IMPACT Wrestling ReVIEW: July 12 Edition

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This week’s Impact LIVE kicked off with an ‘anything goes’ match with Bully Ray and Joseph Park. Bully toying with Park, but Park came back at Bully with a slap. Bully was the first to introduce the weapons which included trash cans, metal lids, and metal chairs. Park down on the mat, Bully hit Park across the back with a street sign. During the match, Park had some offense against Bully, but it was Bully who in the end won the match with the help of his chain wrapped fist.

After this past Sunday’s pay per view, Samoa Joe is the leader in the points standing for the Bound for Glory series, followed close behind by James Storm. This week it was Samoa Joe vs. RVD in one of the two Bound for Glory matches on Impact. Joe tried early in the match to take out the legs of RVD to gain an advantage. Joe attempts an arm bar submission but RVD got to the ropes to break the hold. Joe, again, going for another submission hold but RVD countered it and rolled Joe up in a small package to get the win and 7 points.

To continue the ongoing saga of AJ/Dixie/Claire, Daniels and Kazarian came out to the ring and called Claire out to answer some questions regarding the allegations that AJ is the father of her baby. Claire came out and Daniels taunted her until AJ came running out to stop it. Daniels wanted Claire to come clean and AJ kept saying he didn’t know what he was talking about, it was all lies and he’s been lying about this whole situation. Claire stopped AJ and said that Daniels was telling the truth, he (AJ) was the father of her baby. AJ denied his involvement.

On Sunday at Destination X, it was Zema Ion who won the X Division championship, and on Impact, he faced Dakota Darsow. Darsow took the fight to Ion but it was the champion who came out on top.

The new World Heavy Weight Champion, Austin Aries, came out to the ring with a very welcoming roar of the crowd. Aries talked about being ready for the ‘boom’ period of professional wrestling and he is leading the way. Aries was interrupted by the former champ, Bobby Roode. Roode was beyond upset and about ready to explode as he came down to the ring to confront Aries. Roode paced the ring and got into Aries’ face, while Aries taunted Roode by holding up the championship. Roode claims the whole situation is a fluke, and that Aries is a fluke. Roode exits the ring and completely flips out as Aries has three words for Roode …. New World Champ.

Brooke Hogan joined commentary for the Knockout Championship match with Gail Kim facing Miss Tessmacher. Tessmacher dominated most of the match and pins Kim after a flying elbow to Kim’s mid-section.

The second Bound for Glory match was Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle. A physically gruelling match, Angle applied the ankle lock on Anderson and it looked like Anderson was going to tap but instead countered the ankle lock to break the hold. Anderson gave Angle a mic check and went for the pin but Angle got his shoulder up in time for only a 2 count. Angle came back with an Angle Slam and pinned Anderson for the win and 7 points.

Bobby Roode still fuming barged into Hogan’s office demanding a rematch with Aries. Hogan told him it was all set for Hardcore Justice, but Roode wanted Aries sooner than that. Hogan suggested to Roode that he call out Aries next week on Open Fight Night. Roode agreed with Hogan’s suggestion and would be calling Aries out next week for a title match.

Sting came out to the ring with baseball bat in his hand and looking for a fight. He got into the ring and asked Hogan to come down to the ring to join him. Hogan’s music played but Hogan didn’t come out. An attempt was made several times for Hogan but he didn’t emerge from the back. Sting watching on the large screen as it showed Brooke finding her father being attacked in his office by a group of masked men. As Sting left the ring, he was attacked from behind by 6 masked men.