IMPACT Wrestling ReVIEW: June 21 Edition

Bound for Glory Series and Open Fight Night dominated last night’s LIVE Impact Wrestling. The AJ and Dixie secret was also revealed and what a huge disappointment that turned out to be.

The show opened up with Hulk Hogan coming down to the ring in anticipation of Austin Aries decision regarding Hogan’s opportunity from last week. The offer was Aries will have the main event match at Destination X against the Heavy Weight Champion but he must relinquish the X Division title. Hogan talked a little bit about what happened to the Icon Sting last week and about change. He calls out Aries wanting to know his decision. Aries comes down to the ring and offers up an Option C. He will take Hogan’s offer on one condition. The condition being that every X Division champion from here on will also get the opportunity to face the Heavy Weight Champion for the title. Aries feels this will give the X Division title more meaning and more prestige then it already has, being TNA was built on the X Division. Hogan accepts Aries option C and the deal is made. Champion Bobby Roode comes out and starts to voice his complaints about the deal they made. Aries says they don’t have to wait till Destination X and he challenges Roode to a match. They tussle until the officials break it up.

Mr. Anderson comes out on to the stage and puts both Roode and Aries on notice. He will be winning the Bound for Glory Series and will be taking the Heavy Weight championship from whoever holds the belt come Bound for Glory.

Anderson makes his way to the ring and calls out Christopher Daniels to kick off the night’s Open Fight Night challenges. Mr. Anderson gains 7 points in the Bound for Glory series as he pins Daniels to the mat.

Brooke Hogan has to decide who will be the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship. Later, she decides it will be Mickie James who will take on Miss Tessmacher for the title.

Robbie E issues an open challenge to any wrestler in the back, and it’s Kurt Angle who steps up. Angle takes Robbie E to school in the ring and gains 10 points for a submission win in the Bound for Glory Series.

Magnus makes his way to the ring and calls out AJ Styles. Daniels and Kazarian offer a distraction and Magnus gets his 7 points as he pins AJ.

Last night also offered a Gut Check segment with a female wrestler wanting the opportunity to become a TNA Knockout. Taeler Hendricks had to face TNA Knockout Tara to be considered for a TNA contract. It was Tara in the end who got the pin after she gave Taeler a Widow’s Peak.

James Storm was called out by Samoa Joe. Storm returned to TNA last week and gained 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series after he won the Gauntlet Match. Storm added another 7 points last night when he pinned Samoa Joe.

The night continued with a challenge to The Pope DeAngelo from Bully Ray. As the match went on, Abyss appeared in the crowd and made his way down to ringside. Bully Ray caught up in a tussle with Abyss was enough of a distraction for The Pope to pull off a win. The Pope gained 7 points in the Bound for Glory Series.

In the back, RVD and Jeff Hardy were the last two competitors and Hogan made them the main event of the evening.

Miss Tessmacher retained her Knockouts title against Mickie James.

RVD and Hardy was the last match of the evening. As always, the match was exciting and grueling, but it was Jeff Hardy who, in the end, pulled off the win. He gained 7 points in the Series by pinning RVD.

The epic fail that is the AJ and Dixie storyline closed out the show. I’m thinking that these two were going to reveal some big secret affair and was extremely disappointed with what was revealed. Apparently AJ and Dixie have been helping a family friend kick the drug and alcohol habit. A pregnant woman came out to the ring to reveal what has been going on. She explained that she was an addict and that Dixie and AJ were helping her get clean. AJ took her to rehab and Dixie was there for moral support. AJ and Dixie were not having an affair and that Christopher Daniels lied and it was all a rouse by Daniels.

The show closed with Daniels and Kazarian coming down to the ring and attacking AJ Styles. AJ taking out all his aggression on both Daniels and Kaz.

End of Show Thoughts:

I have really enjoyed the Open Fight Night challenges that were implemented by Hogan a few months ago. It really gives wrestlers a chance to take on wrestlers they may never get to face otherwise, and as fans we may never get to see. Each challenge must be met and if you hold a title, you must defend the title or lose it. It really is an exciting concept and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I really don’t mind Brooke Hogan being a part of TNA and the Knockouts, and at this point she’s on screen at the very minimal. Let’s not put her in a match with anyone, I don’t need to see her in the ring, backstage and in an executive position is fine …. for now.

As far as the AJ and Dixie storyline goes …. what an epic fail. This story had potential and it has been going on for months, they could have come up with a better reveal than what we got. The reveal last night was like watching a really bad soap opera. Blech!