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Meet the behind-the-scenes team that helps make TVSource Magazine function. The TVSource Magazine team features a diverse group of passionate, opinionated writers covering the covering the latest breaking news and more in television.

They create high quality content — news, editorials, interviews, features and more, appealing to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who read TVSource Magazine each month. Using a hybrid style, TVSource Magazine writers present the unbiased facts, then give you their take on the newest headlines of the day. Not afraid to take the unpopular opinion on popular subjects in entertainment, television and pop culture, our team doesn’t try to change your opinion, but rather explain without reservation why they stand by their own.

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Omar White-Nobles
Co-Founder, Editor In Chief
Joined: 2008


Mandy Treccia
Executive Editor
Joined: 2011


Johnathon K.
Senior Writer
Joined: 2012

William Dallman
Joined: 2009

Coryon Gray
TV Writer, Soaps
Joined: 2014

Michele Curan
TV Writer
Joined: 2017

Amanda Drago
Senior Writer
Joined: 2012

Spencer Barrett
TV Writer, Pop Culture
Joined: 2013

Anthony D. Langford
Featured Columnist
“Gays of our Lives”
Joined: 2016

Angela Romack
Joined: 2011

Kenny Lane
Senior Writer
Joined: 2013

Ashley Dionne
TV Writer, Critic
Joined: 2014

Walker Ragsdale
TV Writer, Features
Joined: 2016