Soap Opera Pulse Poll: October 12-16 Edition

"Pulse Poll" logo courtesy TVSource/SoSource Media
"Pulse Poll" logo courtesy TVSource/SoSource Media

Cast your vote in TVSource Magazine’s weekly Soap Opera Pulse Poll for favorite soap opera actor, actress, couple and best show for the week of October 12-16, 2015.

Every week, TVSource Magazine’s visitors have the opportunity to participate in our weekly interactive Soap Opera Pulse Poll. The Soap Opera Pulse Poll takes the pulse of soap fans as their vote for their favorite soap stars, couples and best show of the week.

Which stars and couples from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for this week?

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  • Nnovakk Ccramerr

    I have mixed feelings. Nicole is too young and probably wants a family of her own with Zende in the future. I do want Raya to start a family of their own too.

    I know when Raya starts a family with Nicole’s surrogate. Nicole will want her bab(ies) back. It is a soap opera remember it is like that in soap operas always.

  • Kelly ann cunningham

    I voted for dante and lulu and emme rylan and dom zamprogna and general hospital

  • Jennifer

    I voted for:
    Favorite show: General Hospital
    Favorite actor: Ryan Paevey GH
    Favorite actress: Kirsten Storms GH
    Favorite couple: Nathan and Maxie GH

  • Erika

    it is complicated, but yes, Raya are so damn wrong to put this kind of pressure on Nicole.

    Nicole is too young to want to do something like this. Sure, in the short-term, she is thinking about how wonderful it would be to do this for her sister. But Nicole hasn’t thought of the long term. She hasn’t had her own child yet. She’s been sheltered her whole life and hasn’t had the chance to be a carefree young adult. Let her explore. Let her see where her life can go. In the long-term, she can’t possibly be fine with being an “aunt” to her own family. I mean, to me, blood doesn’t matter to me. Love does. Rick and Maya would be amazing parents. That kid would be very lucky. But Nicole is not ready for something like this. I already know that because she hasn’t had her own child, she will be attached to the baby and it will be a MESS. Nicole is too young to have an emotional, and physical complication enter her life. Why do Maya and Rick want to be parents now? Let them be married and explore married life for a bit.

    Raya being so insistent that Nicole be the one to physically carry their child and donate the eggs just makes them seem so selfish. Nicole has something good with Zende. Let Nicole continue to navigate her relationship with Zende. I would take them continuing to be fun and flirty over Nicole’s relationship being strained because she is weighed down with everything surrogacy has to entail.

  • Riley

    Voted Lulu and Dante (Lante) as favorite couple and Emme Rylan and Dominic Zampronga for favorite actors

  • NN


    It’s complicated, but no, this is important to Raya.

    I know Maya was born a boy but Raya needs to start a family Maya haters and also it is real life not soap opera life to give someone else’s your surrogate too.

  • King Wilson

    Fan reACTION Poll QuestionB&B: Were Rick and Maya out of line for asking Nicole to be their surrogate? I have mixed feelings.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Days for favorite soap,voted Will & Sonny for favorite couple,voted Guy Wilson & Freddie Smith for favorite actors.