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Vote for your favorite soap actor, actress and couples in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of September 16, 2013.

It’s time for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Which stars and couples from All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for?

Leave your comments below and show your support for your favorites, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls close Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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Pulse Bulletins

  • NEW VOTING PROCEDURE *8/16/13*: We have added back the list of names/characters for the actors and actresses available for voting. Once you select the name of one actor and one actress from the drop down list, write in the name of your favorite couple using one of the examples listed.
  • WHY THE CHANGE?: A couple of reasons:
    • We wanted to increase the competition among the fans and allow the opportunity for other actors to be represented each week. It’s easy to cast a vote for all of your favorites, but when you can only select one, it makes your vote mean more.
    • This officially merges the couple selections and fan’s choice. Now, EVERY couple is a write in. You can choose one that’s together on-screen, might be together on-screen or those you hope will be together on-screen. It’s up to you.
    • This reduces the amount of time we have to spend sorting through ballots (meaning results will go up earlier).
    • Another benefit? It will hopefully reduce the amount of votes we have to discard for people who can’t follow the rules and try to automate multiple votes per day.
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED?: You are still able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday, though we are considering increasing that number.
  • WHAT ELSE?: Yeah, we still toss out votes using only couple/shipper names (ex: Villy, Quiz).
  • AND ONE MORE THING: We will be looking for dedicated fans to help us track the results and ensure that our weekly statistics are accurate. More details will be revealed…

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  • Mary Campbell

    Elizabeth & AJ GH.

  • Siam fan

    Sa and Silas are everything that is amazing.

  • Jbomb

    MM & MCE for the win! Chadam all the way!! #ChadamFamily

  • Gia

    Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco, Sam and Silas of course. Their scenes today were amazing. They are sexy, hot, fiesty, tender and freaking adorable and absolutely captivating. No other couple comes close.

  • kayhan

    Voted for Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith as favorite actors and Kate MansI as favorite actress. Favorite couple is Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakas. EJ crawling on his knees to kiss Stefano’s ring was just all kinds of wrong. Too bad EJ could not get Semi out on his own without daddy’s help.

  • Noirdame

    Nikolas and Elizabeth from GH, and their portrayers, Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst are the number 1 soap couple for me, followed by EJAMI from DAYS. I hope to see more of NIZ and Liz on our screens soon – they set it on fire!

  • Dayz

    EJami has proved to us once again why they should always be No.1. The portrayal of love, passion and drama seems to come naturally to Alison Sweeney and James Scott as the characters they play seem as real to me as any family member. Heck, I root for them more than a couple of family members I could name…but won’t. ;)
    Can’t wait to see the blowout when Sami and Fatha butt heads. Days just keeps getting better and better.

  • Britt down under

    Sam and Silas all the way. They are the main reason why I race home to watch GH.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    after last weeks episodes of Days there is no question that Sami & EJ – Alison Sweeney & James Scott are TV’s SUPER STARS.

  • JorgeAnn

    ITA!! Nicole and Brady have the most chemistry!!

  • Mary

    Billy Miller/Amelia Heinle-Young and the Restless
    Billy & Victoria Abbott-Best Couple Still-Three Years Strong

  • RiRi fan

    Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton have shown lightning always strikes with these two. They seriously just scorch the screen together and at the same time are so adorable. The way Silas looks at Sam is the way every woman wants to be looked at. I love GH but they are without a doubt the highlight of the show for me.

  • Bettyrj

    You’ve got that right!!! I have felt that for a long time but since
    Sami’s been in prison, the beautiful love letters and her release, they do make me feel as if they are EJami! Alison Sweeney and James Scott are phenomenal and their chemistry is undeniably electric!

  • Bettyrj

    EJ and Sami are dynamite with a capital “D”!!!!! Free again, Sami is free again!!! To live with and love EJ and their children! They absolutely blew me away on Friday with their desire to be alone, but with family there, they were like two little children in a candy store. I loved the tenderness and love that EJ showed her and Sami’s happiness and love for EJ, finally being in his arms after the long months since she was found guilty of shooting Detective Bernardi. Alison Sweeney and James Scott morph into Sami and EJ on the days they are on our screen! We, their fans, love them! They deserve Emmy nominations next June and deserve to win!!!!!!

  • I love GH

    Silas and Sam are the couple and it’s because of the crazy hot chemistry Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have. No one on daytime has what these two have. No matter what characters they play, they burn up the screen. Sam and Silas are absolutely amazing together and KM/ME never fail to captivate the audience.

  • maggie

    Voting for Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine

  • spunky terror

    Victor & Nikki are one of a kind soap icons. Of the next generation of couples on Y&R, Chadam comes closest to the sublime magic of Soap’s greatest super couple. They fight hard and love hard, and have that undeniable “it” factor. As Adam comes into his own as a man outside his father’s shadow, he needs a strong woman by his side. That woman is Chelsea.

  • Leah

    I love grey couples… they make soap life interesting. Gone are the days of just black and white.

    Chadam are my second favourite couple. The whole pity of it though is I think the writers are going to keep them apart for a while. Bbooo!

  • Leah

    EJ and Sami are grey, complex, edgy and exciting together! A modern day super couple that have bought Days to life again.

    Soap opera style Mr and Mrs Smith. Go get em Ejami.
    PS: Always love seeing them together with their kids too. It all seems rather natural and has a real dynamic to it and that has to come down to the actors. So thanks for that Alison and James :)

  • Cricket

    Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan once again prove that they are soap superstars this week. I <3 Chadam.

  • Rock

    EJ and Sami have morphed into the most passionate compelling love affair of the time! Allison and James are riveting, hitting all levels of emotion with their delivery of absolutely smoking, scheming, geniusly extraordinary written lines. I love the energy of these two actors raiseing the bar of each others acting talents that put their scenes out of the zone of any entertainment that I have ever been priviledged to enjoy! What a winning team. Go writers and Ejami!

  • ABB

    My votes go to B&B’s Wyatt and Hope and their Darin Brooks and Kim Matula, who are the most exciting and refreshing soup couple that I have seen for such a long time! They are sexy, fun, romantic, and have such an incredible on screen chemistry. The foundation is perfectly set for such a great love story! I can’t wait until Hope finally wakes up and finds her way to her true soulmate, Wyatt, and I tune in with excitement each day just waiting to see it finally happen!

  • DarkIParadise

    Chadam or Adam and Chelsea from YR in my opinion are the best pair mainly because they are fresh and exciting and offer a whole new dimension to grey pairings. They have all the “it” factors to be a super powerful Epic pairing for their show if the writers write good stuff for them and not the nonsense that YR keeps writing for the past decade now .Sometimes I wish Bill Bell would still be alive. He wrote so naturally and true to history and characters. YR needs to correct this kind of writing style or else they will soon join the ranks of Days and GH ;) MM and MCE and all the other cast member deserves better, I don’t buy this Chylan and Navery and Shadam Epic love, it is forced and plot driven and an insult to long time YR viewers. Shick, Chadam and Davery are true love and also Sharon is not a psycho, She might be a slut but not a lunatic, I don’t buy it, Daisy or Sheila are psychos not regular characters.

  • Guest

    Adam and Chelsea -Chadam best pair due to MM and MCE amazing on screen chemistry. They are meant to be and Adam’s true family is Chelsea and peanut not grandpa humper Share a Newman who after risking everything to save her from her arsenic STD’s ass couldn’t bother 2 be witness for his rape charges and Victor the worst dad ever. Adam will be the best dad to his Peanut and this time hopefully the best husband to his con artist Chelsea. Love the that they are so complicated and not lovey dovey like other YR pairs. They are the best Grey pairs of daytime .

  • Leah

    Lets be fair here…. AZ has chemistry with anyone she is paired with. Why? Because as she said she looks for the pivotal point in every relationship Days give Nicole. AZs interpretation on things is interesting to read and personally I think she was spot on. AZ has never used the word love when talking about Ejoles relationship. She said it was purely a physical thing and I personally think you could see that from EJs side as well. Nicole was physically there and available whereas Sami was always in denial or running from it. EJ said it best to Sami when she was in hospital and found out she was pregnant with Sydney “Do you think I’d be having dinner with Nicole or any other woman for that fact IF you showed me you were the least bit interested in me?” EJ always dropped everything for Sami. So much so that Nicole herself said “It’s always Sami, Sami, Sami!” Personally I like Bricole or Ericole. Why? Because they are the 2 men who have accepted her and always been there for her.

  • Stephanie

    Though I don’t get to see them together nearly as often as I like to, my votes always go to Nikolas and Elizabeth (GH). Their blazing chemistry and 16 years of friendship has me rooting for a “Niz” romance. Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher are stellar actors, and when you put them together, they make magic!

  • Leah

    Thanks for a fantastic week this week Days. You deserve to be soap of the week. It was a great demonstration of dramatic story telling and writing. Particularly the lines you gave EJ when talking to Stefano about Sami. I’m a very happy camper :)
    “Yes I love her. I can’t imagine spending 1 day without her let alone the rest of my life.”
    “Take it all back. I want Samantha that’s all that matters to me.”
    “All I can think about is Samantha in that court room alone about to be locked up for the rest of her life. She’s wondering where I am. I can FEEL HER… swallowing her panic. She’s counting on me to get her out.”

  • Leah

    No other couple gives us their hearts and souls like Days EJ Dimera and Sami Brady. We all knew EJ was going to have to make some kind of SACRIFICE for Sami this week and boy oh boy did he! It was a huge sacrifice but he did it in the name of love.
    The emotional depths of anguish, despair and desperation the character EJ took us to well and truly had the tears flowing. EJ showed us unconditional love by laying down his life for Sami and for their children. And by doing so only made us love him and them more. Our grey couple Ejami certainly take us on a roller coaster ride but it is worth watching every second of it as they never disappoint.

  • irtr

    Chadam for the win!! Both of my votes as always go for Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) and Michael Muhney (Adam) for best actress and actor! Adam & Chelsea are my favorite couple, Y&R the best soap! The cast on Y&R is by far the best! I am enjoying all of the storylines, but Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan work the canvas with everyone! Although, the power of these two together is absolutely atomic! I love them together..it is so real with every display of emotion, I forget that they are only acting! This is the true essence of Chadam!

  • Shadam31

    Adam & Sharon have chemistry, passion, intensity, romance, angst, and love! I haven’t been much invested in a daytime pairing like Shadam since Jason & Elizabeth from “General Hospital”. Adam & Sharon were finally in a good place, and was looking forward for that genuine friendship to evolve into a relationship.

    Adam & Sharon have been through a lot: being constantly apart from Victor and Nick, their New Orleans reunion, Adam’s blindness and their time at his mother Hope’s farmhouse, Adam rescuing Sharon from the fire at the Newman ranch, protecting her from Victor’s retribution and helping her recover mentally and emotionally, Adam being shot, etc.

    With Adam, Sharon is not a damsel in distress but a much stronger woman. With Sharon, Adam is a much better man.

    Adam & Sharon are flawed, but their love is perfect.

    After four years, I still don’t understand the writers denying the potential of this couple, who is destined to be the next Victor & Nikki! The writers have to know the following that is SHADAM! Please reunite them for good!

  • Maryl

    Could vote for none other than the best—EJ and Sami!!!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea all the way! Their acting is solid gold! Sometimes, I have to remind myself that they’re not a real couple. They have a natural chemistry that cannot be denied. #ChadamFamily

  • Guest

    My votes are for MM, MCE, and Chadam. Both individually and together had good scenes this week. I enjoyed seeing Chelsea’s reaction to Adam grabbing her arm. One week she pushes Adam and the next week he grabs her arm. I really enjoyed scenes of Adam, Chelsea, Avery, and Dylan at the cabin. SB did a good job portraying Dylan suffering from PTSD. JC did a good job portraying Avery in getting through to Dylan. MM, MCE, SB, and JC did well in those scenes. I enjoyed Adam and Chelsea bonding with the baby after Adam got the baby from Dylan. I heard that Monday’s upcoming Chadam scenes are good and intense and look forward to seeing those scenes.

  • ksmoov

    Patrick and Sam, I’m here for it!

  • deb

    chadam all the way for the win

  • bettyrj

    EJ and Sami all the way! They are the super couple of daytime television as far as I’m concerned! The love they have for each other was seen and shared in their eyes and heart by the love letters they wrote to one another!!!!! Sami is free and back where she belongs; with EJ and the children! James Scott and Alison Sweeney have been phenomenal in their performances these past weeks ! They continually knock it out of the park. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • GH Fan

    Michael and Kelly on GH are amazing. Sam and Silas are the hottest couple on tv.

  • arvani01

    James and Ali are the perfect combination to create Days newest Super Couple Ejami!

  • Guest

    Adam and Chelsea simple because MM and MCE are acting soul mates. Adam has found his Spunky terror and his Peanut.

  • Roger

    Adam and Sharon belong together and are true soul mates. No couple has the chemistry these two do. They are sizzling hot together.

  • Jbomb

    As always, my votes go for Adam & Chelsea. Their chemistry and acting are superb! Adam, Chelsea & Baby Peanut belong together! #ChadamFamily

  • Lindsay

    Well said!

  • iheartwilson

    I voted for Chrishell Stause, Lauren Koslow, Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith and WilSon.

  • DarkIParadise

    Adam and Chelsea takes my votes for best couple. Hello There are the One and Only Super Couple who is bringing their A game and hotness to daytime Big time. Shick had their run and don’t have the same pull, Davery is good but not Epic like, Lane and Villy are very boring, MM and MCE have so much damn chemistry, it is impossible for two people to have this much of sexual chemistry. MM has chemistry with all the canvas EB,PB,SC,JM,SB,AG,JC but there is one actor that challenges him and gives life to Adams’ character and that is Missy’s portrayal of Chelsea. Adam and Chelsea are full of fire whether they be hating each other or loving each other. They are MAB’s best couple and wherever this woman is, God bless her for doing at least one thing right while she was in power.

    Chadam is the future of YR. They are undoubtedly the next Victor and Nikki although Chelsea is no doormat like Nikky and Adam is a better dad than Victor ;)
    Have a nice weekend to all Chadamaniacs around the world.

  • Guest

    One vote for Chadam and YR and MM and MCE , these two are just pure Magic on the screen,and the other to my underrated babies Chemistry magnet JS and AZ and Ejole. Days needs to honor Ejole and their history. I am so sick of these favoritism in Days.

  • Nelly

    Today’s both of my votes go to Adam and Chelsea. I vote for them because they remind me so much of classic soap Super Couples. They are complicated but very Hot and Passionate and Sexy. They are gray and both very stubborn which makes the ride even more fun. Also love that they are close to same age and can be cool parents to their son and maybe a cute daughter in the future. Chadam family reminds me so much of a real life family.

    After YR, I hope MM and MCE get signed for a prime time show or something like Grey’s Anatomy where we get to see these acting soulmates side by side all the time.

    Chadam for being the one and only true Super Couple of today’s generation.

  • Feliciene

    I absolutely love Chelsea & Adam, can’t get enough of Y&R these last 2 weeks. I also really like Dylan & Avery, too bad we can’t vote for 2 couples. I still want Quiz in GH but that looks like a dead end.

  • Patty

    Props to Days and Days writers for delivering some edge of seat drama with the closing of Sami’s trial. Extra props to Joe Mascolo and James Scott for their stunning scenes this week, and special props to the James and Ali for bringing EJ and Sami to life in such a loving relationship. They are each other’s anam cara. I’m so looking forward to seeing how their story develops. Love my EJami.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    There is only 1 super couple on day & evening tv and that is Sami & EJ (Days) Ali Sweeney & James Scott have so much chemistry it is hard to believe they are actors and not EJami.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Kim

    My couple votes this week go to Patrick and Sam on GH. Once I heard Kimberly McCullough (Robin) was coming back I stopped voting for them as a couple but seeing Sam and Patrick together on Friday, the ease and playfulness of their relationship hooked me back in. I’m pretty sure the friendship between Kelly Monaco and Jason Thompson played out in those scenes as well when Patrick gave Sam advice about moving on. I want Sam to move on, but I don’t think she’s ready. Danny should be her man right now; the little boy has had such an unstable life since he was born. But I wouldn’t mind more scenes between Patrick and Sam. A slow build is fine and it would be a lot more interesting for Robin to come back and have to deal with the closeness of Patrick and Sam than Patrick and Sabrina. That was the story I wanted to see GH, Patrick and Sam bonding over their children, the loss of their soul mates and the unexpected possibility of moving on with each other.

  • JorgeAnn

    James Scott’s (EJ DiMera) compelling and heartbreaking scenes with Joe Mascolo have definitely placed him as the #1 actor again. The multi-talented Alison Sweeney continues to bring it in her role as Samantha Brady. This dynamic acting duo cannot be matched by any other in soapland.

  • Brooke

    Voted for Elvis and Samantha, what a week they had. Alison Sweeney and especially James Scott were fabulous. My other favourite couples are Brooke/Bill and Hope/Wyatt.

  • :) yssirhc

    Tyler & Becky. Nikolas & Liz baby!!

  • Bettyrj

    No doubt about it! EJ and Sami are #1!!! The trial is ended, Sami is vindicated and she is home with EJ and her family!!!! We have been waiting all summer for her to be released and get back to living life with her beloved! The love letters they wrote to one another were so honest, touching, sweet and heartfelt, they had me in tears. I had to watch them over and over to bask in the goodness that is EJami. Sami’s love letter finally told EJ how much she loved him and would always love him – she felt his pain in their not being together. EJ’s love letter told Sami how much he needed her beside him to feel alive. DOOL fans of EJami have always known they belonged together; finally, we have the dynamic duo of Ali Sweeney and James Scott bringing them to life!

  • Maruca8

    This week Avery and Dylan were THE couple! Superb performances!

  • Soapfan

    Sam and Silas by far are the most amazing couple. They have sparks every time they are on screen

  • Dee

    My votes go to Avery and Dylan on Y&R as well as their portrayers, Jessica Collins and Steve Burton! Davery forever.

  • Katie

    Nikolas and Elizabeth should be together!

  • Jbomb

    My votes go to MM & MCE always! Adam & Chelsea together bring it like no other couple! Solid Gold! #ChadamFamily

  • Guest

    Adam and Chelsea best couple . YR best show. MM and MCE best actor and actress.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and chelsea Chadam forever and always. The best I mean the bestest pair that Sony Television ever come up with. Chadam is the money making couple for #YR and it is time for that Epic reunion. OMG,Today’s show was so good, Chadam living together under the same roof now, fighting and me I get to see still deep love and passion and anger from both of them.

    MM and MCE are the Acting Soulmates forever.
    Chadam-The Couple that saved YR from tankong. now if only the writer could smarten up and reunite all the great core couples Chadam,Shick and Davery.

  • Justine

    Adam and Sharon always light up the screen and give us immense viewing pleasure. We need more of them.

  • Roc N Rose

    Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco are ADORABLE! Yes, I said it; they are not only HOT and SEXY, now we can add adorable to their list of accolades. As Silas & Sam, the episode when Sam says, “Silas Clay, are you asking me out on a date?”, exhibited shyness, awkwardness, flirtation, cuteness, lots of smiles, and adorableness. Thanks to the writers, the layers for these two just keep on coming!

  • Guest List

    I need Chelsea with Adam, like I need air. They’ve got to be endgame. Nothing short of that will do!

  • renda

    Nikolas & Elizabeth forever

  • Rose9


  • anny

    I am loving the writing for Cane and Lily! It is amazing how long it has been since the writers invested good writing for them! Thank You YR tptb

  • Lady Isadorra

    Chadam got my vote this week, and every week LOL!!!! Mike and Missy are bringing their A game!!!! I am a hopeless Chadam shipper!!!

  • Lindsay

    Maurice Benard defined the word awesome this week! He gets all my votes!!!!

  • Lisa Vwj

    Wyatt and Hope always!!!! Can’t wait for their Mexico adventure!!!! They are the reason I’m tuning to B&B everyday. HOTT!!!!!!!! <3

  • pinky.ring

    I can not believe how invested I have become in Sami`s trial! It is just such a soap staple that I thought it would be predictable and it has NOT! EJ and Sami have become the couple after so many years of longing and they have far surpassed my hopes. Kudos to the writers but I tip my hat to Alison Sweeney, James Scott, and the magnificent Joseph Mascalo. Days of Our Lives is compelling to watch and deservedly received my vote this week! Go EJAMI! Getting stronger everyday!

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • JorgeAnn

    EJamiStrong!! James Scott and Alison Sweeney are the best duo on daytime television. There is no denying that this dynamic duo have not made their characters the best couple on daytime television.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • irtr

    My 2 votes daily go to Michael Muhney (Adam), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Adam & Chelsea (Chadam), and Y&R yesterday, today, and forever! Y&R has been on fire for the past couple of weeks! The entire cast is bringing their A-game! Steve Burton is honoring our men and women in the military with his performance! Some interesting dynamics are up ahead! So glad Cane got one-up on Hillary & Mason!

  • Maryl

    Days was great this week. Sami’s trial was so exciting–can’t wait to see the conclusion! James Scott, Ali Sweeny,and Joseph
    Mascolo gave some riveting performances. EJ’s heart-wrenching submission to Stefano was so convincing. You could see and feel EJ’s pain and degradation. Yet, he was willing to sacrifice himself for Sami and the children. My votes go to Days &
    the most interesting couple in soapland, Sami & EJ.

  • Leslee

    The way Billy and Victoria communicate is just so great to watch, like they are talking to their best friend, thinking our loud.
    Then you add in some romance, and it just can’t get any better…….Well, a love scene would make it better.

  • Rose

    Unbelievable scenes by Ali and James this week! Voting for Day’s Ej and Sami. They were fantastic!

  • Naunieann

    I just love the Wyatt and Hope storyline. I can’t until Liam finally gets what’s coming to him.

  • Naunieann

    I love Wyatt and Hope and I hope that Hott gets together soon.

  • Patty

    OMG! Sami’s trial has been so tense these past few days, but tomorrow the end is in sight! What moving performances this week by James Scott, Joe Mascolo, and Ali Sweeney. I’m so happy my EJAMI will finally be reunited.

  • Monique

    I voted for Ejami they are best power couple on Days hands down I just loved them together. Alison and James are fantastic. James Scott was outstanding this week and Alison is doing awesome job in her jail storyline. I can’t wait for Ejami vs Stefano that’s must see TV team Ejami all the way. Sami is going to take Stefano down.

  • KBP

    Even without screen time together…the best pairing in daytime…….Elizabeth and Nicholas…….love NIZ. My votes go to them always

  • Jbomb

    My votes go to MM & MCE, as always. Adam,Chelsea & Baby Peanut belong together! #ChadamFamily

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Silo

    As always, my votes go to E.J. and Sami.

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