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'The Good Wife' Recap: "Alienation of Affection" Delivered Fabulous Hour of TV


After a brief hiatus over the holidays, CBS’s hit show, The Good Wife, returned with a bang! Fans were treated to an episode filled with humor, drama and phenomenal acting by all involved. Further proof that this show’s writing team knows how to keep their audience entertained.

“Alienation of Affection” was the title of the episode. For me, the choice of title is funny since Alicia and Will broke the hearts of the many fans of this amazing pairing by ending their “secret” relationship a couple of episodes ago. However, if you watched the panel from the New York Times Arts & Leisure weekend, like me, you may have caught Julianna Margulies saying they may not even be over when Josh Charles was talking about the break-up. So, I’m choosing to believe that there is hope for these two. No, I am NOT in denial.

The episode centered on a $44 million lawsuit against the firm brought on by a couple whose divorce David Lee oversaw in the first season. (Nice play on history there, writers!) All of the key players of Lockhart/Gardner; Alicia, Will, Diane and David Lee – who we had the pleasure of seeing in a most hilarious get-up — were served in the opening of the episode. I think it’s safe to say that Diane has a thing for the “bad guys”…not the criminals, of course…since it seems she has taken a liking to the process-server, Jack Copeland.

The lawsuit meant that each equity partner would have to cough up $1.2 million; a fact that did not sit well with Eli Gold. Upon learning this, he tried to come up with a reason to get rid of David Lee. His attempt gifted us a brilliantly written scene between the two men. Diane eventually had to play “mommy”, something she does well, and sit them both down to stop the bickering. This made me wonder, where would they all be without her?

Just when it seemed that the law firm might indeed lose the case, resulting in the equity partners paying $1.2 million each and probably killing David Lee (Kidding. Well. Maybe.), they realized that there was a conflict of interest form signed by the wife protecting the firm from this kind of lawsuit. Unfortunately, the form AND database entry were both missing. Of course, since it was her first year there, the blame fell on Alicia who was responsible for filing said form.

With help from process-server Jack, who has clearly taken a liking to Diane, Cary Agos and the mysterious reappearance of the missing conflict of interest form, Lockhart/Gardner dodged a bullet and won the case. However, the convenience of the form appearing at such a crucial moment made Alicia uncomfortable, making her question the validity of it.

While this was going on, Diane issued some advice to Will on his indictment: Lawyer up. Not wanting to involve anyone at Lockhart/Gardner, Will asked Alicia about the lawyer she had previously worked with, Elsbeth Tascioni, played by the talented Carrie Preston. Can we get this woman onboard as a regular? Please and thank you. Will may not have been too sure about Ms. Tascioni’s abilities, but the fact that she managed to wreak havoc on Wendy Scott-Carr’s professional relationships with a number of judges may have proven her worthy of his trust.

In the end, what we were left with was an hour full of drama, with many memorable, humorous one-liners thrown in for our pleasure that highlighted the various relationships within the firm, the good and the bad ones. What do you all think? Was the conflict of interest form forged? Do you think we’ve seen the end of Alicia and Will? Do we see the friendship of Alicia and Kalinda returning? Or will it be overshadowed by the forming friendship of Alicia and Diane? What was your favorite line from this episode?

Chrissie Ortiz
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