Pulse Poll: September 9, 2013 Edition

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Vote for your favorite soap actor, actress and couples in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of September 9, 2013.

It’s time for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Which stars and couples from All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for?

Leave your comments below and show your support for your favorites, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls close Monday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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Days of our Lives | General Hospital | The Young and the Restless

Pulse Bulletins

  • NEW VOTING PROCEDURE *8/16/13*: We have added back the list of names/characters for the actors and actresses available for voting. Once you select the name of one actor and one actress from the drop down list, write in the name of your favorite couple using one of the examples listed.
  • WHY THE CHANGE?: A couple of reasons:
    • We wanted to increase the competition among the fans and allow the opportunity for other actors to be represented each week. It’s easy to cast a vote for all of your favorites, but when you can only select one, it makes your vote mean more.
    • This officially merges the couple selections and fan’s choice. Now, EVERY couple is a write in. You can choose one that’s together on-screen, might be together on-screen or those you hope will be together on-screen. It’s up to you.
    • This reduces the amount of time we have to spend sorting through ballots (meaning results will go up earlier).
    • Another benefit? It will hopefully reduce the amount of votes we have to discard for people who can’t follow the rules and try to automate multiple votes per day.
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED?: You are still able to cast TWO ballots per day Friday – Monday, though we are considering increasing that number.
  • WHAT ELSE?: Yeah, we still toss out votes using only couple/shipper names (ex: Villy, Quiz).
  • AND ONE MORE THING: We will be looking for dedicated fans to help us track the results and ensure that our weekly statistics are accurate. More details will be revealed…

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  • Jbomb

    My votes only go for Adam & Chelsea…. They continually knock their scenes out of the park! The fight scenes make you think you’re eavesdropping on a neighbor’s argument; very realistic. Adam,Chelsea & Baby Peanut all the way! #ChadamFamily

  • Gigi

    Adam and Sharon are the most interesting couple on tv. Y&R is missing the boat having them apart. Put them back together and they will see their ratings skyrocket up.

  • Rock

    It is the year 3013 and the archieves of Days of Our Lives have just been unearthed. Scholars from Oxford and Cambridge study the cleverly written lines and determine without a doubt this is a classically written love story that will be studied and analyzed for all eternity. They rank it with Shakespeare, Keats, and Shelley and then conclude it is without compare! There are no words to describe the writers or the acting of James Scott and Allison Sweeney. We are so fortunate to have lived and enjoyed this show in the year 2013.

  • GHlover in NC

    Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco are the reason why I never miss GH anymore. I loved Calivia, McBam and now I am loving Siam. These two actors just sparkle together.

  • Jenny

    I am voting for Wyatt and Hope :) They are the best new/almost couple on all of daytime right now. There is nothing about these two that I don’t love and adore.

  • pansy64

    The only couple I watch daytime t.v for is Will and Sonny.

  • renda

    Voting 2x for my favorite of all time couple Nikolas and Elizabeth (GH). played by Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Spunky Terror

    Michael Muhney and Steve Burton split my vote for best actor this week. Their reactions to learning that Chelsea had lied about Peanut was pitch perfect. However, the very best this week was Melissa Claire Egan’s Chelsea. Her desperation, fear, anger, and heartbreak was etched on her face and in every movement. For favorite couple, it has to be Chadam. Even when they hate each other, they are so real to life that you can’t help but root for them to find their way home to each other.

  • Nancy

    Sam/Silas and Kelly/Michael are phenomenal together. They are on fire and their chemistry is undeniable.

  • Maryl

    Can’t wait to see what happens between EJ and Stefano! I know EJ will do what he has to in order to free Sami. He
    will most likely give himself up to the devil, to save the love of his life and return her to their children. I do think with Sami by his
    side they can someday “convince” Stefano to retire and send him packing to Tuscany. Love EJ and Sami! You get two
    more of my votes.

  • Zee

    KM and ME just have chemistry no matter what characters they play. When they are onscreen I am glued to the TV. Sam and Silas are not only the hottest couple on GH but in all of daytime. I can’t wait when they finally get together.

  • Mary

    Billy and Victoria (Y&R) always find their way back to each other through love, forgiveness and understanding. They remain the #1 couple for me always. Their love for each other shines through every situation.

  • Patty

    I can’t wait to see #SamiTrial this week. I know James and Ali will make EJami’s love shine through.

  • elliemsb

    Hope and Wyatt for sure! They we’re absolutely perfect all week and have such great chemistry!!

  • GHfan

    Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton hands down are the hottest on daytime. Silas and Sam are so entertaining. No one can do passion, friendship, fight, or have love scenes like these two.

  • Lacey

    It was such a great week for both of my favorite couples!!! Hope and Wyatt are working together now and he is more determined than ever to make her his girl!!! They are such a fun, romantic couple and I have loved every single second of their buildup!

    Also Adam and Chelsea rocked Y &R this week. What a fantastic set of actors MM and MCE are! I felt Adam’s pain and anger just as much as I felt Chelsea’s whole world fall down around her. It was so powerful and proved yet again that these two being paired together is and will always be one of the best things to ever happen on the show. There is no greater chemsitry than that between Michael and Melissa :) Each actor, actress and couple get my vote this week again :) #HOTT #Chadam

  • Guest

    MM and MCE did a great job in their scenes this week. The Chadam scenes on Monday consisted of a very realistic looking argument. I enjoyed Chelsea’s shove of Adam even though Adam had a right to see the baby. Her mama bear came out telling him she was not going to let him being all upset see the baby. Her scenes the rest of the week involved realistic sadness, tears, and looking a mess. She came across as being a wreck very well. On Friday, Chelsea came across as cold and desperate with Adam showing sadness and relief once Chelsea admitted he was the father, to being very cold the next moment as a defense mechanism. Each performed all of their scenes very well.
    I also enjoyed SB’s performance as Dylan this week, as this is the first time I have seen him act in such a way. I thought the Davery scenes were good and emotional on Friday, and I hope that Dylan and Avery become a couple on the show.
    I also want to see Nick and Sharon find their way back to each other and finally heal from the loss of Cassie. Nick abandoned Sharon and cheated with Phyllis after Cassie’s death and now Sharon has Nick and others believing that Jack is the father of Summer instead of Nick. I hope that through necessary arguments and admitting of wrongs on both sides that they can reconnect at least by 2014, which would mark 20 years since they first got together.
    I would like to see Chadam, Davery, and Shick overcome tragic losses and lies to eventually reunite. I think reunions in all three cases would make for great stories. My votes goes for Michael Muhney, Melissa Claire Egan, and Chadam.
    I think MCE is the most attractive lady on the show.

  • DarkIParadise

    Adam and Chelsea for best couple. YR best soap for this week. As for actors big round of applause for all Yr casts so talented and underrated they all are. Peter Bergman, josh Walton and Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan all did an a,zing job for their dialogue delivery and acting. I was on the due of my seat while watching. MCE specially , she is so natural with tears and heavy emotions . Even lil Faith was amazing .

  • irtr

    Both votes for the win go to MM and MCE, Chadam! Epic, just epic! Y&R was phenomenal last week!

  • irtr

    Amen Brooklyn!!!!

  • InCanada

    Team Shadam, please remember to vote :)

  • InCanada

    My vote is for Shadam, the hottest couple to ever grace Y&R. I pray CBS and Sony will have reunited by next year. Shadam forever :)

  • ABB

    My votes go to the HOTTest couple in daytime televison, Hope and Wyatt from B&B and their portrayers Kim Matula and Darin Brooks! Not only does them couple have out of this world chemistry, but they have a romantic storyline to showcase it! LOVE these two and their HOTT fairytale romance! They make me excited to tune into B&B live each day!

  • Jbomb

    My votes go to Michael Muhney & Melissa Claire Egan.. Adam,Chelsea & Baby Peanut belong together! #ChadamFamily

  • Ali

    Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan for they were just phenomenal last week. YR was really good this whole week. The Chadam lie reveal and SB and JC also were good in their scenes.

    As for couples my vote go to Chadam for YR and Ejole for Days. Days needs to reunite these two devils together. I don’t buy this whole Church lady thing. She is good as a schemer and a sneak. She is too hot for those religious thing. ;)
    Bring back Ejole and then your rating will be alright back again. JS and AZ have undeniable chemistry and writers are keeping them apart and giving them no interactions cause they know they can pull viewers towards them.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    My vote goes to Chadam and only Chadam. I will continue voting for them for they are the couple that have the overall chemistry sexual and otherwise and MM and MCE are acting Soulmates just like Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil. I miss my SnB .but I am so glad I found Chadam . I had given up on YR for many years after Cassie died and they destroyed Shick since they were my only OTP for YR , and then the whole Phick plot happened, it completely turned me off, but then one day two pariahs met at GCAC bar and from there on, it has been one amazing adventure for Adam and Chelsea and for Chadamaniacs. Yes granted the storylines really suck right now due to writers being all biased and playing favourite but they have to eventually reunite the best lovers of the show cause Adam and Chelsea are the golden pair of YR . MM and mCE are rocking and kicking ass in their scenes. The 2014 Emmy for Lead Actor and Lead Actress needs to be their next year or else all hell is bout to break loose ;)

    Chadam-We Got this in the Bag

  • Lilly

    My votes this week go straight to Darin Brooks, Kimberly Matula and Hope and Wyatt. How could they not? The sparkly, fun, flirty behavior between the two of them is just to epic for words. This is how a couple is built up. It doesn’t even matter that Hope is engaged to Wyatt’s half-brother. At this point that is just a tiny hill for the two of them to climb. When Wyatt told Hope that he intended to be the one wearing the tux and marrying her after looking at the drawings of her wedding gown….I was a big puddle of mush. That guys confidence and determine is wonderful. I couldn’t love these two more. They are simply and surely my favorite daytime couple right now. I thanks the wonderful creatures at The Bold and Beautiful for creating this kick ass pairing.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…FOREVER SOULMATES <3

  • pam

    chelsea + adam + peanut the chadams they neesd to be together for peanut MM & MCE are the best

  • Carolyn Levesque

    Sami & EJ will always get my votes because they continue to have the strongest chemistry of any TV actors.

  • Mary

    Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) get my 2 votes…always

  • Leah

    Sigh! Oh EJ what is your sick and twisted father going to make you do so Sami can walk free?
    Can EJ save Sami? Of course he will but the huge sacrifice and price he or Ejami will pay? This is Stefano we are talking about so the imagination can only run wild. What a week we have coming up.

  • Dayz

    0_0 What will EJ sacrifice for his Samantha? Whatever, EJamiNation is strong and EJami WILL prevail.=)

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • amy

    For me, there is no contest-Ejami does it every time! The love letters between them this week were off the charts romantic without being too sappy and sweet. Sami finally found the words to tell EJ just how much she loves him and most importantly the reasons why she loves him. The best part of this storyline, besides putting Ralph firmly in the past, is EJ finally getting what he deserves- his Samantha loving him as much as he loves her!

  • Patty

    So excited for the coming week on Days. I can’t wait to see what lengths EJ will go to to save the love of his life, Samantha, nor can I wait to see what happens at Sami’s trial this next week. I absolutely adore EJami. #FreeSami Go #Ejami

  • Feliciene

    Can’t get much better than Y&R this week. GH has been much better as that show was getting so boring. I love Quiz but losing hope as the writers keep writing AJ as such a loser as if Sonny isn’t.

  • Feliciene

    I voted for Melissa & Michael but these 2 were very good also.

  • Feliciene

    Y&R was simply amazing this past week with powerful performances by Melissa C. Egan & Michael Muhney & Steve Burton did a great job also. I just love this soap.

  • Jbomb

    My votes, as always go to Michael Muhney & Melissa Claire Egan..Superb acting by both! Adam & Chelsea are definitely the best couple on Y&R. #ChadamFamily

  • irtr

    Michael Muhney (Adam), best actor, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), best actress, Adam & Chelsea, powerhouse, spectacular coupling, Y&R best soap! These two blew me away and I did not get to see any of the episodes live! Looked at it on CBS.com! Michael Muhney is absolutely ahhhhhhhhhhhhmazzzzzzzzzzing! He has made Adam a force to be reckoned with! I’ve always said that Y&R would end once the character Victor Newman retired, but Victor Adam Newman, Jr. is the man for me now! I just love what Michael Muhney has done with this character! MM, MCE, Chadam, Y&R for the win!

  • AbsoluteLunatic

    AJ and Liz who got GH their highest ratings in 2 years last Thursday!

  • dielee

    Wow General Hospital is on fire loving all the story lines but really into the baby storyline I love the suspense who baby is britt and why doesn’t spin tell the truth. My favorite couple is and always will be Dante and Lulu Falconeri played by Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Ryan. A married couple who desperately wants a family who has so much love and compassion to give to a baby.

  • Dayz

    Voting 2 X for EJami always! This week was special for EJami’s because we finally got to actually hear what we always knew. Sami writes EJ the sweetest love letter and admits that for once she is thinking of his feelings first and that she loves him as deeply as he does her. SQUEEEEEE IMO This one was important folks. =)

  • Leah

    I’m so glad Nick and Avery didn’t get married… what a boring couple. I like Nick and Sharon. Who else knows better knows the characters than the actors who play them? Even Joshua Morrow said last year he believes Sharon is Nicks soul mate to which Sharon Case smiled and nodded. I’m a Chadam fan but Shick are right up there.

  • IDarkParadise

    Adam and Chelsea as best pair. Yr best Soap. EB, MM ,MCE best actors.

    Chadam have all the magic and epicness that is needed 2 be called a super couple. Shick also. Best 2 pairs ever.

  • Dee

    I voted for Y&R’s Dylan and Avery and their portrayers, Steve Burton and Jessica Collins. The connection “Davery” share is so beautiful to see. They truly are soulmates, and matched perfectly in every way. Their scenes this week just proved it, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • Maryl

    Sami and EJ are the greatest! I watch the other soaps from time to time but cannot get into any of them like I am into
    Days and the Sami and EJ romance. Thanks to James Scott and Alison Sweeney who bring this couple to life and
    present us with such convincing performances day after day.

  • KBP

    I tune in to GH for Nicholas and Elizabeth. They are the only couple I would even take the time to go online and vote for in a poll. I have watched GH for years, but never have been addicted to a couple. LOVE the chemistry, friendship and passion between these two.

  • Daisylex

    General Hospital is off the charts again. I always enjoy it, but lately there’s not only a Cliffhanger Friday, there’s Must See Monday, Loving it Tuesday, What’s next Wednesday, and Thrilling Thursday. Both my votes go to Dante and Lulu portrayed so brilliantly by Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan. Not only am I loving the characters, but seeing the chemistry they have as a couple keeps me glued to my screen day after day after day.

  • Zoe

    Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton without a doubt have the hottest chemistry in daytime. They have stuck gold with each and every pairing of theirs. Sam and Silas are the reason I watch General Hospital.

  • Beauni

    My votes definitely go to James Scott, Alison Sweeney and of course EJami! I loved their heartfelt letters to each other. They both had me in tears. Such an old school romance thing to do :) I can’t get over how perfect EJ and Sami are for each other. They’re the best couple ever <3

  • beth

    amazing great and wonderful performace from MCE & MM and SB MY 2votes go for chadam

  • Lisa Vwj

    My vote went to B&B’s Darin Brooks, Kim Matula and HOTT. They are quickly becoming my favorite couple. I love the chemistry between Darin and Kim and I can’t wait to see more of them. HOTT 4EvR!!!!!!!!! :) <3

  • Melissa

    My vote goes to Ej and Sami. This couple is one of the most entertaining pair I have ever seen!

  • Noirdame

    Nikolas and Elizabeth get my vote. My favorite GH couple ever. Hope they get more screen time together soon. They sizzle!

  • Hiba

    Sam and Silas have the most electric chemistry. No one on daytime comes close to the hotness that is ME and KM. They are true acting soul mates. Lightning always strikes with them and that can’t be said for anyone else. Three pairings that are all beautiful and loved.

  • JorgeAnn

    EJami Strong!!

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Aussie girl

    Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco always deliver.These two no matter what characters they play just sizzle onscreen together. They are the reason why I am glued to GH. Sam and Silas are amazing together. The looks between these two are smoldering, true acting soul mates.

  • Leah

    Days are finally DELIVERING! What a great Ejami week. The bond, love, passion and romance this pair have is unmatched. I just loved, loved, loved the Ejami love letters. EJs was sincere and sweet but Samis was long overdue and awesome. EJ has always worn his heart on his sleeve where Sami is concerned but Sami has always held her cards more closer to her chest. It was about time Sami just poured her heart out to EJ. These scenes were emotional and James and Ali did such a great job portraying their aching, longing and loving hearts towards each other. The tissues were certainly out. Days are giving us the love, the romance, the passion and family we soap fans love to see and Ejami certainly have it all :)

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Chadam as the Ultimate Super Couple because all the good love stories are dead in Soaps lately and MM and MCE are the only two acting soulmates left in daytime. In a time where Soaps are at it’s worst, YR hit the jackpot with the most amazing set of actors, all casts are amazing and talented but MM and MCE are Epic .

    Lets keep voting for the best Super Couple of daytime and get them on them again.

    ChadamWe got this in the Bag.

  • Rose

    Voted for EJami this week. Days, James, and Ali really brought the romance this week. The scenes were beyond my wildest fandom dreams.

    Also a shout out to GH, Kirsten and Bradford. The baby drama has been fantastic!

  • ree

    Voting for my absolute favorite couple Nikolas & Elizabeth! no other couple will ever take their spot in my heart. Being watching them like forever….and will forever root for their union.

  • Danielle

    Sam & Silas 4ever!

  • Kristen M.

    Voting for my loves, Nikolas and Elizabeth. Someday the writers will get it right, I just pray that it’s sooner rather than later…

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith 1xs each for favorite actor & voted Will & Sonny 2xs for favorite couple.

  • Guest

    My votes go for MM, MCE, and Chadam. Both performed great scenes together and with others this week. It is going to be angsty for a while, but there should be plenty of emotional, fiery, intense, and realistic scenes between them as they both argue and discuss things with each other in the weeks ahead. There will be plenty of drama and both do the emotional and intense scenes well.

  • Katie

    Nikolas and Elizabeth. As long as they are both on General Hospital, that’s the only couple I care about.

  • :) yssirhc

    Nikolas & Liz <3 Even though they are not sharing many scenes. There is mention of them.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Patty

    As always, I sharing my love for EJami, the most compelling couple on Days. I adore them! Sami’s love letter to EJ yesterday tore at my heartstrings. What a beautiful tribute to their seven years. #FreeSami

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