing. Silas has a spark and fire to him that Sam can play well off of. They can push each other’s buttons, and I love that! Also love that they are slowly learning about each other and watching that change their initial impressions of one another. I’m loving every second of it!

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    There is no other option, no other choice, no decision , no hesitation, no second guessing, Both my vote goes to the one and only Epic pairing of the era Adam and Chelsea. MM and MCE proves it every time that they are and they will forever be the power couple of YR .They can marry others, they can have sex with others, they can hurt each other in the worst possible way, But they will always be each other’s salvation and true love .Adam has never loved any one like Chelsea and Chelsea can never ever love someone else like she loves Adam. They can deny it, they can stop interacting, they can lie and avoid but hey they are no vanilla lovers. They are electric, they are epic, they are destiny and they will forever be in each other’s heart and soul.

    So Chadam for today and forever.

  • CHADAM_Rocks_MY_Socks_Off

    I will move heaven and earth…
    …rearrange the entire celestial sphere…
    …spit out universes with one glorified word…
    …if I can get my CHADAM (Adam & Chelsea) back.

  • keren

    I really loved EJami scenes this week so far. Alison Sweeney and James Scott have a magnificent chemistry. They bring EJami so much to life and it’s hard not to root for them. I definitely enjoy the s/l and cannot wait to see how Sami gets out from prison. Loving all the twists and turns that DAYS has with the s/l.

  • Jbomb

    My votes today, as always are for my absolute favorite couple, Chadam! Waiting, waiting, waiting for them to reunite and be a happy family with their baby boy!

  • Guest

    My votes are for Chadam, MM, and MCE. I look forward to Adam seeing Connor for the first time next week and having a close moment with Chelsea.

  • :) yssirhc

    Made my vote for Tyler Christopher for GH, Sal Towers for AMC because she’s been so phenomenal (I’ll have to vote Becky next time) & Nikolas & Liz for couple!

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