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Cast your vote in TVSource Magazine’s weekly Soap Opera Pulse Poll for favorite soap opera actor, actress, couple and best show for June 9-13, 2014.

Every week, TVSource Magazine’s visitors get the opportunity to participate in our weekly interactive Soap Opera Pulse Poll. The Soap Opera Pulse Poll takes the pulse of soap fans as their vote for their favorite soap stars, couples and best show of the week.

Which stars and couples from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for this week?

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  • Kitty

    Two great days on D.O.O.L. 6/18, ended with Sami having that disgusting picture and 6/19 ended with Sami and Kate HUGGING ! WOW ! I wasn’t expecting that at all.

  • Jon

    I just love the fact that kate and sami our working together. Maybe kate’s getting back at stefano for what he did to rafe. Did you see that cake fight. Sami and kate were letting ej and abby have it.LOL !

  • Linda

    Oh yes, Sami might just shot him another time in the head. Now thats forgiveness. Man be wise enough to run away from this crazy b*tch lol…maybe he will fake his own death.

  • Love Ej and Samantha

    “Go Sami, Go! Days is on fire! Sami and Kate our working together! Abby will be humiliated and Ej will be heartbroken. Ejami love’s each other so much, they won’t let this destroy them. There magical together.♥

  • Andrew

    It’s not over still the fat lady sings.

  • foxy

    don’t look that way

  • Vanessa

    How have no fiery like a Sami and Kate scorned. There out to get even with Ej, his father and abby. They have it coming to them. But love can conquer all , Ej and Sami love each other and have over come worst.

  • Amanda

    EJ ABBY is the NEW magic for this show!!! Btw, you guys should realise it by now that Sami knows EJ´s done the dirty with Miss Angel ;)

  • Jillian

    I doubt it. I don’t think Days is going to give them a happily ever after.

  • KBP

    Nicholas and Elizabeth are the reason I tune in to GH….they got my vote

  • Victoria

    And then Ej and Sami will leave salem with there kids together. ;)

  • Sandra

    Ej and Abby all the way, hot =) Prepare for a surprise you EJAMIs. Because Sami is about to bring down the Dimeras together with Kate. These two are cooking and scheming alright

  • Amy

    I can’t get enough of Ej and Samantha. There just so HOT together! Keep up the great work you too.

  • fantasyfan

    Still voting for EJ & Abby (DAYS) and Nik & Liz (GH).

  • Kenneth

    Seeing Ej around abiho makes me want to throw up! I expect better from D.O.O.L.

  • Dayz

    EJami will always be in my heart. Now and forever…EJami. =^)

  • DDFanYandR83

    I only watched Y&R last week because the whole Nikki and Paul (my 2 favorite characters) storyline going on; I will be voting for Steve Burton, Amelia Heinle and Victoria and Stitch.

  • foxy

    Put my vote in for laura wright. And roger howarth Franco and Carly.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    I will vote for EJami until they are no longer on my screen.

  • Piper

    I love my Silas & Sam! I voted for Kelly Monaco, Michael Easton & GH.

  • Coicole Nok

    Voted for Young and Restless for fan reACTION poll question.

  • Coicole Nok

    Voted for Nina and Silas and Young and Restless for best soap of the week too.

  • Maria

    They definitely are!!! SIAM forever <3

  • Maria

    Voted for my fave daytime actors/couple: Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco and Silas & Sam from General Hospital. Love them so much <3

  • Coicole Nok

    Voted for Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye, Brooke and Ridge, Suzanne Rogers, John Aniston, Maggie and Victor, Michelle Stafford, Michael Easton, Melody Thomas Scott, Amelia Heinle, Doug Davidson and Nikki and Paul.

  • Rock

    The days of our lives have been taken to a new level of ecstasy having experienced the greatest love story of our century! Ejami will forever live in our hearts. Network producers would be “smarter than a pocket on a shirt” to capture the talent of these two incredible actors in a block buster prime time TV show! Just saying million vote x forever ejami.

  • dawn

    Ric and Elizabeth were angst galore this Week, totally love them

  • marie

    Voting for “Days”, Ben and Abigail ! Our as we call them,”BABY”!!!

  • Lorraine Cornell-Pinnow

    Thanks, tough times right now.

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  • iheartwilson

    Fan ReAction: I voted for Days of Our Lives – Days had a great 2013! Of course, my favorite storylines included Will and Sonny – The heart breaking separation after the baby daddy reveal and then the reunion following Gabi’s preterm labor. Nick’s continued blackmail, Ejami helping get rid of the evidence of Will shooting EJ years ago, saving Nick and Gabi from Jenson, Sonny delivering Arianna and Will getting shot and the awesome hospital scenes with an emotional Sonny. WilSon & Arianna scenes quickly became a fave and finally Nick being dragged and dumped into the river and Will finally finding out about it to end the year, and sadly Chandler’s run as Will. Rafe and Kate although short-lived were hot and comical while they lasted. Ejami finally getting together was a huge part of the year’s success. JJ turned up in Salem and hated Daniel as much as many fans do. Too bad it didn’t last ;) Kristen DiMera drugging and raping a priest was certainly soapy and lead to a dramatic wedding reveal and Nicole/Kristen showdown on the road. It turns out cars really do exist in Salem! The slow burn that was Ericole was fun to watch… in 2013. Not sure why Days started falling apart so easily in 2014, but it has fallen far, imo. Thankfully, I still have my favorite couple to watch, Wilson.

  • iheartwilson

    More amazing acting during Gabi’s final exit scenes this week on Days. Awesome the amount of history and past characters that have been mentioned. I’m thrilled that the Melanie kidnapping secret is out and that WilSon handled it with so much more maturity than Dannifer handles any minor issue. I loved the little relationship details that came out during WilSon’s last scene about life with Gabi and how she’ll be missed. My votes this week go to #WilSon, Freddie Smith, Guy Wilson, Camilla Banus, Lauren Koslow and Deidre Hall.

  • iheartwilson

    Baby Arianna Grace Horton breaks my heart again this week during Gabi’s goodbye scenes.
    Best baby actresses ever! – Harper & Sydnee Udell – Days

  • Diana

    You are absolutely right! My favorite characters on GH and my favorite actors in Daytime!

  • Lorraine Cornell-Pinnow


  • Andrina G

    EJabby all day long. Damn they are hot.

  • We discussed it but nothing was concrete. We’ll get to work on it and launch it on the first day of summer (6/21)

  • Dayz

    James Scott, Alison Sweeney and EJami will get all my votes till the bitter end. Days also, it’s the only one I watch. =^)

  • Kaye

    Are you guys going to do one of those springtime super couple polls like last year?

  • Laura

    Voted for the wonderful EJ & Abby, James Scott, and Kate Mansi. Days of Our Lives without a doubt deserves the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series!

  • Carolyn Levesque

    i will continue to vote for Ali & James (EJami) until the last episode that either one is on. There will never be another power couple like EJ & Sami.

  • xoxoxoitssam

    WDV (Julian)
    NLG (Alexis)
    Alexis & Julian
    Julexis <333 VOTEE

  • Noelle

    Greg Vaughn and Kate Mansi for best actor/actress at Days!!

  • Aurore

    Darin Brooks, Kim Matula, HOTT
    James Scott, Kate Mansi, EJAbby
    Fan Reaction: Days of Our Lives

  • Jay

    Thorsten Kaye, Heather Tom, KRidge!

  • Jamie

    James Scott, Kate Mansi, EJ and Abby! That is all.

  • Laurie

    My votes are for Greg Vaughan, Kate Mansi, EJ and Abby and Days of Our Lives.
    Fan Reaction: I voted for Days of Our Lives

  • King Wilson

    Fan reaction
    Who should win “Outstanding Drama Series” at the Daytime Emmys?
    Days of our Lives, NBC

  • King Wilson

    Voted Days for favorite soap,voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple,voted Freddie Smith,Guy Wilson,and Brendan Michael Coughlin (Tad/T) for favorite actors.