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Vote for your favorite soap actor, actress and couples in the TVSource Magazine Pulse Poll for the week of October 28, 2013.

It’s time for TVSource’s weekly interactive Pulse Poll. Each week, fans vote for their favorite actor, actress, couple from their favorite soaps! The stars and couples that receive the most votes will be revealed the following week.

Which stars and couples fromThe Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for?

Leave your comments below and show your support for your favorites, feedback on your soap, storylines and/or characters! The best comments will be highlighted in the results!

Polls close Tuesday at 11:00PM/EST | Last Week’s Results

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  • Mary Campbell

    AJ&Elizabeth GH

  • Feliciene

    I know her name but just couldn’t remember it at the time I made the comment.

  • foxy

    laura wright is the actress who plays carly

  • Feliciene

    When Nik gave Sharon a choice either Faith or Adam, she chose Adam. Sharon was once my fav & now I don’t like her at all once she hooked up with Adam. I hope the writing changes for her because there are so many of us who really liked her at one time but she has gone downhill since Adam. I do love Adam with Chelsea as they just fit.

  • Feliciene

    Nothing wrong in character bashing. I like Carly as an actress but don’t like her character. You see it all the time in a forum & we all have the right to like or not like a character.

  • irtr

    Favorite Actor: Michael Muhney, Victor Adam Newman, Jr, is tops, hands down! Muhney, leading man/acting genius, does not need an emotionally charged storyline, like the Delia “Hit and Run,” to show his incredible range as an actor! He is phenomenal at his craft, consistently delivers, and brings something special to the canvas with whomever he shares it from Baby Connor to Victor, Sr., to his siblings, to Jack, to Chelsea, to Sharon, to Avery, to Nikki, to Leslie, to Billy, to Dylan, etc.
    Favorite Actress: Melissa Claire Egan, Chelsea Newman McAvoy, adds a lively dimension with whomever she shares the canvas! She brings a sparkling, youthful, energy to her role and portrays Chelsea as a smart, independent woman and mother, who is conflicted and has done wrong, but is determined to be what she thinks is a “better person!” She never comes across as whiny, dominating in her relationships or needing to dominate her relationships! I love the way she stands up to Victor, Sr. (better than Nikki does) and Jr! Her range of emotion is so real and natural!
    Top Couple hands down is Chelsea and Adam! I have loved them together since MAB introduced them in 2012! This was genius when MAB brought them together as the outcasts they were! Just as it was a mistake to break them up so soon after marriage! The way Muhney and Egan play off of each other is pure acting perfection! They are never, ever boring to me, because the pairing is not just about soft porn for daytime! Chelsea always calls Adam out when he tries to dominate and control and she knows him well, especially when he is hiding something! Adam still loves Chelsea, but was never so in love with love and blinded by love to consider that his Spunky Terror [Chelsea] was above telling a major lie when pushed up against the wall! He knows too that Chelsea will look out for Connor! I hope that we get these two back together as a couple in every way before the year is out!

  • irtr

    Loved what you said here, Guest, regarding Shadam v. Chadam!

  • Triple3

    I’m looking forward to a lot more fun with Sam and Silas, on General Hospital. Their story twists and turns and makes you wonder what will happen next. I’m enjoying the anticipation.

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea!! Best couple of the future for Y&R!!

  • Rose

    Ejami is by far the most riveting couple to watch (on any show, not just daytime). I can’t wait to watch every day to see what Ali and James will bring to their characters each day.

  • KBP

    Always……Elizabeth and Nicholas GH………love TC and RH

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Noirdame

    Nikolas and Elizabeth of General Hospital once again are onscreen together this week and I love it! True chemistry. More please!

  • Dayz

    It’s hot and steamy in EJamiNation. EJ and Sami makes sure it stays that way. Days is EJamiStrong!

  • Silo

    As always, E.J. and Sami get my votes! Go EJami!

    But I also love HOTT and BRILL!

  • Andrew Kolt

    Chadam rocks

  • Mary

    Amelia Heinle is shining in her role as the wife who is trying to keep it all together. Amelia and Billy Miller portray their characters of Victoria and Billy Abbott to perfection. Y&R has some of the best cast in the business and these two actors bring their best to each and every episode.

  • Patty

    Days promises much drama this week with the reveal at the Bristen wedding. No doubt some of the blowback with land on EJami. The next few weeks could be rocky, but I know EJAMI will come through it stronger than ever. I <3 EJami.

  • Rosie

    Y & R has been fantastic lately, largely because Billy Miller & Amelia Heinle have delivered the most realistic, heartbreaking performances ever. Billy is struggling with guilt, grief and overwhelmed by rage, while Victoria, dealing with her own grief, is trying everything possible to help him. Their love for each other is obvious and steadfast. They will survive this most difficult time and their marriage will thrive! Villy forever!

  • Carolyn Levesque

    Sami & EJ the best couple on day or evening TV.

  • Jbomb

    2 more votes for Adam & Chelsea! I can’t say enough about this pair! Best chemistry, outstanding range of emotion and flawless acting! #ChadamFamily

  • Roc N Rose

    Please show some restraint and respect others’ personal opinions. Character bashing is just not nice. Thank you so much. :)

  • Leah

    True dorothyg… Ejamis fans love anguish and stumbling blocks BUT we’ve well and truly had our gut FULL of it after 7 1/2 years. It is getting old and we’ve certainly been there and done that! It is time for Ejami to get married. Sure they can have their tests, trials and troubles but now as a married couple facing them together. Ejami against the world and not each other :)
    I personally don’t get it… there has been no better time than this year for Ejami to get married. We have already had a 7 month engagement so when is it going to happen? It’s like Days just don’t have it in them. All they want to give us is more of the same old same old. We don’t want it, we want a wedding. After this time frame and Ejami history them and their fans deserve it. So bring it on!

  • Shadam31

    As I said many times, Adam & Sharon may be controversial, toxic and twisted at times, but they are a tragic, forbidden love story of two flawed human beings who balances each other well in terms of light and darkness, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    For instance, Sharon told Adam that it is crazy, impossible, and irrational for them to be together, but it does work, and Adam telling Sharon there is no way for her to love him — yet she does because it is a magical and once-in-a-lifetime makes no sense kind of love.

    MM & SC are indeed the “Sweetest Taboo” known as Shadam — and that is why they need on the frontburner to bring romance back on Y&R! Adam & Sharon against the world!

  • Guest

    Oh For God sake, Shadam is the worst, there is nothing forbidden and complicated bout them. Do you even know the meaning of forbidden. All Newman men have shacked her up real good. The only forbidden bed she shouldn’t lie on is her son Noah’s.They are contrived and boring. The only woman that made Adam who he is today is his revelation his Con-artist ex wife , the mother of his beloved child Chelsea. He himself said it today while he was confessing on the recorder that his life took a big shift once his mother entered his life. As for comparison with Sonny and Brenda and Ejami, it is a disgrace to that vintage and epic pairing when the most disgusting pair in Soap history is being compared to Sonny and Brenda. Most of Shadam fans always compare them to other epic pairings to validate Shadam but the fact of the matter is Shadam destroyed the ratings and were never realistic due to it being a plot point and contrived lovers. Sharon was reduced to a point where Phyllis became the Queen of MAB and LML regime and Adam saved Sharon from being sidelined and fading in the background. Adam was nothing but Sharon’s lapdog. She seemed like a silly fool taking the word of a mere cheap fortune teller telling her that she will meet the love of her life in the graveyard. Knowing how Adam paid the fortune teller for Chelsea, he also paid that one too.

    Although Sharon did made Adam realize that he needs to change, it was Chelsea that brought the good in him. Chelsea herself even acknowledged that fact on Chadam wedding day. Like Sharon also admitted that Adam loves Chelsea is only using other brunettes and sharon to numb that fact.

    Sharon bringing the best in Adam lol yeah they are so damn epic, she left him while he was in the most vulnerable, She left him while he was blind for a past crime that was long committed and forgotten. Not long after her vouch promise to stand behind him nom matter how bad it gets. She is not his ride and die kind of chick. She belongs with Nick, always has and always will cause that was Bill Bell Sir vision and his own created genius.

  • DarkParadise

    Adam and Chelsea for best lead pair.YR best Soap. Best cast YR . All of them from lil Peanut to lil Faith and Delia to all vets and seniors but specially JW, MM,MCE,BM,EH,and AH. I am blown by how talented the YR family is. I have never been this interested in YR plots. SA the new HW is having the time of her life. Her first week as a writer and the rating skyrocketed. The main central players of central plot being MM,MCE,BM,AH and HE all were phenomenal and all should be credited for the boost in the rating.

    I am so proud to be a fan of YR and Chadam and Chilly.

  • Nancy Tom

    Chadam, all day every day… Best pairing in soap history… #Chadamfamily#

  • KeMistry fan

    Sam and Silas are my favorite couple on daytime. They are so adorable, sweet, funny, romantic, hot and entertaining together. If nothing else, they are the couple with the most gorgeous hair. Silas and Sam should do shampoo commercials together.

  • Dayz

    voted 2 x for EJami. EJamiStrong. Days IS EJamiNation! =)

  • Dayz

    Thx for the info Patty. Now I can do my happy dance!=)

  • Shadam31

    Sharon always been the one that brought out the best in Adam because she has been the one woman since his mother Hope that ever saw the good that in him. When the truth about Adam kidnapping Faith came out, Sharon was conflicted over for her feelings for Adam, but couldn’t denied them any longer. Adam is the one man that knew Sharon better, encourage her to embrace her true self, and loved her like no man ever could. Even Sharon admitted to Adam that she never knew what love was until he came into her. What Adam & Sharon have may be dark, toxic, twisted (you can say the same about Victor & Nikki, EJ & Sami, Sonny & Brenda/& Carly, Todd & Blair, etc.), but theirs is a love that is real, messy, flawed, human, complicated, complex, forbidden, beautiful, sexy and romantic. Fans couldn’t quit Adam & Sharon even more than these two ever could, which is all the more reason why Shadam should be together!

  • irtr

    Love Chadam with Connor! Can’t wait to see what unfolds this week and for November sweeps! I am so excited for Michael Muhney, Melissa Claire Egan, and the rest of the very talented cast on Y&R!

  • irtr

    Well stated! I do agree with you!

  • dorothyg

    May I add if tptb keep messing with Ejami and putting stumbling blocks in front of them…I won’t watch…we had 7 year of crumbs & stumbling blocks and some thing just never change. Every other day there is more angst thanks to GT & CW. We’ve waited too long to watch the cr*ppy romance we are getting.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Soulmates Forever <3

  • Beauni

    Voting for my favourite couple as usual, EJ and Sami! Simply love them together. James Scott and Alison are very talented actors and together they bring alive the best couple on TV. :)!!
    Loved EJ throwing Sami over her shoulder. Uber cute :)

  • foxy

    Theres plenty of us who love carly and franco and to me i think it’s growing

  • Feliciene

    I started loathing Sharon when she hooked up with her daughter’s kidnapper. I started liking Adam when he hooked up with Chelsea as she brought out the best in him.

  • Feliciene

    I hate those two but Carly goes to bed with just about anyone so there’s never any chemistry or romance with anyone.

  • Feliciene

    I like Adam & Chelsea, can’t get better than these two.

  • Maryl

    Great results for EJ and Sami in last week’s poll! They have remained in the top five for months. I guess that’s because so many of us fans know great when we see these two together.

  • Layla

    I agree 100 percent with everything you said.

  • Piper

    Silas and Sam on General Hospital. Their story just gets better and more intriguing each week. Monaco and Easton are so connected in their scenes. Their storyline is capitalizing on the partnership and nonverbal communication between Sam and Silas. Last week, in their scenes with Ilene Kristen, they repeatedly exchanged glances, while the character “Delia” told them her story. No words were necessary between Sam and Silas; the viewer could tell what they were thinking.

  • Alisha

    Adam and Chelsea for best pair . No matter how bad the writers have treated these two underdogs in the past year, MM and MCE always makes it difficult to not root for Chadam. I love how excited and enthusiastic MM is about his story lines. He has never been this high on his character portrayal and seems to enjoy all of the action. I am glad that the show is finally putting a side player and evil Adam behind and has taken him to Lead core male and have humanized him a bit. He is still grey like Chelsea but I am loving the character transition. I also like the Adam and Sharon scene in the park. It is a good scene in terms of knowing that now their chapter is closed as lovers and they can be mature friends like MM stated. Dylan and Chelsea can be mature friends too but as a pair only Chadam works cause they are not contrived and forced.
    MCE as always is kicking ass in her acting . She is young and vibrant and beautiful. MM and MCE saved YR for me and for many of us. Chadam is going only one place and that is they are the future core family of this show.

  • Guest

    We call him Peanut because Adam always calls him Peanut. Adam aint dumb by no means and don’t we all have a nickname or something that our parents calls us by it. Loosen up a bit dear.

  • Lacey

    Adam and Chelsea all day everyday.

  • Jenny Lee

    i love Chan Massey and voted him for actor, Will and Sonny best super couple..

  • Mina Crescini

    Chandler Massey for best actor, Will and Sonny for best couple, if not amazing.. Lol

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    ICAM. Chadam and their family is the best contemporaray pair of TV. It has been a long long time since a modern pairing has been this good and realistic. MM and MCE are just too damn beautiful and magical together. Props to YR casting departments for these 2 amazing talents. They are defintely the money making core lead pair. I hope we get a lil Hope Newman in the future. We all know Adam wanted a whole bunch of them with his Chels ;)

  • Madison2489

    I adore my MM/MCE and my Adam/Chelsea. Add baby Connor aka Adam’s Peanut and you make a truly
    beautiful family. I can’t wait for the reunion even if it will take work.

  • Tanya P

    I voted for Franco and Carly. They are smoking hot!

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea always get my votes! They are the couple of Y&R’s future, for sure. I hope, now that their son is not going blind, that they will have the happiness they deserve! #ChadamFamily

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Adam and Chelsea for best Couple. YR best Soap and MM and MCE , BM and EH and AH best actors and actresses. Chadam and Shick for best core lead couples.

  • parjo1

    I voted twice for EJ and Sami. When are the DOOL writers going to start coming up with stories about the dynamic duo working together as a team rather than trying to find 1001 ways to break this relationship apart. EJAMI have proven they belong together, now its time for them to get married and be Salem’s true power couple!

  • JH

    Voted for Shadam again, amazing that they have only had a handful of scenes over the past few months and yet here they are, ranked #3, that’s because Shadam brings the buzz!!!

  • JH

    Wow, thanks for bashing other fan bases, stay classy….

  • Villyforever55

    Agreed! Villy is the best. They always get my vote! And for BM and AH, best actor and actress.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates <3

  • Carolyn Levesque

    EJami has the most chemistry then any other couple on day or evening tv. Thanks writers for finally making them a couple in love. Hope the wedding is soon.

  • Leslee

    As always my votes go to BM AH and Villy, nobody does love and support better.

  • myendlessloveejami

    The signs of Love Should be as clear As when you look Into a mirror. And, as an image, Come to you Because you’re Merely being you. Need I say more = EJami

  • Shadam31

    Shadam ranks third in the latest CBS Soaps In Depth (SID) issue for “Favorite Couples”. Adam & Sharon may not be the typical couple (who isn’t in the world of daytime soaps?!), but they’re better when together than apart — especially when Adam was running Newman Enterprises with Sharon by his side. All the more reason in making Shadam the perfect combination of the new Victor & Nikki and Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele from “50 Shades of Grey”.

  • Chris

    I cannot praise the cast of Y&R enough: another round of great performances again this week. BM, AH, MM, MCE, EH & GR are all on fire. As are PB, HHK, IS and others.

    My favorite couple is still Chadam. Even though they aren’t a couple, I love seeing them inch closer and closer back to each other as their son regains his sight. I almost had to laugh at Chelsea when she broached the subject of moving out; she’s going nowhere. Adam needs her there, and the Newmans have a way of getting what they want/need.

  • Guest

    I agree. Chadam is the best core young pair of YR . MM and MCE are epic actors and right now they are YR’s buzz babies all around. Chadam is here to stay haters. I don’t know bout others but Chadam is definitely endgame.

  • Guest

    Adam and Chelsea cause they are the most realistic pairing of YR post the Bill Bell era. None of the last three regime got any pairing as good as Chadam. MM and MCE are amazing additions to YR and they both bring a lot of buzz and great epic acting. The Next Generation of YR is definitely the Chadam quad and the kids they will have apart from Connor aka sweet Peanut.

    YR has never been this good, i am loving all the characters and all great actings of the casts. MM and MCE, BM and EH all four are amazing.

    Chadam cause nothing comes close to their epicness, what else is there boring Chylan and toxic and ole Shadamned. I don’t think so.

  • JH

    My vote goes to Adam and Sharon. They are so amazing together! Love them!

  • Stephanie

    My votes go to Snow White & her Prince Charming a.k.a. Elizabeth & Nikolas. As Felix wisely stated, Liz was “born to be a princess”, and Nikolas wholeheartedly agreed. There were some major sparkage in the Niz scenes and I hope we continue to see them together more! I also love that Aiden was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. It’s such a wonderful nod to Niz and their history. All of the Halloween costumes were fantastic, and I applaud the GH cast and crew for the amazing holiday themed episodes.

  • Jbomb

    My votes will always go to MM & MCE for their portrayal of Adam & Chelsea! The outstanding acting can not be beat! They both have an incredible gift of showing any kind of emotion in their face; never having to say a word. They fit together and play off each other so well. Amazing chemistry! #ChadamFamily

  • Cricket

    MM, MCE, Chadam. Another great week. Chelsea might as well shut up now about moving out. The only moving she’s going to do is from the guest suite to the master bedroom.

  • RiRi fan

    Sam and Silas are my favorite couple on daytime and there is no competition. No one has chemistry like Kelly and Michael. I love all their scenes. I am especially loving that Silas is so supportive of Sam. I love their touches that they have and the way both of them look at each other.

  • Guest

    MM and MCE continue to bring it each week in my opinion. MM is doing a great job portraying Adam’s guilt and emotion over thinking he may have accidently killed a child. He is so intense in his scenes. MCE is doing a great job show portraying Chelsea’s emotion and sadness over her friend Chloe losing her child. It was nice seeing Adam and Chelsea smiling in scenes over receiving good news about their child’s vision. Their scenes with Chloe were touching with Chloe holding the baby. MM and MCE continue to make Adam and Chelsea appear very realistic as a couple from perspective. My votes go for them and the couple they portray, Chadam.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2 Go Ejami..Forever Soulmates…Now, Tomorrow & Always <3

  • irtr

    Y&R – favorite soaps! Don’t like the sad, emotional storylines, but do like that the writers are keeping me guessing about the outcome!. Favorite actress/actor, Melissa Claire Egan/Michael Muhney. Favorite pairing: Adam & Chelsea with baby Connor, baby Peanut! Love the performances these two are delivering on the canvas! Perfection/Epic! I can no longer call them gray, for these two are really projecting every aspect and emotion of being real and natural human beings! Chadam for the win!

  • Patty

    James Scott was #1, Ali Sweeney was #2, and #EJAMI was #1. Loved it!

  • Leah

    There are a lot of outside influences and people trying to come between my favorite couple Ejami! That’s one of the reasons I love them so much. They are a forbidden love. They are the underdogs. They are not perfect, they are flawed and grey. But together they are a perfect match. Ejami are dynamite and just sizzle. Long live Ejami and Ejami family.

  • Cassaluvdine

    Nikolas and Elizabeth. Qn.SnowWhite and her Prince Charming. I have been loving their scenes the last few days. i hope it keeps up. They are right together

  • Shadam31

    That is so true. These two have the heat and passion to bring love and romance back on Y&R. Remember New Orleans? How can the writers continue to deny the fans the couple known as Shadam?!

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea for #1 .. They deserve to be happy with their son!!! #ChadamFamily

  • Susan

    The baby’s name is CONNER!! Calling him “Peanut” is just dumb!!

  • Christina

    Chadam and baby Peanut ALL THE WAY

  • Dayz

    Anyone else having trouble getting last week’s result?

  • Kathleen

    Sharon and Adam all the way. They are so powerful together and bring magic to the screen. Every scene they are in together is so intense making us always want more of them. We need to see more Sharon and Adam together.

  • Cricket

    Chadam!!!Cause Adam smiled when Chelsea told him she signed Dylan’s divorce papers. :-)

  • JorgeAnn


  • irtr

    All of my votes will to Y&R – favorite soap, Michael Muhney (Adam) favorite actor, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) favorite actress, Chadam with Peanut!

  • Kim

    Patrick and Robin (GH) belong together, duh, but I’m voting for the dysfunctional couple – Faison and Obrecht.(GH). They make me laugh hysterically and are so well suited for each other. The digs they give each other are so wrong, as are their parenting skills. Love them and when they are on they steal the show.

  • dorothyg

    Voted X 2…Go Ejami…Forever Soulmates! <3 Now, Tomorrow, Always <3

  • Patty

    As always, EJAMI gets my votes for the couple I love the most.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith for favorite actors and voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple.

  • LoveMe

    Definitely Chadam!!

  • Jbomb

    Adam & Chelsea !!! Best chemistry… best acting!! #ChadamFamily

  • foxy

    FRANCO AND CARLY are hotter then TODD AND CARLY and are fun to watch

  • KBP

    Will always vote for the best chemistry in daytime……..Elizabeth Webber and Nicholas Cassadine……..

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