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Kenny Lane, an occasionally ridiculous human being who will talk your ear off if you let him, recently earned his Master of Arts in English. While figuring out what he’s doing next, he’s dealing with his self-diagnosed pop culture hoarding problem. Television, movies, books, comics, and music. He loves it all and he’s happy to tell you just how much—in writing. He’s thrilled to be putting that love of popular culture to use for TVSource.

Current Favorite Network Shows: Grimm, Revenge, Nashville, Once Upon a Time, Suburgatory, Glee, Arrow, Hart of Dixie, Community

Current Favorite Cable Shows: House of Lies, Suits, Teen Wolf, The Newsroom, Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, Franklin & Bash, Dallas, Awkward., Devious Maids, Covert Affairs

Favorite Soap: Days of Our Lives

Recent Articles

‘Grimm’ Season 5 Finale Review: ‘Beginning of the End’

I’m Back: For the past few months, life has gotten in the way of me doing one of my favorite things: writing about Grimm for your enjoyment.  Fortunately, as the season has drawn to a close, my schedule has opened wide, giving me the opportunity to catch you up on what we’ve missed and cover […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Lycanthropia’

Following the show’s 100th episode a couple weeks ago, Grimm has put the procedural drama back at the show’s forefront. That’s not to say they’ve been giving us typical Wesen of the Week capers. Last week’s episode, “Silence of the Slams” gave us a luchador empowered by a mask made from a freshly skinned Wesen and […]

‘Grimm’ 100 Review: ‘Into the Schwarzwald’

Grimm’s latest offering is a landmark I get to enjoy with far too few of my favorite television shows: the 100th episode. “Into the Schwarzwald,” that episode, brings everything the show does best to the forefront. However, if you expected straight forward answers to your questions, your frustrations will have to linger a little bit. Fortunately, […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Key Move’

We have quite a bit to catch up on, don’t we? After weeks of lake monsters and ritual human sacrifice, Grimm offered us something rather different in the shape of “Map of the Seven Knights” a couple weeks ago. The episode introduced us to Monroe’s book selling uncle and just as quickly tore him away […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Star-Crossed’

The title “Star-Crossed” might make you think Grimm’s offering the Friday before Valentine’s Day is for the lover in you, but it’s not.  Although there are some moments, it’s just the slightest whiff of romance in the air this week, as Nick has to bring down a ritualistic serial killer while the folks over at […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘A Reptile Dysfunction’

Last week’s Grimm managed to alter the show’s already shifting landscape quite drastically.  Eve truly revealed herself, Nick and Adalind kissed, and Black Claw slaughtered the Wesen Council. How does a show recover from such major moments? Well, if “A Reptile Dysfunction” is any clue, it goes in a somewhat different direction and riffs on […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Eve of Destruction’

Although I somehow survived the past month or so mostly intact, I wasn’t sure I was going to hold out much longer without Grimm. Fortunately, the series has finally resumed its fifth season with “Eve of Destruction.” The episode picks up right where the previous one left off, with Nick and company rescued from a […]

‘Grimm’ Midseason Finale Review: ‘Wesen Nacht’

We’re only six episodes into Grimm’s fifth season, but somehow it’s already time for the show’s winter finale. How is that possible? My impatience for the show’s late January return aside, the folks behind “Wesen Nacht” were not playing around in giving us an episode to both satiate us and make us desperate for more. […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘The Rat King’

After taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, Grimm is back with “The Rat King,” the penultimate installment before the show’s winter finale. The show pulls no punches with one of its most bizarre Wesen of the Week entries in all of its five seasons, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.  This episode […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Maiden Quest’

Although you might come to “Maiden Quest” for the usual Wesen of the Week shenanigans, you’ll be glad you stayed because of the episode’s brilliant character moments. I’m by no means suggesting the violent quest at the heart of this week’s episode is lackluster, but that our Grimm regulars are clearly enjoying working with each […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Lost Boys’

“Lost Boys” is not the spin on the familiar Peter Pan story you might expect, but this episode of Grimm isn’t the typical installment of the show either. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been singing the praises of Bree Turner as Rosalee, but this episode, the third of the show’s fifth season, is […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Clear and Wesen Danger’

Now that Grimm has returned, there’s no stopping it from raging ahead, as evidenced by this season’s second episode “Clear and Wesen Danger.” The Wesen of the Week format is back with some interesting tweaks. Of course, this episode doesn’t exist in a bubble. It picks up from the last episode and tugs ever so […]

‘Grimm’ Season 5 Premiere Review: ‘The Grimm Identity’

Why is the wait between seasons of Grimm always so excruciating? Well, it could be the fact it typically starts later in the fall season than its returning cohorts. However, my love of the show and its cast of characters would likely make even the shortest break between seasons painful. It’s likely a combination of […]

‘Grimm’ Season 4 Finale Review: ‘Cry Havoc’

“Headache,” last week’s episode of Grimm made a mess of me, but “Cry Havoc,” the fourth season’s final episode obliterated what was left of that mess. Before I try and put myself back together to cover the finale, I’ll have to catch you up on the previous episode. As I predicted, Renard was responsible for […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘You Don’t Know Jack’

Just in case you needed confirmation of how far down the evil rabbit hole Juliette has fallen, watching Nick and company arrive at Aunt Marie’s burnt out trailer in the woods at the start of “You Don’t Know Jack” will give you all that you need. If there was a location that had an emotional […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Iron Hans’

If you weren’t aware that Grimm was moving towards its fourth season finale, “Iron Hans” should be a dead giveaway. So much stuff happens that it’s hard to believe the episode opens on a bunch of suburban dads hauling their sons off on a technology free weekend camping expedition on a ranch owned by the […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Mishipeshu’

I usually love when Grimm breaks out of the Wesen of the Week mold and gives us an encounter with something else. “Mishipeshu” is one of those episodes. The episode actually starts with a glimpse into the future, which is definitely a shift from the usual seamless episode-to-episode story telling we’re used to. What we […]

‘Grimm’ Review: ‘Hibernaculum’

“Hibernaculum” opens with Nick being the mopiest mope the world has ever seen. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but David Giuntoli is serving up his best wounded and brooding in the first few moments of the latest episode of Grimm. He even goes as far as to flip a picture of him and Juliette over […]