Soap Opera Pulse Poll: October 5-9 Edition

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"Pulse Poll" logo courtesy TVSource/SoSource Media

Cast your vote in TVSource Magazine’s weekly Soap Opera Pulse Poll for favorite soap opera actor, actress, couple and best show for the week of October 5-9, 2015.

Every week, TVSource Magazine’s visitors have the opportunity to participate in our weekly interactive Soap Opera Pulse Poll. The Soap Opera Pulse Poll takes the pulse of soap fans as their vote for their favorite soap stars, couples and best show of the week.

Due to illness and family emergencies, no Pulse Results were published for the week of September 28 and no new ballot was published over the weekend. To make up for that, we’re going to combine the results for 9/28 with the week of 10/5.

Voting for the week of 10/5 will last from Monday, October 12 to Wednesday, October 14.

Which stars and couples from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for this week?

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  • Kami

    I love Jake and Elizabeth together. Really they are the only thing that keeps me watching,But Now we see less and less of them all the time.Their chemistry as characters is fantastic and were finally see romance again.

  • Nicolastrictlysuperfan

    I voted for exactly the same Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms and Nathan and Maxie.

  • Emma Marie

    I am liking Days much more now, Lets face it the last year was really dull and not written well, but I wish there was more of balance on the show. Everyday seems to be about the necktie killer. I miss other characters such as Eric, Nicole and Kate.
    I know the new writers have a lot of work to do fixing the characters that Tomsell ruined (eric, jen, Daniel etc). I would just like to have them get a move on it!

  • Cameron

    I see your point about the closure issue. Sami and Ej were a rarity where that is concerned. Most of the time someone is killed then the other person goes around upset because their was something left unsaid, or they got in a fight before before the person died etc. They for sure are bringing back and focusing on the older actors. I am not interested in a front burner story with John and Marlena or Caroline/Maggie/Victor..

  • Liz

    I respectfully disagree. Whether or not you like Guy’s acting is irrelevant to my point. Unlike most straight pairings, they were denied closure. EJ was a rapist and a murderer, yet he was allowed to reconcile with Sami before he died. Same with other Days supercouples. Before Bo left the last time, he and Hope had a final scene, even if they didn’t know if was final (at that time). It’s a classic soap trope, yet somehow they purposely avoided it here. Will was denied the chance to know Sonny loved him. Sonny said exactly that yesterday. That is so, so sad, and not what a soap is supposed to do. Not exactly love in the afternoon. And are any other gay pairings on the horizon? Paul, played by a very talented actor, has disappeared. I don’t see any other new gay characters being introduced, but apparently we’re in for a different triangle, an octogenarian love triangle between Victor/Caroline/Maggie. That seems to be the audience they are going for, one who would rather see the Days of yesteryear than watch a show that reflects the world as it is now.

  • Lisa

    I must say congratulations to Days. For finding some very promising young actors. Billy Flynn and now Robert Scott Wilson who gets a chance to shine bright. In doing a fantastic job as the “necktie” killer. Blown away by his scenes when Will died. Days have not been this exciting for years, a decade! And bringing back Thaao Penghlis as André Dimera and Steve and Kayla. Brings much joy to my heart. I also see new future supercouple on the horizon known as Chad and Abby :) So much love and chemistry in their scenes. Keep up the fantastic work Days!

  • Cameron

    Because new writers always kill off a lot of the cast when they take over. It happens on all the soaps but Days has a reputation for it. I agree they could have sent Will away for a while….maybe found a better actor for the part Plus a lot of characters get supposedly killed off only to come back later on. I do not see this as a gay agenda, sorry! I am gay and I see it as the ending to a storyline and that’s all. When Freddie propped up Guy because Guy was not a good actor. Freddie left because he chose too and not because he was let go. the only storyline after Freddie left was Guy playing supporting player to everyone and his acting still sucked. this show is doing what GH did when new writers took over. they thinned the cast to make room for previous actors to return. I this case its Peter Reckell, Stephen Nichols, etc. they want higher salaries so the writers cut others to trim the fat
    As an openly gay man it pains me to see others always try to play everything like its a matter of the characters being gay or not. Freddie and Guy have had many years in the spotlight on this show as a couple, Sonny and Will were together longer than most any straight pairing on this show.

  • Jennifer

    My choices for this week:
    Actor: Ryan Paevey GH
    Actress: Kirsten Storms GH
    Couple: Nathan West and Maxie Jones GH
    Soap of the week: General Hospital
    Days: Yes I think it was a mistake to kill off Will Horton. He is the son of Lucas and Sami. Part Horton and part Brady. I haven’t watch much of Days the last few years but come on Days this is your 50th Anniversary this is not the way to celebrate by having a serial killer storyline. They are coming back to Salem to burying a loved one or even a child. This is suppose to be a happy time instead they are celebrating with funerals. When I heard that my number one favorite Days couple Shawn and Belle were coming back to Salem I got excited. Shelle were the reason I started watching DOOL. But now I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I’m worried they might kill Shawn or Belle off. I hope they don’t mainly because they are a future super couple of DOOL. Belle is the daughter of John and Marlena. Shawn is the son of Bo and Hope. Bo and Hope had to already bury their youngest son Zack they better not have to berry their other son. It’s bad enough that Sami has to bury a second child after she had to bury her daughter Grace in 2009.

  • Liz

    And why exactly do you think Paul has been made to “disappear” and Will has no storyline right now? Because the writers chose to do that. It did not magically happen. He had no storyline because they decided to kill him. There was a ready-made storyline for Will and Paul, but the show obviously decided that it would cater to viewers who don’t want to see that on their screen. Serena and Paige were not legacy characters. Will is a legacy character and one half of a super couple. No other super couple has ever had one half die without a reconciliation scene, without knowing they were loved by the other.If they wanted the gays to go away, why couldn’t Will simply have moved to Paris with Sonny? And should a character die every time some viewers decide they don’t like an actor?

  • Cameron

    I knew someone was going to make this into a gay agenda. Sonny left and Paul has disappeared. Will has no mom on the show and no storyline right now. Wills death has more to do with getting rid of characters like they do every time the writers change. Salem is famous for having more than its share of serial killers. Serena and Paige were not gay but they were still killed off and I hear we can expect a couple of more ….maybe even Daniel. I do agree that I feel they could have done more with the character of Will, but was never really impressed when he was recast

  • Disgusted at Will’s death. He wasn’t even allowed redemption, reunion with his husband. Died alone, not knowing Sonny loved him. He wasn’t a hero. He had no agency to fight back. The message was clear: Will was not worthy of redemption that the straight characters get. Gays who transgress will only be forgiven when dead, and gays do not get happiness in fictional narratives. Days thought the audience would never forgive Will, would take pleasure in his death. They have been proven wrong, but it is too late. The audience wanted to see Will redeemed, but he was tossed in the trash for two weeks of drama. His husband and mother are off canvas, and his daughter is now safely in the hands of heterosexuals. Sonny will leave town – and no more gay fatherhood will be portrayed on Days. Will, along with all the gay positive imagery Days showed in the last four years, will be cleansed away.

  • King Wilson

    Fan reACTION Poll QuestionDAYS: Was it a mistake to kill off Will Horton? Yes, he’s a legacy character and still had tons of story potential.

  • King Wilson

    Voted Days for favorite soap,voted Will & Paul for favorite couple,voted Guy Wilson for favorite actor, and voted Camila Banus for favorite actress.

  • novnovnovak101

    I voted for the most impact soap stars and couples I thought it was not a soap last week:
    B&B: Thorsten Kaye & Linsey Godfrey & Ridge and Caroline
    DAYS: Peggy McCay
    and for sure this one Y&R: Joshua Morrow & Kelly Sullivan & Nick and Sage

    Fan reACTION: I’m glad the killer killed Will because I was tired of the character of Will.

    Soap of the week I voted for Y&R because of Nick and Sage.