IMPACT Wrestling ReVIEW: June 7, 2012 Edition

Previously on TNA Impact Wrestling, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian have shown proof of an alleged affair between TNA President Dixie Carter and the Phenomenal AJ Styles. An audio clip of AJ and Dixie talking about the two meeting when Dixie came out to the commentary area and demanding the clip be turned off.

Note: All columns analyzing the television products put on by WWE and TNA are done from an entertainment standpoint. While “insider” terms such as “face” and “heel” may be used, commentary stated is focused on the storytelling and characters – just like any other TV show we’d critique.

This week, a clip was shown of Dixie confronting the production staff for allowing such a thing to be aired on LIVE television. She threatened termination of anyone involved and stormed out of the production room.

After the video clip, Dixie was in the ring and had planned on giving an explanation and telling the truth about what was going on between her and AJ. Daniels and Kazarian came down to the ring and confronted Dixie. Daniels said he knew the truth and that Dixie made a mistake and got busted. She should just tell everyone how her husband Serge was not able to fill that hole in her heart and she found AJ to fill it. Dixie went after Daniels, pushing him and slapping him. Daniels pushed back and Dixie went down to the mat, she ending up cowering in the corner of the ring. AJ came running out and went after Daniels and Kaz. Dixie’s husband Serge also came out to the ring and picked Dixie up off the mat. Serge turned towards AJ and punched him. Serge left AJ and Dixie in the ring and the two of them headed towards the back together. We then found out AJ and Dixie left the arena and whereabouts were unknown.

Hulk Hogan had scheduled a 6 man tag team match later that night as the main event, which included AJ Styles. Later, Hogan received a phone call from Styles and demands that he return to the venue to compete in the main event.

Other Match Highlights:

– Crimson defeated Austin Aries, with the help of Samoa Joe. Crimson boasted that his winning streak is longer than that “Goldberg guy” and announced an open challenge to anyone on Sunday at Slammiversary.

– Miss Tessmacher pinned Mickie James in a 4 way contenders match. She will face Knockouts Champion Gail Kim for the belt on Sunday at Slammiversary.

Hulk Hogan came out to the ring to make a big announcement but was interrupted by the champion Bobby Roode, when Hogan stated the champion would be defending the title at Thursday night’s LIVE Impact. Roode demanding respect from Hogan and continued to whine about how he feels slighted as the champion. Sting’s music played and the icon came out to the ring. Sting and Roode go at it in the ring as Hogan stood back and watched. Sting getting the better of Roode and chased him off. Hogan and Sting boasted in the ring afterwards.

– Abyss announced he would be at Slammiversary on Sunday during the Bully Ray and Joseph Park contract signing.

– Devon defended his TV title against Robbie E. Garett Bischoff came out to the ring with Devon and got involved in the match, only after Robbie T tried to help Robbie E win the match. Devon beat Robbie E with a small package to keep his TV title.

Hulk Hogan returned to the ring to finish making his big announcement but was interrupted again, this time by Mr. Anderson. Anderson wanting to be sure Hogan’s announcement was to give him a title shot. Hogan calls to the ring RVD, then Jeff Hardy.  He said since the three of them having been making demands of a title shot for the past couple months, the three of them would be in a 3 way dance on Sunday at Slammiversary, the winner would face the champion on LIVE Impact on Thursday.

The main event’s 6 man tag team match included Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and the Icon Sting. Styles did not appear when his music played but the match went on as scheduled. Towards the end of the match Styles rushed the ring and helped out his team win the match. In the end, it was a Scorpion Death Lock by Sting on the champion Bobby Roode, which made Roode tap out.

This is the second week that TNA Impact is airing LIVE, and the second week in its+ new time slot on SPIKE. Ratings last week were not favorable, but many think the reason for the low rating was because viewers were not aware or forgot about the new timeslot. The 2nd hour was more up to par with previous week’s ratings, so it would be logical to assume the lack of viewers in the first hour was because of lack of promotion of the move to 8pm.

We’ll see if the new time slot will prove beneficial for TNA and SPIKE and if viewers will take to the new LIVE format. As a fan and an avid viewer, I’m enjoying the last two weeks of Impact, and I like the “previously on Impact” that starts off the show.

Slammiversary is on Sunday, June 10 from Arlington Texas only on pay per view. The show kicks off at 8pm EST.