RAW ReVIEW: May 28, 2012 Edition

We are on the road to WWE No Way Out. With only two weeks to go, the most advertised and touted match has to be John Cena trying to get revenge on a newly hired Big Show inside a Steel Cage. What does the Giant have in store for the WWE Universe and its Superstars as he plows his way to the PPV?

Note: All columns analyzing the television products put on by WWE and TNA are done from an entertainment standpoint. While “insider” terms such as “face” and “heel” may be used, commentary stated is focused on the storytelling and characters – just like any other TV show we’d critique.

The show opened with Big Show making his way to the ring. Show says that he made a calculated business decision and that his smile was a way of doing his job. Now that he has an iron clad contract, he no longer needs to smile nor pander to the fans. He says that he is not an entertainer, he is a Giant, no one is in his league.

They show footage from two weeks ago of Big Show begging John Laurinaitis for his job and being fired. Show says that his tears weren’t even dry in the ring yet, but the show went on and the next act was Brodus Clay dancing. He said that it was way too easy for everyone to just move on after him being fired. He thought that John Cena would come to his aid or at least to rally the troops in the locker room to get him rehired, but nothing. Big Show states that he is disappointed in the fans and more importantly in John Cena. He says that Cena will suffer at No Way Out and that will put a smile on his face.

Before the Main Event can start, Big Show stops at the stage and states that he likes Brodus Clay and that he has been in his position before. He believes that he sold out when he put on a diaper at WrestleMania and faced Akebono. He says that the people will eventually grow tired of Brodus’ dancing and maybe he can get some clown make-up and become the next Doink; the only difference being that Doink had talent.

Brodus got out of the ring and stared down the Giant from the bottom of the ramp. As Brodus keeps his eyes on Show, Big Show charges down the ramp and spears Clay in the chest with his head. As Big Show pummels Brodus around the ring, he makes his way to the announce desk, pulling it completely apart and taking the end piece to Clay’s back. Kofi Kingston and R Truth try to intervene, but R Truth receives a Big Show knee and Kofi is sent sailing through the barricade. We end the show with Big Show delivering the WMD to Brodus Clay, knocking him the rest of the way out.

Thoughts: Before being fired, Big Show couldn’t win a match to save his life, but now that he is heel, he is on a massive streak and laying carnage along the way. When the Giant is angry and doesn’t care about the fans is always when he is at his best. Fans may love the fun-loving fan-friendly Giant, but the history of wins and aggressiveness has always gone with heel Big Show. In two week, we get the angry, hungry Giant in a steel cage with John Cena at No Way Out. Just one thing comes to mind… John Cena had better prepare for war.

Quick Results:

  • Alberto Del Rio defeated US Champion Santino Marella in a non-title match with the Cross-Arm Breaker.
  • Kofi Kingston and R Truth successfully defended the Tag Titles against American Perfection when R Truth hit Swagger with the Little Jimmy.
  • Daniel Bryan defeated WWE Champion CM Punk in a non-title match after Punk’s head collided with an exposed turnbuckle.
  • Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Miz via the Killswitch followed by the frog splash.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated David Otunga via the Brogue kick.
  • Big Show attacked Brodus before the bell and their match was never contested; No Contest.