Pulse Poll: August 19, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap actor, actress and couples in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of August 19, 2013.

It’s time for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Which stars and couples from All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for?

Leave your comments below and show your support for your favorites, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls close Tuesday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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Pulse Bulletins

  • NEW VOTING PROCEDURE *8/16/13*: We have added back the list of names/characters for the actors and actresses available for voting. Once you select the name of one actor and one actress from the drop down list, write in the name of your favorite couple using one of the examples listed.
  • WHY THE CHANGE?: A couple of reasons:
    • We wanted to increase the competition among the fans and allow the opportunity for other actors to be represented each week. It’s easy to cast a vote for all of your favorites, but when you can only select one, it makes your vote mean more.
    • This officially merges the couple selections and fan’s choice. Now, EVERY couple is a write in. You can choose one that’s together on-screen, might be together on-screen or those you hope will be together on-screen. It’s up to you.
    • This reduces the amount of time we have to spend sorting through ballots (meaning results will go up earlier).
    • Another benefit? It will hopefully reduce the amount of votes we have to discard for people who can’t follow the rules and try to automate multiple votes per day.
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED?: You are still able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday, though we are considering increasing that number.
  • WHAT ELSE?: Yeah, we still toss out votes using only couple/shipper names (ex: Villy, Quiz).
  • AND ONE MORE THING: We will be looking for dedicated fans to help us track the results and ensure that our weekly statistics are accurate. More details will be revealed…

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  • Mirka

    Adam and Sharon are soul mates and as in Adam’s words, They can never quit each other. Even when they are apart, they are together. We are all waiting for that sizzling chemistry they bring to the screen.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and Chelsea because they are the only one deserving of a title like super couple .MM and MCE just ignite chemistry and fire in all their scenes. They are definitely and undoubtedly the power couple of future for YR. This is only the beginning of the journey for Adam and Chelsea. Two bad cons who can only be good when they are together. They are both lost when not together. Reunite Chadam writers. Stop wasting time .

  • betty stanley

    Adam, Chelsea and peanut. Chadam. Too the Top where they belong.

  • Sammy

    WOOOOOHOOOO, our Villy babies are gonna try for a Villy Baby!! Gorgeous Amelia & handsome Billy have the BEST chemistry, so sexy…..love them, love Y & R!

  • ChillyFan

    Billy Abbott and Chloe Mitchell. Because Chilly just can’t help but give off sparks. Even with a two second thumb kiss.

  • seriously

    Honestly calling real people names over fictional characters is so lame and uncalled for. Come on people.

  • Otter1

    Nik and Liz are it for me — my one true pairing! They need the chance to redeem their past. Their current trajectories away from each other is not working for either character. It’s their time! Love them! <3

  • :) yssirhc

    Still amazed by Nikolas & Elizabeth. With only one scene in weeks, their chemistry is off the hook & better than any couple out there

  • lynnet

    EJami . They’ve had a terrible month but though the strain is showing and doubt may be growing , I love tht EJ stays true to character and stands by his chick!

  • Cricket

    Chadam. Because nothing screams I’m not over you like a door slammed in a guy’s face.

  • Jbomb

    Adam, Chelsea & Baby Peanut! #ChadamFamily

  • Justine

    Adam and Sharon belong together just as they are best friends in real life. The chemistry between them is undeniable and they are the supercouple of the century.

  • irtr

    Chadam yesterday, today, and forever! If I could, I would cast a vote for Faith Newman and Connor, aka, Peanut!

  • irtr

    Well said, Spunky Terror and Brooklyn Hunnam!

  • irtr

    Well said and so very true!

  • Bettyrj

    EJ and Sami x 2! Power Couple Extraordinaire! Love our EJami and James Scott and Alison Sweeney! They are dynamite!

  • Guest

    Adam and Chelsea as a couple. Michael and Melissa are just the perfect actors and all their scenes together or apart are amazing acting and beautiful chemistry. I am never bored in their scenes. I used to likeAdam with both Sharon and Heather but with Chelsea, you kind of get the feeling that she is is one true match, she is his one true love kind of woman, they are both bad people who try to be good and sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. They are both flawed and grey.

    YR should give this sweet couple one more chance to try as lovers cause their first round didn’t really last long.

  • kayhan

    Voted for Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey as favorite actor and Eileen Davidson as favorite actress. Will And Sonny are my favorite couple. Days of our Lives continues to be favorite soap.



  • Guest

    Although they are not on the list to pick from, I enjoyed the scenes with “Peanut” Newman and Faith. “Peanut” gave mommy fits inside the womb at times when she was lying or fighting with daddy. “Peanut” gave her fits at the same time Adam was arrested for rape recently. He has also been fussy inside and outside the womb at other opportune moments too. I liked how he stopped crying when Adam picked him up. The twins playing the part are cute.
    I enjoyed Faith Newman’s scenes this past week as well. I enjoyed her giving Avery a hard time. I also enjoyed Faith’s scenes with Nick. For a kid actress, she does a good job.

  • Leah

    Always and forever Ejami! Soulmates :)

    Also loved the slight interaction between Adam and Chelsea last week. In fact Adam was breaking my heart…. unknowingly calling his son “peanut” and looking at Chelsea with love and longing in his eyes. Telling Dylan he was a lucky man and to take care of both of them, telling his father Victor about having your heart broken over and over again. Oh dear Chelsea, you silly, silly girl. Can’t wait until Adam finds out Connor is his!
    As for Dylan… I think deep down in his heart he already suspects Connor is not his. I think that is why he rushed Chelsea into the wedding ceremony before the baby came. And the way he reacted to Adam holding Connor was overboard. Go Chadam :)

  • Dayz

    EJami! The Hottest Grey Supercouple on daytime tv. =)

  • betty stanley

    I voted for Adam and Chelsea. Michael Muhney and Melisa Claire Egan are two of the most talented on the show. MM is fantastic. His emotions are out of this world. Love him. Y&R has always been my favorite soap and they have the most beautiful actors and actresses of any other soaps. Their talented cast is the best also. Great Acting from MM and Melissa all week long. They both play their characters better than any other on the show. I love Sharon Case also. Had to vote for Chelsea this week. Adam needs to know Little Peanut is his son, if he does not already have it figured out. Love that man. The best on Y&R is Adam Newman. Do not care who they pair him with. Just so Adam Newman is on my t.v. screen. Its true his love scenes with Sharon Case were fantastic and unforgettable. But as an actor, he is so much more than just love scenes. He can play opposite anyone on the show and he is fantastic. A very good actor and Y&R is lucky to have him. He was great in prime time also. A true fan of Michael Muhney. A true fan of Young and Restless. They go good together in my book.

  • DarkParadise

    Adam and Chelsea for YR because they are so sexy and cute together and Ej and Nicole for Days. I hate how they act so indifferent towards each other considering they have an emotional and long history. Love Ej and Love Adam Newman. The best bad boys of daytime . MM and JS best actors.

  • Cricket

    Adam & Chelsea: two twisted and grey souls who want nothing more than a Norman Rockwell family.

  • Kristen M.

    Voting for Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher from GH along with their ship pairing of Nikolas & Elizabeth (Niz). Here’s to hoping LIz will be done with AJ romantic, while being there for him friendship-wise, and moving on with Nikolas. Hopefully, we can FINALLY get our couple. We’ve waited long enough. No more triangles or quads, just Niz please!!!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 for Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    LOL at you for calling me mean, really you wanna go there, you should look in the mirror or better yet reread your comment about MM and then come back and talk about who is mean. I aint gonna sit here while you insult MM. You Shadam fans what ever is left of you guys only want MM if he is doing soft porn with miss Wackadoo or else you want no piece of him. He is finally a lead male in the show because his character is tuned down, he is grey , he is no more one-dimensional where he played a psycho, or a stalker, now he is business mogul, a father, a loving ex husband who just loves hsi woman to death, and not to mention now he interacts with almost most of the cast Victor, Jack, Avery, Sharon, Melanie, Chelsea, I would say MM likes it. Who are you to say MM is not happy with his storyline. Are you reading his tweets, his latest interviews, since you obviously haven’t’, don’t exaggerate your other Shadam fans delusional crap here, ight. MM has always said that he doesn’t care who they pair em up with as long as Adam is playing a conflicted character , he is fine with it. I would day he is loving this Adam 2.0 because he is most definitely conflicted due to him now having a heart and a conscious that being Chelsea and his dream life with her. Of course Adam will help Sharo, Adam will always help Sharon because he will always blame himself for her destruction. Don’t mistake that guilt feeling of Adam for love , we all know a man like Adam who loves a woman who never ever have meaning less sex with or reject even her booty calls. Oh boy I can go on and on about how nasty this pairing is, but i don’t have time.

  • Mary

    Billy and Victoria (Y&R) still light up my screen just as much if not more than they did in the beginning of their love story over 3 years ago. Always a delight when they are on. Best couple hands down.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and Chelsea. The one and only Super couple of the best Soap YR ever. I always choose them because they are the kind of lovers that cover all sort of emotions and feelings. They feel in love because they respect and adored each other, unlike Adam and Sharon where it all began with a lie and because of the guilt of that lie, Adam made himself think that he loved Sharon and then from there on, she become an ugly obsession and finally he is seeing it that all along he was wrong ot help Sharon, why is that , well lets see, that is because some one called his soulmate entered his life, His Spunky terror , his tigress Miss Con artist bad girl Chelse Lawson. The day they both met at GCAC bar, Adam Newman was never the same.Michael Muhney is the king of great acting and unlike some delusional person here, I don’t think he is unprofessional who worships the ground some leading lady walks on by, he works for his fans and for his pay check and bring in his A game, at the end of the day, he could care less, who he makes out on his screen with, be it crazy pants old ass Sharon , Esther or Rafe . He has always been professional and that is why he is adored by all his castmates. It is mainly due to his powerful acting skills and his chemistry with each his cast members that he is able to sell both his pairing but Chadam to an extent is due to Melissa Claire Egan’s powerhouse acting and chemistry as well. She has also gotten very bad and lazy writing for her character but she swallows it for the professional she is and does her job just like Sharon Case. Sharon is also a professional and a great human being even though her character is being trashed, she manages to do her good job because that is what all these actors do, it is not easy to be a soap star , they memorize 40 to 60 pages per day , try doing that for a day and then come here and comment some trashy and insulting thing about MM. Liking or disliking a character or pairing is acceptable but to attack the real life actors, that is just low and nasty.

    So MM best actor hands down
    MCE as best actress -She always brings her A game

    Adam and Chelsea as the super couple cause there is no Sonny and Brenda from GH that I can vote for.

  • Guest

    I thought MM and MCE did well in their scenes this week. Adam’s conversation with Victor showed his mother’s side when talking about Chelsea and the baby while his father’s side was shown through his expressed desire in wanting to take over Chancellor Industries. Chelsea’s conversation with Adam showed her compassion for Adam and wanting to help him, while feeling that she couldn’t help him and might actually hurt him by being a character witness. In that conversation, she mentioned her past con life, while actually carrying out a con in the present. Each one has become worse while apart, but together they are much better people. Chelsea’s pull towards conning has paralleled Adam’s pull towards Newman Enterprises.
    My votes continually go for Chadam. I enjoy their scenes together and their chemistry. The rain proposal episode involving them had passion and romance. Anyone saying that Adam is being too much of a sap of late, is not realizing that he has been sappy and mopey at times in the past both around and regarding Sharon and Victor. I have also seen this around Heather and Skye. This would not be out of character. Adam has different layers and dimensions in his character. MM brings great acting in all scenes, regardless of who he is acting with IMO.

  • Joujou

    Adam and Sharon are best together. Adam has become a sap lately. Bad writing as it is out of character for him. These two bring back romance and passion to the screen with amazing chemistry.

  • Christine

    Y&R was incredible this week. Michael Muhney was especially powerful as a man so desperate that he approaches the ex-wife who he thinks hates him to beg for help and ends up face to face with his son. When Adam held a tiny little baby and cooed “Hi, Peanut! Let’s get happy” my heart melted. All the sadness melted out of his body and face as this bitter man stood transfixed by the son he doesn’t know is his. Perfectly played. MM hit it out of the ballpark this week. I can’t wait until Adam finds out the truth.

  • Guest

    Are you kidding me? Did you even watch Thursday and Friday’s Y&R. Michael Muhney was magnificent. Absolutely outstanding as he held Peanut for the first time. Adam’s conversations with Chelsea and Victor afterwards were powerful as well–especially that awkward hug between MM & EB. Even the cute little actress who plays Faith was on her A-game this week.

    But b/c you aren’t getting your couple, everybody is unhappy and phoning it in. Nice to see that you think your favorite is unprofessional and not doing his job.

  • Spunky Terror

    Adam wants nothing to do with Sharon. He even told Jack that it was a mistake to ask him for help and called rescuing Sharon a “genius move” on his part. Adam knows that he blew it big time.

    When he finds out about Chelsea’s lie, I’m certain he’ll unleash fire and brimstone, but she can take it. That’s part of why she’s his soul mate. Chelsea didn’t go nuts when Adam broke her heart–she got revenge. Nobody else can stand up to Adam and call him on his “ish.” She doesn’t want to love him– I don’t even think Chelsea likes Adam right now–but she does love him. And there is no doubt he loves her. Adam deeply misses his little Tiger and that isn’t going away just because of the mother of all lies.

  • Susan

    Adam belongs with Sharon. Always has! Always will! They bring out the best in each other.

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • irtr


  • Guest

    Great comments. I thought that the Adam scenes with Victor this past Friday were great. In one conversation, the viewer could see the struggle in Adam with his mother’s side showing in him when discussing Chelsea and the baby while seeing the father’s side in him when discussing his desire to take over Chancellor Industries. MM did a great job in those scenes with EB.

  • irtr

    You’re absolutely right about MM & MCE! They each in their own way bring out the best of whomever they’re on the canvas, e.g., MM & PB (Adam & Jack discussing the rape charges), MM & EB (Adam & Victor discussing NE, family), MM with Baby Peanut (the baby actually opened his eyes, as if he knew who Adam was), MCE with EC (discussing why Melanie should drop the charges against Adam, MCE performed various emotions to EC’s dry, same-old-same emotion). They do so deserve to bring home the golden Emmy next year!

  • Maryl

    EJ and Sami!! Again and again! They are fabulous!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami….FOREVER SOULMATES <3

  • Smartpick

    Bold and the Beautiful Liam Spencer and Hope Logan passionate, young Super couple, love then together, there have waited a long time for this, Liam and Hope always!!!!

  • EJAMIcrazy

    I voted for the greatest power couple in soap history…EJAMI :)

  • Annie

    I voted for Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton. The couple that I like is Alexis and Julian. They have a lot of chemistry. And it also helps that they’re Sam’s parents.

  • Leslee

    Is that what he said (I ffwd all Adam/ Chelsea scenes), funny, that is what Billy Called Johnny, when he first saw him

  • Daysfan41

    Voted x2 for EJami. Their chemistry is unmatched!!! They make scenes like kissing thru prison bars look sexy!! Love them!

  • Patty

    EJAMI, baby! No one does it better!

  • kelly

    I can’t wait to see where Ron Carlivati takes Silas and Sam as they continue to get closer, especially once Danny is well! I haven’t been this excited for the start of a soap couple in years. Love Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco. They’re both amazing.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    OMG..The moment when Adam saw Peanut , My heart was feeling all kind of emotions. Damn MM , he always brings his best A game to the table. Unlike Shadam worshippers who only see MM talent if he is doing his soft porn with Wacakdoo , I believe MM shines through all his scenes, He interacts with most of the canvas and he always comes off as the talented one. MCE is of course known for critical acclaimed power house acting and MM is also amazing. I hope MM and MCE win those golden Emmy’s next year. They definitely deserve it.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Look at the top comment above you from the most disgusting pairing of YR history. MM acting has gone down because apparently MM is no big deal unless Sharon Case helps hims ROFLMAO. Some people have really lost it. Poor babies , when the insult of characters are not enough, they have to stoop so low that they insult the real actors. Michael Muhney is the best and he doesn’t need MCE or some Sharon Case to show his talent. I am so proud of my Chadam fans, at least when we are frustrated , we don’t go insulting real life people. Fucking losers.

  • Kathleen

    It has to be Sharon and Adam. They belong together. They are unrecognizable without each other. Michael’s acting has sure gone down without Sharon Case. I guess he is not happy with the whole situation.

  • bettyrj

    My vote x2 is for the dynamic duo of EJ DiMera and Samantha Brady! Their love for one another and the on screen chemistry of James Scott and Alison Sweeney phenomenal! James and Alison have brought EJ and Sami to life and their fans simply adore them for their portrayals and the natural chemistry shown by them! We love you, James and Ali!

  • Name

    Adam and Chelsea….CHADAM, is there any other super couple, No!

  • irtr

    Adam and Chelsea forever! Loved Adam’s interaction with Baby Peanut Newman! Loved Chelsea convincing Ms. No Name to drop the charges against Adam! Want to see her put her BFF in check too when it comes to Adam! MM and MCE rock scenes together (so rare these days, hope that this changes) and rock scenes separately! They are #! favorites, so both of my votes go to them as individuals and as a couple!
    Love the entire cast of the B&B (the fashion show was phenomenal) and Y&R! I also ship Brooke and Bill, Hope and Liam, Maya and Rick, Vicky and Billy, Sharon and Nick, Nikki and Victor, Lilly and Cane, Abby and Tyler, and the newest, Hillary and Mason!

  • Dianne Welstad

    Hey i think that Liam & Hope deserve a future together & let them have some time too be together & be happy for once. Liam & Hope Spencer.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan are best acting soulmates of YR. They keep proving each time why they are indeed the best couple despite of not being together for almost a year now. They are Epic and it is time the writers and producers stop toying with such a power couple. There ain’t no other couple for YR that creates this much buzz and fame, Chadam is best of em all and it is due time that they reunite. I don’t want YR to wait years to reunite them like Nick and Sharon. Give Dyldo Dummy Dylan another woman like Avery or Chloe and let Chelsea go back to the real love of her life Adam Newman so Adam can stop feeling bad for himself and let him know that his Christmas dream of Norman Rockwell family is finally his and his only .

  • Beautiful me

    I voted for…wait…I’d rather sing it like a David Bowie song.

    Strange fascination, fascinating me
    Ah changes are taking the pace I’m going through
    Oh, look out you rock n rollers
    That’s who I voted for!

  • Chadamaniac

    This new wording spam system is very difficult . I voted for one and only power couple Adam and Chelsea widely known as Chadam. MM and MCE are best in the business and YR are fucking lucky to have such gems as leads in their cast. Here is to hoping that YR survives another 40 years and these two always bring their best A game to the show.

  • DarkParadise

    Adam and Chelsea the best super couple of new generation for YR. Ejole best pair for Days. JW as Jill best actress for YR and EB best actor YR. YR best soap.

  • Alicia

    Adam and Chelsea for best couple cause they are best you know. MM and MCE as best actor and actress for YR. Chandler Messey for Days, You ll be missed CM and Heather Toms for BB.

  • spunky terror

    “Hi, peanut.” MM’s performance as Adam holding his son for the first time blew me away. Thurday & Fridays Y&R was some of the best soap that I’ve seen in years. Finally felt like classic YR was back.

  • ingrid

    love Chelsea and adam

  • tim

    chadam & peanut MCE&MM rock their scenes

  • dani700

    I voted for Scott Clifton and Kim Matula as Liam and Hope

  • renda

    my vote goes to Nikolas and Elizabeth (GH) played by Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst. Amazing actors and very compelling soap couple

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • ladyluck538

    I adore Adam and Chelsea

  • JorgeAnn


  • guest

    adam and chelsea

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    Sean Kanan (AJ) was phenomenal this week. Liz and AJ’s scenes at the Floating Rib were jaw dropping dramatic. It was like watching a train wreck. They were great scenes even if it was heartbreaking to watch. GH was fantastic.

  • Michelle

    Voted for EJ & Sami

  • Anonymous

    Voted for James Scott and Ali Sweeney and EJami :)

  • Dayz

    It only took me about 5 tries to get my 2 votes in for EJami. They’re worth it.=)

  • Amy

    I voted For Silas and Sam. I love Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco’s chemistry and I can not wait for their story to really take off. These two are magical!! I have waited over 10 years for them to be reunited and I am super excited for what is to come.

  • Maria

    I voted for GH’s Michael Easton (Silas Clay) and Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) individually and as a pairing. I love forward to their characters’ developing romance heating up soon. The momentum definitely needs to be picked up because these two have chemistry that is too good to waste!

  • Katie

    Nikolas and Elizabeth are my babies!

  • :) yssirhc

    Nikolas & Elizabeth <3

  • Guest

    I voted for Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan as favorite actor and actress and Adam and Chelsea as my favorite couple. I enjoyed watching Adam hold the baby this week. I liked the Chadam scenes this week as well. I thought MCE and MM did a great job in those scenes. I also thought MM did well in the scenes with Victor.

  • Lindsay

    General Hospital was unbelievable this week. My top two moments would have to be Spinelli FINALLY finding out he has a baby girl ( Bradford Anderson=AMAZING/EMMY!!!!!) and Julian putting the pieces together and realizing Sam is his daughter. While these made my heart soar I am so disappointed that Kelly Sullivan is leaving. She’s the best fit for Kate/Connie and I really don’t want to see her go </3 </3</3

  • Roc N Rose

    MICHAEL EASTON and KELLY MONACO are ‘gifted and talented’ actors and transcend any character they portray. As Silas & Sam, they are simply MAGIC on the screen! Under the pen of RC & Team, look forward to this pairs’ journey together.

  • Leslee

    Billy and Victoria the most loving, and real couple I have ever scene on my screen, not to mention the chemistry between AH and BM is so far off the charts.
    The best couple EVER to hit TV

  • patriciaruby

    susan just type in both words in the box at the bottom i hope this helps

  • patriciaruby

    i votedfor steve burton and kelly monaco still my favorite actors on daytime and although not on gh screen together anymore will always be my favorite couple and voted for julian and alexis as couple on gh

  • Karina Oliva

    Chelsea and Adam

  • Susan

    I hope someone can help me. When voting do you type both words in the box or just one.(Captcha Code) I tried all different ways and I can not get my vote through.

  • Leigh

    Voted for EJami. Love them

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and Chelsea Newman. The Norman Rockwell Family forever and always. They are the future of YR. MM and MCE are the best actor and actress of YR right now. As we go into Fall , I hope the writing gets better but Still YR at it’s worst is better than other soaps.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami….Forever Soulmates <3

  • Just Do It

    If by “Slam” you mean Sam and Silas on GH, please for the love of hades NOOOO. The only woman Silas works with is AVA.

  • dee

    I voted for Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco for favorite actors. I still love them and support them even if they aren’t a “couple” on screen anymore. Meanwhile, I voted for Julian and Alexis as Favorite Couple. To be honest, they are the very best thing General Hospital has going on these days. I support the heck out of them! Nancy Lee Grahn and William Devry are golden together and super pretty! Add in Kelly Monaco’s Sam as their daughter and you’ve got amazing stuff. All I need is for the writers to bank on their epic-ness. Team Julexis and TeamDavisMorganJerome. And Team Stelly of course, as always. Make it happen! [I can’t wait to see the results next week!]

  • King Wilson

    Voted Will & Sonny 2 times for favorite couple and voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith 1 time each for favorite actors.

  • ABB

    Wyatt and Hope!!! HOTT, HOTT, HOTT!!!!!

  • beth

    chelsea adam and peanut chadam family

  • evelyn

    Always Slam

  • Patty

    Always and forever, EJAMI

  • Carolyn Levesque

    voted twice for tv’s power couple.Fierce romance with tender love. EJami is like no other couple.

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