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Soap Opera Pulse Poll: August 11-15 Edition

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Cast your vote in TVSource Magazine’s weekly Soap Opera Pulse Poll for favorite soap opera actor, actress, couple and best show for August 11-15, 2014.

Every week, TVSource Magazine’s visitors get the opportunity to participate in our weekly interactive Soap Opera Pulse Poll. The Soap Opera Pulse Poll takes the pulse of soap fans as their vote for their favorite soap stars, couples and best show of the week.

Which stars and couples from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for this week?

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  • Rock

    I am in complete admiration of James Scott and Allison Sweeney! They continue to give their best performances until the end of this part of their career. You can actually see the respect they have for each others’ incredible talent as they duel it out. They make it so believeable no matter what part of the roller coaster they are on for that day. They are in their zone and it is reflected in their acting!!! Never in my life have I seen two actors bring it home the way these two actors do, time and time again. Just when you think it can’t get better, they raise the bar. I will give them my vote for such Oscar performances! x forever and always James and Allison go Ejami!

  • carmen

    Love me some Ej and Sami. Ejami is the complete package, beauty, brains and power. Ejami love.

  • fantasyfan

    fan reACTION: It makes me uncomfortable. Yuck!!!
    GH: Elizabeth & Nikolas along with Becky and Tyler
    DAYS: Abigail & EJ along with Kate & Eric

  • starry118

    Hevon’s still got my vote too. Can’t deny that chemistry!

  • iheartwilson

    Finally… we’re getting some WilSon action on Days again! It was a great week :) It’s always good to see Judi Evans back on screen.

  • WrecklessLove
  • foxy

    Love stitch. And. Victoria

  • yvette star

    I am sticking to the #1 Supercouple of 2013 until death do us part, Ejami. Picked General Hospital, I did take a peek at this soap on Friday to check out the directing of Allison Sweeney and it was a fun and entertaining soap with interesting characters. I do need to get associated with these characters first before I can vote for them. But I will continue voting for Ej Dimera and Sami Brady Dimera until they no longer exist on Days. I have no other favorite characters on Days anymore. Though, I think they can do some good with Teresa, but the writers are so stupid, I can see them messing up her character, too. But whatever, don’t care anymore.

  • Erika

    Y&R: Stitch & Victoria, and their portrayers Sean Carrigan and Amelia Heinle. Ben and Victoria has me enthralled and invested into their story. They are in angst and can say only so much but it is what isn’t said that makes every scene shared impactful to me.
    B&B: Liam & Ivy, and their portrayers Scott Clifton and Ashleigh Brewster. Liam and Ivy are new, and unexpected. I already love them and Liam is pretty cool with Ivy. He’s not insufferable. Their kiss at the bridge was unexpected but sweet. I love how it caught both of them by surprise.
    GH: Sam & Patrick. Jason and Kelly have chemistry like crazy. I am here for them being besties, adventure buddies and even lovers. Patrick was told Jason was dead. Sam and Silas are over — thank the Lord — and now, Patrick and Sam are hanging out more and more. They are in similar situations and can relate to each other in a way that no one else could. Make Sam and Patrick date please.
    DAYS: EJ & Sami. James and Alison are effing BEASTS. Nuff said.

  • Carolyn Levesque

    as long as Ali & James are on Day’s episodes they will always get my votes.

  • nycolemenovakme

    B&B: Hope & Liam
    DAYS: Daniel, Maggie and Jennifer & Daniel
    GH: Maxie & Levi
    Y&R: Nikki & Paul
    Fan reACTION: She’s not Cassie so I’m okay with it: I started watching Y&R right after Cassie died; when Gloria sat by dying John’s hospital’s bed (I was 11 years old than and in a group home living than). I don’t like Mariah but I can deal with it because Mariah’s mom is in town and Mariah is not Sharon’s daughter.
    Best soap: The Young & the Restless

  • Love N Grace

    Darin Brookes-Best male actor
    Wyatt and Hope- Best couple, HOTT

  • Aurore

    Darin Brooks, Kimberly Matula and Mr and Mrs Wyatt Spencer.

  • I love Ej and Samantha

    Forever and always, Ejami♥
    Best actor-James Scott
    Best actress-Alison Sweeney
    Best couple-EJAMI♥

  • nkramerme101

    B&B: HOTT
    DAYS: EJabby
    GH: Naxie
    Y&R: Hevon

    Fan reACTION: I have no opinion: Mariah’s mom came to town last coming Friday that means she isn’t Sharon’s daughter after all.

    Best soap: GH

  • Benjamin Jones

    B&B: Thorsten, Heather & Kridge
    GH: Patrick, Kelly & Samtrick

  • King Wilson

    Fan reACTIONY&R: How do you feel about Mariah trying to seduce Nick? It makes me uncomfortable. She looks like his daughter!

  • King Wilson

    Voted Days for favorite soap,voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple,and voted Freddie Smith & Guy Wilson for favorite actors.

  • SoapsOperasFan

    B&B: Hope and Liam
    DAYS: Maggie and Victor
    GH: Bobbie and Scotty
    Y&R: Nikki and Paul

  • SoapsOperasFan

    Fan reACTION: I have no opinion because I didn’t watch Y&R back when Cassie was alive. Also I have no opinion too because I want an another Nikki and Paul storyline on Y&R.