Pulse Poll: September 2, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap actor, actress and couples in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of September 2, 2013.

It’s time for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Which stars and couples from All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for?

Leave your comments below and show your support for your favorites, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls close Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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Pulse Bulletins

  • NEW VOTING PROCEDURE *8/16/13*: We have added back the list of names/characters for the actors and actresses available for voting. Once you select the name of one actor and one actress from the drop down list, write in the name of your favorite couple using one of the examples listed.
  • WHY THE CHANGE?: A couple of reasons:
    • We wanted to increase the competition among the fans and allow the opportunity for other actors to be represented each week. It’s easy to cast a vote for all of your favorites, but when you can only select one, it makes your vote mean more.
    • This officially merges the couple selections and fan’s choice. Now, EVERY couple is a write in. You can choose one that’s together on-screen, might be together on-screen or those you hope will be together on-screen. It’s up to you.
    • This reduces the amount of time we have to spend sorting through ballots (meaning results will go up earlier).
    • Another benefit? It will hopefully reduce the amount of votes we have to discard for people who can’t follow the rules and try to automate multiple votes per day.
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED?: You are still able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday, though we are considering increasing that number.
  • WHAT ELSE?: Yeah, we still toss out votes using only couple/shipper names (ex: Villy, Quiz).
  • AND ONE MORE THING: We will be looking for dedicated fans to help us track the results and ensure that our weekly statistics are accurate. More details will be revealed…

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  • Lexie Marin

    Kirsten Storms is rocking it as Maxie lately. Bradford Anderson is also killing it. Go Spixie!

  • Chris

    Did I really hurt you that badly?
    Do you even have to ask?

    If my Chadam babies don’t get back together after this. JFP is a fool. Adam & Chelsea are solid gold. They sold the full range of emotions today.

  • Guest

    I have to give some props to the actor, actress, and couple that I continually vote for in this poll and that is Michael Muhney, Melissa Claire Egan, and Chadam. They rocked those scenes today. They displayed such great emotion. Adam really came across with a range of emotions dealing with the hurt from Chelsea’s lie to realizing his son could go blind. He did a great job of displaying pain, betrayal, and guilt for Chelsea lying to him and from passing on a gene to his child. The part where he talked about what it was like to have a blind mother was very compelling. I thought both delivered emmy type scenes today.

  • Guest

    The foreshadowing is pointing towards a Chadam reunion, it is just going to take some time to get there. While it may get uglier for a while, eventually things will turn around IMO. At one time I was thinking October, but now I am thinking around Christmas. It seems that the writers have written Chylan as a weak substitute/parody of Chadam as they have used parallel dates and events from 2012 and 2013. From Dylan’s response to Chelsea’s, “I love you” by going to talk to Avery to Adam’s response of a “madly in love with your rain proposal with a ring” to Dylan’s “proposal in chalk on the warehouse wall without a ring”, Chadam has been shown as the stronger couple. Chadam kept referencing loving one another in their wedding and Chylan did not do that in their wedding. Chadam was preparing for Riley from the start, where Chylan only had a few supplies for the baby when getting home from the hospital. Even the warehouse to me is symbolic of the relationship and foundation of Chylan. Throw in some Adam/Jack scenes and a host of others things point to Chadam and the collapse of Chylan.
    Peanut is the baby from Adam’s Christmas dream with Chelsea there as his wife. Peanut was conceived on New Years. Chelsea learned of the pregnancy on Valentine’s Day. This is a special baby for a special couple IMO.

  • Maryl

    EJ and Sami! This is the couple that delivers pure romance and wonderfully convincing emotions to us week after
    week, therefore, I give them my votes week after week.

  • Leah

    Voted for my favourite couple EJ and Sami…. but wow, wow, wow. Go Adam! Loved the Adam and Chelsea scenes today and I think its only going to get better. I love Chadam but unfortunately I think the Y&R powers to be plan on keeping clueless, dopey Dylan and Chelsea together. I have a feeling Dylan will still decide to step up to the mark and stay married to Chelsea and be a step dad to Connor. I don’t wanna see this. I wanna see Adam, Chelsea and Connor together as it should have been before Chelsea went astray and listened to silly Chloe.

  • ingrid

    Chelsea and adam are soap gold

  • Brit in Australia

    I too love Silas and Sam. Kelly and Michael are the reason why I can’t wait to watch GH now. I loved McBam and Siam is just as great. The chemistry these two generate is off the charts.

  • Roc N Rose

    MICHAEL EASTON and KELLY MONACO are pure MAGIC! Third time is definitely a charm. Silas and Sams’ budding romance has all the elements: hugs, kisses, flirting, teasing, smiles…lots and lots of smiles. And that was just last week! Cartini knows just how to create “Love in the Afternoon”!!!

  • Nelly

    Chadam for best power couple. They are the best and aint no amount of haters going to affect that fact. MM said great things are awaiting for Chadam and praised that MCE is a super great actress and he is grateful for her because her art and powerful acting challenges him and we ll know MM loves challenges.

  • Spunky terror

    MM & MCE killed it today. I want Adam & Chelsea back together pronto, but darn the fight scenes are amazing.

  • IDarkParadise

    Adam and Chelsea . I hope they reunite soon. I miss seeing them happy. I hate this depressing story lines for MM and MCE but they rock in all their scenes. JW and PB also were amazing.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami….Forever Soulmates <3

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Chadam Chadam Chadam .MM and MCE for YR.

  • Brooke

    Loving Elvis and Samantha! How romantic was that letter he wrote her? Alison Sweeney and James Scott are on fire!

  • Hiba

    Sam and Silas are the reason why I watch GH.

  • Patty

    Can’t wait for Sami’s trial to start today. Such angst for EJAMI. Even though they’ll be focused on freeing Sami, anytime EJami spend time together, it’s must-see TV.

  • Dylan/SBu Fan ♡

    I voted for Hope & Wyatt

  • Katie

    I miss Nikolas and Elizabeth. :(

  • dee

    Voting for Paul and Christine of Y&R!

  • JorgeAnn

    EJami Strong!!!!!!!

  • Rock

    Wow ! James Scott and Allison Sweeney continue to hit their performances out of the park ! They are truely in their zone. What can you say about this mind blowing acting team that can convey just how much talent they have and how they captivate their huge fan base. Their lines are well written and riveting. Their performances are incredible beyond imagination. We will never get enough of these two. Calling all movie producers, we want more!

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Love everything you wrote. I agree with them all. Chadam is such a complex couple, even when the make you think that they were over, their love is so strong and grey that it always makes you think twice. Chadam is not your usual Soap couple, the level of realism that comes with these lovers and what MM and MCE puts in to their emotions and acting just breaks your heart. Who ever said Super couple is dead in soaps now a days needs to watch Chadam in Action.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and Chelsea Best Super couple , MM and MCE as best actor and best actress. The Monday episode tomorrow is going to be explosive with out any doubt. YR ‘s best golden couple and best actors ever.

  • iheartwilson

    I loved Chandler’s scenes with Blake Berris (Nick) & Peggy McKay (Caroline). I love how feisty Peggy can get! Also loved Freddie’s scenes with Camila Banus (Gabi). I think Camila’s acting has really improved over the past few months. My votes went to Days, Will & Sonny, Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Peggy McKay and Camila Banus. Sorry Blake, but I gotta vote for my boys ;)

  • ingrid

    Chelsea and adam, the chadam family. the one and only supercoupe on soaps

  • JaimeLee

    VOTED Ejami My Favorite Couple!.Favorite Male actor JAMES SCOTT, EJ even though I also like Abe Carver & Chad BUT its EJ!..Favorite Female actress, This Year Kristen DiMera!..LOVE the DiMera Siblings!..

  • Kristen

    Always Shadam! Sharon Case & Michael Muhney always shine together as a couple or apart!!

  • kayhan

    Days of our Lives has my vote for favorite Daytime Drama because of the storylines going on right now. Especially the trail of Sami Brady. Also I enjoy the Will and Sonny storyline because of the two actors portraying the characters: Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith. They are really doing a great job with this storyline, along with Blake Berris (Nick) and Camila Banus (Gabi). This week, we saw Sonny confront Gabi about being with Nick and she did not take it well and is now trying to force Sonny into keeping his silence (and another secret from Will) or she is threatening to leave and taking Arianna with her. She apparently does not appreciate all the help she gets from Will and Sonny, because she has had it pretty easy since she has been living there (we hardly ever see her with the baby). I hope Sonny tells Will the truth and let him deal with Gabi once and for all. She is making a big mistake when it comes to getting back with Nick, because I have a feeling Nick is going to resort to his old ways soon, and will be obsessed with her.

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea, as always, get my votes. #ChadamFamily

  • Danielle

    Silas & Sam GH are magic!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates! <3

  • JorgeAnn

    My votes are going to The acting duo of James Scott and Alison Sweeney. James once again has won the 2013 Adonis Crown (six time winner) which makes him the hottest of all the soaphunks regardless of what position he obtains in this poll. EJami Strong!!

  • Luvcarly

    Detest the portrayal of Lulu by the recast. Voting for anyone but Lante these days.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    my votes will always go to Ali & James (Days) EJami are the most natural of all couples on TV. Great acting, great looking,
    great chemistry. Their acting is never forced always seems real.

  • Daysfan41

    My 2 votes go to James Scott & Alison Sweeney & Days. These actors never disappoint. Even though they are separated by jail bars their romance still shines thru! EJ’s letter to Sami was so beautiful and proves again he will do anything for his lady love. It was great seeing them with all the kids. They are a family! Days #FREESAMI and let them have the happiness they deserve and give us fans the EJAMI wedding we have been waiting for!!!!

  • Guest

    She is probably afraid of letting him back into her life again due to the hurt and thus is trying to run away from her love for him. She is listening too much to others and is listening too much to others. Adam has to make things right from his end and make the effort, and she will have to make things right form her end. It will take fighting and time. Meanwhile, she is going with what she sees as the safe bet, but I figure she will start seeing a different side of this “safe bet” in the weeks ahead.

  • Justine

    Adam and Sharon of Y&R are the most exciting interesting couple ever and the show is suffering from them not being together. It is definitely time to put these two back together.

  • bettyrj

    Voted again for my absolute favorite couple of all time on daytime tv. The incomparable EJ DiMera and Samantha Brady, portrayed by James Scott and Alison Sweeney. They are daytime tv’s dynamic duo, bringing their own brand of loving, scheming and conniving to make them the SuperCouple Days fans have been waiting for 7 years, to finally be together!

  • Mary

    Billy and Victoria still capture my votes. Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle have a natural dynamic chemistry that is rarely seen.

  • irtr

    MM (Adam), favorite actor, MCE (Chelsea), favorite actress, Chadam, favorite couple, Y&R, favorite soap!
    Just read an interesting article in Soap Opera Digest magazine, September 16, 2013, where MCE says, ‘[Chelsea] truly loves Dylan and she’s also afraid that if Adam finds out now, he’ll literally take the baby away from her.” I really don’t understand why Chelsea feels this way about Adam! She has always been the one woman that has stood up to him! Further, I’m getting so drawn in by this story, knowing that this is fiction, and these are actors, and I am NOT the usual emotional type! I so wish I can see CBS’ US episode live on Monday, September 9th, but I’m a working attorney and have an event to go to on Monday night, so I have to wait until I can see the showdown between these two on cbs.com when I get home late Saturday night!
    I have shipped and still do ship many nice, passionate, unlikely pairings! The first one I really fell for was Michelle of Bauer family and Danny of mobster family on Guiding Light, some years ago, but nothing like MM and MCE as Adam and Chelsea! These two make it all seem so very REAL, so that it draws one in! Chadam has real atomic power!

  • myendlessloveejami

    Voted for James Scott and Alison Sweeney because the authenticity they bring to Ejami is the reason I love this Soap Couple, they had me hooked from Hello and I could never let them go.

  • kayhan

    My vote for favorite actor goes to Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey. Favorite actress vote goes to Camila BAnus. Favorite couple is Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakas. Favorite soap is Days of our Lives.

  • Heather Ramirez


  • Nelly

    Adam and Chelsea Chadam for a couple, MM and MCE were phenomenal in the reveal scenes. They keep proving that no matter what they are not going to take shit from each other. They are each other’s equal. MCE did her emotions so powerfully, every emotion was felt as realistically as possible, MM of course is the God of great acting. So Chadam for a Super Couple and MM and MCE .

  • Lacey

    both of my favorite couples had great moments this week so I have decided to cast one set of votes for Darin Brooks, Kim Matula and Hott and the other for Michael Muhney, Melissa Claire Egan and Chadam.

  • Pati

    Silas and Sam (Caleb and Olivia) always and forever

  • Jbomb

    My Saturday votes go to Adam & Chelsea.. #ChadamFamily

  • Kristen M.

    Wow, good stuff, Ree!!! I completely agree and definitely a #shoutout to HOTT for burning up the screen on B&B.

  • ree

    True chemistry is natural and not forced. It can make you an instant fan of a couple….and when the chemistry is so intense, you become addicted! Nikolas and Elizabeth Chemistry is UNMATCHED; they are the epitome of an amazing chemistry and the hallmark of couples that are destined for one another. That is why every week, i faithfully vote 2x for them each day

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Patty

    Still thinking about the beautiful love letter EJ wrote Sami. Shades of Santeen. *sigh*

  • JorgeAnn


  • evelyn

    Slias And Sam Always

  • irtr

    My heart is sad and breaking for Adam, now that he knows the paternity of the baby! I can’t wait to see Y&R Monday! I’ve been reading tweets on twitter about the Canada episode that airs a day ahead of the US! I want to see MM & MCE tap the deep emotions I am feeling about this before I get to see it on canvas! Both of my votes this week go to Michael Muhney (Adam) favorite actor, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) favorite actress, Chadam for the win, and Y&R, my favorite soap! BTW, Katherine’s memorial was phenomenal!

  • Jbomb

    My votes, as always, go to Adam & Chelsea. With the paternity out in the open, I don’t know of any 2 that can bring more into a scene. MM & MCE both have those eyes that can convey the deepest emotion; they don’t even have to say a word. Adam,Chelsea & Baby Peanut!

  • Leah

    I am so torn who to vote for this week. Both my favorite couples story lines have healed up.
    EJs hand written, loving, tender, pour his heart out to Sami love letter was…. (sigh) glorious! Oh Ejami I could truly watch you and your family everyday. Sami you were spot on the money EJ shows you a side of him that no one else gets to see. Bravo!
    Adam and Chelsea…. so Adam now knows the little peanut is his. About time! Again I believe that Adam opened up and showed Chelsea a side of him that no one else has ever gotten to see. The Sharon thing was physical, but with Chelsea she had his whole heart. Adam loved Chelsea and so wanted to make it work with her. He continually asked her if this was his baby because he was hoping it was. Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Adam is going to come at you and I can’t find myself in the slightest bit feeling sorry for you. You and Chloe created this mess and there was no need for it apart from bitterness, hurt and pay back. A child SHOULD always be told the truth about who their parents are and vise versa. I’m personally looking forward to the Adam/Chelsea encounter and hope Adam gives it to her. Seeing the tears rolling down Adams cheeks when he overheard Dylan talk about Connors eye condition was endearing. As for Dylan, as much as I want to like the boy the way Y&R are writing him he is appearing clueless and weak. Time for the boy to wake up and go get Avery. Her and Nick are super dull.

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    AJ and Elizabeth had intense scenes this week in the courtroom. The looks they gave each other, you could see the hurt, the sadness & the hope. Becky and Sean killed it. They said it all with their eyes. I love them. It’s worth repeating: a lot of people hate AJ but Sean Kanan has been phenomenal for the past month.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    My Vote goes to one and only grey and complicated super couple Adam and Chelsea. They might not be a pair right now but the love and intensity of their love is there for the viewers to see. MM and MCE are acting soulmates and Today’s Canadian episode was a living proof it. MM recent interview promises lots of great things regarding Adam and Chelsea and their Peanut. Lets hope they free Chelsea and give her back her independence and spunk.

    Chadam-We got this in the Bag.

  • Jesthejester ;-)

    Voted for Sharon Case and Peter Bregman. I would vote #Shadam but I think they’re too far gone to win- so #Villy it is!

  • renda

    Voting for the beautiful Rebecca Herbst and the very talented Tyler christopher #NIZ FTW

  • Lindsay

    Kelly Monaco and William deVry are so great as father/daughter. I am loving this story and cannot wait to see how the truth comes out. And I know a lot of people like Silas and Sam but I think I like them better as friends. Now Patrick and Sam are a different story. I ship them completely. Julian and Alexis too

  • Gia

    Sam and Silas of course. Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco are magic in every pairing of theirs.

  • Maria

    Oops, I meant to say “their beautiful kiss THIS past week.” LOL. :P

  • Maria

    Voted for Silas and Sam on GH. Loved their beautiful kiss last week. They are going to be an amazing couple!

  • ABB

    My votes go to Hope and Wyatt on B&B. Their scenes were pure perfection this week! I can’t wait to see more of them! They make me so excited to tune into B&B! Fun, sexy, romantic, sweet, and HOTT, HOTT, HOTT!

  • :) yssirhc

    Voted Tyler Christopher and Becky Herbst. Nikolas & Liz. Together & apart, they are simply magic!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 For Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Maryl

    EJ and Sami—always No. 1 on my list. These two set the screen on fire and make us feel their every emotion!

  • beth

    chadam & peanut

  • amy

    Ejami-forever and always! This week was heartbreaking with Sani finally getting to see her kids and grandchild. And Ejami hugs are more romantic than other couples kisses!

  • Patty

    So happy to be able to cast my votes for the couple that lights up Days, EJAMI. No one does it better than Ali Sweeney and James Scott. #winning

  • Christine&Paul

    I voted for The Young and the Restless. The show was amazing this week with Kay’s Memorial and my favorite part was my babies Paul and Christine getting hitched (again!) unexpectedly. I tossed in votes for Doug Davidson, Jess Walton and for couple, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Williams. They will go the distance this time I know it. I am so happy about that fact too!

  • Joujou

    We are missing Adam and Sharon. They are the most dynamic and interesting couple in Y & R. The show is really suffering now that they are not together.

  • Guest

    My votes are for MM, MCE, and Chadam. Per MM’s recent interview, the story will be “very intense and emotionally packed” after Adam learns the truth about the baby. MM and MCE should have some material to knock out of the park.

  • Spunky Terror

    MCE and MM. I know WWIII is about to erupt over the baby lie, but I can’t help but love both of them and want them back together. Chelsea’s scenes with Anita stole my heart. I know she’s wrong for lying. She knows she’s wrong for lying, but she is so scared and frightened for her baby and herself that I just want to reach out and hug her. Adam wants his father’s love so desperately but keeps sabotaging all his relationships. He’s a lonely soul and I know its his own fault but I want him to find love with his son and his son’s mother once more.

  • dielee

    Loving GH with all the drama and for a special couple Mr and Mrs Dante Angelo Falconeri who is first time parents to a beautiful baby girl.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • evelyn

    Slam Always

  • renda

    voting for Nikolas and Elizabeth for their amazing chemistry and history!

  • Denise Williams

    My Vote went to Elvis Dimera and Samantha Gene Brady. Better known as EJAMI!!! Can’t wait until Sami is out of jail and back in EJ’s arms. Best Couple on Days!!

  • Leah

    Loved, loved, LOVED the Ejami family scenes this week. Could sit there all day and happily watch the world of Ejami. After all this mess has settled SURELY an Ejami wedding has to be next on the cards. Bring it on! We’ve waited for nearly 7 1/2 years for this. I hope Days doesn’t let us down and writes it well :)

  • Silo

    My votes go to Alison Sweeney and James Scott. The best chemistry on Daytime and possibly on TV :-). Sami and E.J. were so cute this week, with their kids and Sami’s granddaughter. Beautiful scenes!

  • Kristen M.

    Voting for Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher aka “Elizabeth and Nikolas” from General Hospital. I’ve rooted for these two since 1999 and I won’t give up. I feel like I grew up with these characters, watching as a preteen to now an adult, I will always have a soft spot for these two. It’s so funny how they both make it a habit to try and save other characters…they just can’t help themselves when it comes to charity cases. I pray for a Niz union soon, my OTP just gives me all the soap romance and angst I need.

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