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Cast your vote in TVSource Magazine’s weekly Soap Opera Pulse Poll for favorite soap opera actor, actress, couple and best show for June 16-20, 2014.

Every week, TVSource Magazine’s visitors get the opportunity to participate in our weekly interactive Soap Opera Pulse Poll. The Soap Opera Pulse Poll takes the pulse of soap fans as their vote for their favorite soap stars, couples and best show of the week.

Which stars and couples from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for this week?

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  • 12Feliciene

    I like Paul & Dylan storyline. I did like BM but I moved on & D Tom finally made it his own so now we are on a third Billy & he is good so now the show better not let this one go as some people just can’t get adjusted to recasts although that is what a soap is all about.

  • Candy

    I couldn’t agree more. Beautifully said.

  • dardar

    They are awesome together. I loved them on Port Charles, I loved them as John and Sam on GH, and I love them as Silas and Sam. This Nina chick and her big mouth nurse need to go away.

  • Leslee

    The undisputed king and queen, Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle (original Villy)
    And they have the Emmys to prove it.

  • iheartwilson

    Indisputable? LOL It’s disputed every day on Twitter and many boards on the net.

  • NiktorFan


  • novaknycole41

    Quinn and Bill
    Hope and Aiden
    Sam and Silas
    Nikki and Paul

    Fan reAction: No since day one it was VERY VERY predictable.

  • Michael

    Thank you. ;)

  • whateverwillbewillbe13

    You mentioned nothing about that unless you have two accounts but nice try. Gold star award goes to you. :D

  • BillyMillerFan

    EJ and Sami
    Ridge and Kate
    Tie: Sharon and Nick & Nikki and Victor (CLASSIC NEWMANS)

    Big sigh at the Paul and Dullen storyline. Can Dullen leave and we can get Billy Miller back? New Billy is awful. Previous Billy wasn’t too bad. We want THE Billy back (Billy Miller)

  • Rock

    The best indisputable reigning king and queen of acting talent of the century goes to our beloved Allison Sweeney and James Scott! The best is yet to come in this riveting totally can’t breath without each other love story. So excited about their talents opening the doors to other challenges and acting venues. Your kindred talents will live in the hearts of your millions of fans forever. x forever James and Allison

  • Andrina G

    ej + abigail just make Days so much better. I love them.

  • Enough

    Enough Nycole . We all know it’s you with your Nikki/Paul obsession! It’s getting very tiring over on Twitter with your 300 accounts. You ain’t fooling no one

  • IyyNK

    I don’t care what people say about me voting for Brooke/Ridge, B&B and Nikki/Paul, Y&R because I know deep in my heart they are true soap opera couples since the beginning and until the end.

    Anyways, besides voting for Brooke/Ridge, B&B and Nikki/Paul, Y&R; I voted for Maggie/Victor, DAYS and Nina/Silas, GH.

    Also, I voted for Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye, Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson, Suzanne Rogers, John Anison, Michelle Stafford and Michael Easton too.

    Fan reACTION: Yes! I didn’t see it coming! because I started watching Y&R in 2009 when Nikki/Paul almost got married and I never knew their history together until now and I started being a Nikki/Paul fan few weeks ago too.

    Best soap I voted for The Young and the Restless.

  • KBP

    Nicholas and Elizabeth on General Hospital!

  • ANM91

    Voted for Nathan and Maxie. LOVE this couple!!!

    Fan Reaction: I had a hard time deciding which vote to cast, because it was very predictable AND I don’t care. Dylan will go down in soap opera history as one of the most boring characters ever. Sorry.

  • Lorraine Levasseur

    B&B best soap, Hope Logan and Liam Spencer are the best couple……….

  • Jennifer_79

    EJ + Sami
    Victor + Nikki
    Brooke + Bill

    It was TOO predictable. People who don’t even read spoilers or the Soap magazines could have see it coming. Stupid storyline but what else can you expect from JFP…

  • NNov101

    B&B: Katie and Ridge (Heather Tom and Thorsten Kaye)
    DAYS: Theresa and Brady (Jen Lilley and Eric Martsolf)
    GH: Nina and Silas (Michelle Stafford and Michael Easton)
    Y&R: Avery and Dylan (Jessica Collins and Steve Burton)

    Fan reACTION: No, it was VERY predicable.
    Best soap: B&B

  • Nycole

    Somebody told me that Ed Scott isn’t the new Y&R EP yet.

  • Nycole

    Best soap of the week: Bold and Beautiful

  • Nycole

    Fan reACTION: Yes, no and I didn’t care before.

    Yes: Sometimes Y&R EP (JFP) tick me.
    No: Sometimes I knew.
    I didn’t care before: I hated Nikki/Victor but I will love NIKTOR now because of the new Y&R EP (Ed Scott).

    But most of the time I knew Paul’s son was Dylan.

  • Nycole

    TVsource magazine: I have one more question: Where is Quinn/Deacon in the voting of the B&B top couples???

  • LittleVegas

    I hate the Dylan and Paul storyline. It was so painfully obvious that it didn’t make it exciting.
    JFP needs to stop attaching Steve Burton to veterans! I’m sick of him and all the newbies on YR.

    I am loving Michelle Stafford on GH .

  • Nycole

    B&B: Kim Matula, Scott Clifton and Hope/Liam
    DAYS: Suzanne Rogers, John Aniston and Maggie/Victor
    GH: Michelle Stafford, Michael Easton and Nina/Silas
    Y&R: Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson and Christine/Paul

  • Nycole

    TVsource magazine: I have another question for you guys: Why you guys don’t have Lauralee Bell in the voting of top Y&R actresses either???

  • Carolyn Levesque

    I’ll vote for EJami until their last scene on Days.

  • Nycole

    TVsource Magazine: Where is Kassie DePavia in the voting for the top DAYS actresses???

    I want to vote for her. I been her fan since I started watching One Life to Live when I was 11 years old in 2005.

  • Janet

    As always I’m voting for the couple that’s been incredible for over 8 years, Ej and Samantha. One true never-ending l♥ve. The magic, chemistry and passion is out of this world. James Scott, Alison Sweeney, Ej and Sami now and forever.

  • Noelle

    I loved for Kate Mansi and James Scott. I love the chemistry between these two.
    As for the fan reaction, I don’t care. Sorry.

  • Kristen M.

    Voted for Nikolas and Elizabeth from GH and Devon & Hilary from YR. I wish I could have voted for two couples on YR’s category, because I want to show some love to Shick too. However, Niz and Hevon need the support right now since they are constantly stuck in unnecessary triangles. Just let my babies be happy :'(

  • :) yssirhc

    Voted Niz (GH) Tyler & Becky have the most amazing chemistry.

  • Vanity

    There will never be another EJAMI. When they leave Days they will be taking a lot of the magic with them. Alison Sweeney is going to be nominated next year for her performance on April 21. James Scott best scene is probably coming up, when he loses Samantha. They said Ej faces some dark days ahead, but the love Ej and Sami have will still be strong.

  • Michael

    When did I say he was a good guy? If Ej and Samantha were the goodie two shoes kind of person abigail is there wouldn’t be anything interesting about them. You obviously didn’t read what I wrote or you wouldn’t have gotten it so wrong.

  • Neco Brooks

    Voted for Nathan and Maxie {General Hospital}

  • MrssyCandy94

    Katherine Kelly Lang, Thosten Kaye and Katie/Ridge (Bold and Beautiful)
    Alison Sweeney, James Scott and Abigail/EJ (Days of Our Lives)
    Kelly Thiebaud, Tyler Chrisopher and Elizabeth/Nikolas (General Hospital)
    Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson and Christine/Paul (Young and Restless)

    Fan reACTION: Yes! I didn’t see it coming! <— I don't read any spoilers.
    Best soap: Bold and Beautiful

  • Heather

    Voted for James Scott, Kate Mansi, and EJ and Abigail. Things are picking up in Salem. Finally. Though I have to say, Ali Sweeney is absolutely killing her scenes every single time right now. She does scheming and vengeful very very well.

  • Ashley Brandow

    I Voted Liam & Hope for B&B
    Victoria and Stitch for Y&R
    Ej and Abby for Days
    Yes it was predictable

  • Leslee

    Yes, Billy Miller needs to come back to Y&R. I quit watching, when he left.
    I am still here voting for Villy, Amelia, and PB (aka Billy Miller)…..Waiting and hoping for his return.
    Watching or not, ALWAYS Team Villy. I will never forget the great thing Billy and Amelia created. And……..MAB

  • Phyllis

    B&B Hope and Wyatt

  • Lorraine Levasseur

    Hope and Liam (Kimberly Matula and Scott Clifton), On Bold and the Beautiful

  • Lorraine Levasseur

    Voted for Hope Logan and Liam Spencer are the best couple!

  • nycolen101

    B&B: Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye and Brooke and Ridge
    DAYS: Suzanne Rogers, John Aniston and Maggie and Victor
    GH: Michelle Stafford, Michael Easton and Nina and Silas
    Y&R: Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson and Nikki and Paul
    Best soap: Bold and Beautiful

    Fan reAcTION: No it was very predicable since day 1.

  • LorettaMaria

    Hope and Liam (Kim Matula and Scott Clifton), Bold and Beautiful
    Maggie and Victor (Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston), Days of our Lives
    Nikki and Paul (Melody Thomas Scott and Doug Davidson), Young and Restless

    Best soap: Bold and Beautiful
    Fan reACTION: No, it was very predictable.

  • Aurore

    Hope & Wyatt (B&B)
    EJ and Abby (Days)
    Paul and Christine (Y&R)
    Fan reaction : No, it was VERY predictable.

  • DannyBGoode

    YR has been very predictable lately! The Paul and Dylan reveal was so obvious that it didn’t make it enjoyable. I think everyone knew it was coming.

    Get rid of Steve Burton. Bring back BILLY MILLER!

    Like always, Heather Tom is amazing on BB

  • whateverwillbewillbe13

    Actually, it didn’t and if you got it from that? You need to look at the context again and read what I wrote. However, if you can’t do that (and it’s been proven you can’t), I’m just saying that he is the same way with the woman he claims is the woman he loves and will always love, i.e. Samantha. They are not things that he picked up in the cabin, supply closet or shower with Abby. It’s always been there. They did not go away and if you see him as a good guy? Good for you. I see him as a very flawed character and for the most part, I love what he does.

    *seem, yours, no comma needs to be after Ej and describing your love for Ejami

  • whateverwillbewillbe13

    Reading that back, I can see how you get the impression that I’m trying to diss EJ but I actually like him. However, I mean in the sense that he’s not a very well liked guy in the sense that the same ‘abusing (emotionally, verbally and the great ‘rape’ coming to mind), manhandling (especially true in their earlier days), & torturing (one word: Sydney)’ guy he is perceived as with Abby; he’s been the same with Samantha (a woman he claims to be this great love of his life). Those are not characteristics that are picked up overnight. They have always been there. HOWEVER, to act like he suddenly picked them up with Abby is delusional as hell.

  • foxy

    voted for roger howarth (franco) and laura wright ( carly ) general hospital

  • iheartwilson

    EJ may be disliked by some fans, but he has many more fans that love him… including Ejami, Ejole and Ejabby fan bases. My guess is the character who wins the award for most disliked character on Days would be Dr. Daniel Jonas of Nazareth with Brady Black coming in a close second. If Melanie (Melamee) Jonas returns to Salem, she’d probably take up second place.

  • iheartwilson

    I’m not invested in this couple at all, but I’m guessing JJ & Paige should be on the Days list. Also, Kassie started as Eve Donovan this week.

  • Michael

    Your opinion looked biased when you brought up Ej and his precious Samantha and she is just that. We all seen to have biases, your’s seens to be for Ej and abby. It’s alright to have them. I love and adore Sami and Ej, for over 8 years now. That’s just the way it is.

  • lilly

    Two great days on D.O.O.L.. Sami letting Ej and abby have it. They both have it coming to them for what they did. Love Kate and Sami working together.Kate’s getting back at Stefano for what he did to Rafe. This explains the painting of Stefano turning into a painting of Sami and Kate ! (In the future). Ej and Sami perfect enemies, allieds and most of all lovers. Go EJAMI !

  • whateverwillbewillbe13

    I’m not saying that they shouldn’t give their opinion. I just don’t get the point of focusing on what EJ/Abby do when you like something else because it makes your opinion look biased. Like you can’t focus on what you love unless you are pointing out what you dislike in another.

  • shay22dylan

    GH’s Sam Morgan & Patrick Drake 2014 Summer Romance!!!!! Make it happen GH.

  • Michael

    KAKI can focus on whatever he our she wants. That’s what an opinion poll is all about. You give your opinion often enough, why can’t someone else? Ben and Abby all the way. “GO BABY”!!!

  • whateverwillbewillbe13

    You mean the same way he abused, manhandled and tortured Sami when things didn’t go his way with his precious Samantha? Overall, the character of EJ isn’t a very well liked guy. However, if someone WANTS to ignore his flaws, they are allowed to. If you like Ben and Abby? Focus on Ben and Abby rather than somebody else.

  • iheartwilson

    Yes! Sami knew about the Ejabby affair and Kate and Sami are scheming together! I love it so much! I guessed that was happening at Arianna’s 1st birthday party. I love how Sami is torturing Abigail and EJ. I’m excited to watch Will and Sonny figure out Abigail’s secret, but I’ll FF Jennifer finding out. I was sad that WilSon were on just one day, but damn they were hot so all is good :D

    Will talking to Abigail about EJ – “I can tell he likes you.”

  • Tamiamara1992

    I voted for Darin, Katherine and Katie and Ridge, Bold and Beauiful, Guy, Arianne and Will and Sonny, Days of our Lives, Jason, Kelly and Sam and Patrick, General Hospital and Sean, Ameila and Victoria and Stitch, Young and Restless. Fan reACTION: I didn’t care before, I don’t care now because another soap storyline I seen billion times before in my point of view. I voted for General Hospital for the best soap of the week.

  • GHforever

    Wow. The obsessed Naul fan is on this site too?? She needs to give it a rest.

    Anyway I voted for EJ & Sami (DAYS), Nathan & Maxie (GH) and Victor & Nikki (Y&R). I also voted Y&R for best soap but the Dylan/Paul story is a major fail in my opinion. So boring and predictable.

  • Kaki

    Voted For Hope and Wyatt. Why do EJ/Abby fans celebrate when EJ is abusing, manhandling & torturing Abby? I like the chemistry between Ben and Abby, it’s young and innocent, but if only he knew!

  • YandRfan

    I knew Paul would end up being Dylan’s dad months ago. The storyline has been obvious from the start and frankly it bores me to death. Dylan is never going to work for me no matter how many times he saves the day, or how many core characters they connect him to.

  • Wendy

    I voted for Silas & Sam, Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco & GH.

  • Alexis Carrington

    It’s a shame that DAYS and YR are losing (and have lost) some great characters.

    Billy Miller needs to return to YR! The ratings are so low because of this, and the stupid storylines. Enough with the newbies: Dylan, Chelsea, Avery, and Austin are not needed. The only newbie I like is Stitch.

    I do not like that Paul is the father of Dylan. I would have preferred it to be Ian. Ian and Victor going head to head is more interesting than Paul being the father. Ray Wise is a great actor and I wish he would stay on longer.

  • Novak Kramer Cramer

    B&B: Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye and Brooke/Ridge
    DAYS: Suzanne Rogers, John Aniston and Maggie/Victor
    GH: Michelle Stafford, Michael Easton and Nina/Silas
    Y&R: Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson and Nikki/Paul
    Best soap: Bold and Beautiful

    Fan reAction: No, I knew since day 1 that Paul and Nikki had Dylan together. I love this so much that Paul and Nikki have a son together.

  • ShickFan12

    I picked YR for best soap but my complaint with it is how slow the storylines are moving.
    Ian/Mariah’s connection, Stitch’s big secret, Summer’s paternity switch, Jill/Colin music box etc. There’s too much going on at once and nothing is being solved.

    As for Dylan being Paul’s – that was predictable. Dylan is boring so they are trying to link him to veterans and the Newman family (Nikki’s son and Nick and Victoria’s older bro). Dylan and Avery will never be interesting no matter how hard they try.

    And Summer needs Jesus

  • RiRi fan

    Fan reaction: I was not surprised that Paul is Dylan’s father (honestly who didn’t see that one coming?). For best soap I picked GH. For best actor/actress: I picked Michael Easton/Kelly Monaco and my favorite couple is Silas/Sam. They are everything a couple should be: sexy, beautiful, supportive of each other, have their funny moments, have their cute moments, are each other’s BFF, and of course the insanely hot sex scenes. Both of them are there to help each other out and I love their honesty. I am enjoying the ride and I am loving adding crazy Nina to the mix.

  • King Wilson

    Fan reactionY&R: Were you surprised by reveal that Dylan is Paul’s son?
    No, it was very predictable.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Days for favorite soap,voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple,voted Freddie Smith & Guy Wilson for favorite actors.

  • Nat

    LMAO!! Kramer, we all know you’re the obsessed Naul fan with 200 Twitter accounts. You need to chilllll.
    P.S. Niktor will never be over.

  • kramerkramern52

    I love the fact that Paul is Dylan’s father then there is more Nikki/Paul and no more Nikki/Victor.

  • Nat

    Paul being Dylan’s father is so boring and predictable. They’re both very dull characters.

  • kramerkramern52

    Y&R reAction: No I was not surprise I knew Dylan was Paul and Nikki’s son since day 1.