WWE RAW ReVIEW – April 16, 2012 Edition

This week’s edition of RAW saw the continuation of a few storylines that have been coming out of the fallout of WrestleMania 28. What is next for John Cena and Brock Lesnar following their melee last week? Is Daniel Bryan still “YES’ing” it up? Has CM Punk come full circle with his demons and succumbed to the poison of his family genes? We find out the answers to these among a few others as the road to the Extreme Rules PPV made a stop in London’s O2 Arena in England.

NoteAll columns analyzing the television products put on by WWE and TNA are done from an entertainment standpoint. While “insider” terms such as “face” and “heel” may be used, commentary stated is focused on the storytelling and characters – just like any other TV show we’d critique.

CM Punk/Chris Jericho

After a hard-fought WWE Championship defense against Mark Henry, CM Punk was greeted to another message from Chris Jericho via the Titantron. Chris Jericho tells Punk that he seems drunk right now and shows cell phone footage of earlier in the day of Punk entering a Pub in England and exiting with the hood up on his hoodie.  After Punk states that he was at the pub visiting friends and eating fish and chips, Jericho tells Punk that he is in denial and that he just got his rematch for the WWE Championship from GM John Laurinaitis at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street Fight.  Jericho then insists that he will defeat Jericho in front of his hometown crowd, including his Mother, Father and Sister in the front row. 

I believe that this will be the payoff match for the series between these two. This storyline has such a raw and emotional impact of each and every fan out there. Many know of someone or are someone that has had a problem with alcohol. These two put on one hell of a show at WrestleMania 28 and I am sure that they will not disappoint at Extreme Rules.

Daniel Bryan/YES!

Daniel Bryan walks up on Kofi Kingston having a conversation with his ex-girlfriend, AJ. Bryan tells Kingston that he is going to make him tap to the LeBell Lock and scream “Yes, Yes, Yes” when the referee asks if he wants to give up. As a matter of fact, Bryan says that he is much better than Gene LeBell ever was, so he is going to rename his finisher the YES! Lock.

I am confused as to why WWE is letting the “YES” thing get over as much as it is. Daniel Bryan is supposed to be a heel, but is getting out-cheered in comparison to everyone he faces in the ring and is even getting them to chant “YES!” along with him. I know it is good for marketing purposes, since they have already released a YES! T-shirt. I am going to sit back and enjoy the show to see where WWE is going to take us with all of this.  There needs to be some sort of a payoff in the end, whether it be with him regaining the World Heavyweight Championship or to get double-crossed somehow by AJ.

Brock Lesnar/John Cena

Brock Lesnar is shown in a pre-taped interview where he states that the reason that John Cena rose to superstardom is because of that the fact that he exited the WWE. He said that if he had stayed around for the last eight years, that Cena would be the man carrying his bags into the arena. Lesnar says that he isn’t a Superstar, he’s an ass-kicker. 

As John Cena is giving his in-ring rebuttal to Lesnar’s interview, he is interrupted by GM John Laurinaitis who informs him that his match at the PPV is an Extreme Rules match and that he will be having the exact same match tonight against a mystery opponent.  Laurinaitis also informs Cena that the contract signing for Extreme Rules will take place next week on a special three-hour edition of RAW.

This is really starting to get interesting. It has always been my belief that the entire reason John Cena staked a claim as a major Superstar in the WWE was because of Brock Lesnar’s leaving the company. Brock Lesnar was the biggest thing that WWE had at the time and everything on the shows revolved around him.  He took his ball and left the WWE, which left a major space to fill. This was also the rise of when John Cena evolved from mid-card rapper to winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania from John Bradshaw Layfield. This “match” at Extreme Rules is going to the showdown that has been eight years in the making and guarantees to be an ass-kicking of epic proportions.  WWE set things up perfectly by not having Lesnar there live, but having David Otunga interfering in Cena’s match against Lord Tensai and allowing Tensai to pick up the victory via green mist to the eyes.


  • CM Punk defeated Mark Henry to retain the WWE Championship after a Macho Man-esque elbow drop with a steel chair.
  • Santino Marella defeated David Otunga to retain the United States Championship with the Cobra.
  • Kane defeated Zack Ryder via a choke slam.
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Kofi Kingston with the YES! Lock.
  • Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler via DQ after a run in from Jack Swagger.
  • Big Show & Great Khali defeated the WWE Tag Champs, Primo and Epico with a double choke slam and double pin.
  • Lord Tensai defeated John Cena in an Extreme Rules match with green mist to the eyes. We ended the show with Cena asking the officials for a bottle of water to wash his eyes out as he can’t see anything.