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Johnathon K. is a twenty-something television writing wannabe who watches far more tv than any single person should consume. He is staff writer for TV Source Magazine, focusing on soap operas and primetime dramas.

Johnathon is addicted to good storytelling, and that becomes an issue as he not only watches series from one country, you know like a normal person, or even three! At last count Johnathon keeps up with series from SIX different countries! Ranging from Anime and Tokusatsu in Japan to of course anything serialized and soapy, Johnathon will try just about anything once. Johnathon also supposedly has bad taste, but if enjoying a weekly serving of Glee and the fiery red-head that is Natalie Banks is wrong he certainly doesn’t want to be right.

Current Favorite Network Shows: Revenge, Glee, Nashville, The Vampire Diaries

Current Favorite Cable Shows: Hollywood Heights, Newsroom, Doctor Who, Pretty Little Liars

Current Favorite Soaps: Bold and Beautiful,  Coronation Street, Days of our lives, Shortland Street, General Hospital, Home and Away, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, 

EastEnders, Neighbours.

Current Favorite Webseries: Devanity

Recent Articles

UK Soap Hollyoaks Returns To The USA!

American fans of Hollyoaks can rejoice! After the popular U.K. soap was abruptly removed from Hulu late last year, the groundbreaking series is making a triumphant return on its official YouTube channel. Initially, Hollyoaks episodes premiere on Channel 4’s official streaming platform in the UK. The episode then airs on E4 for a television broadcast the following day, before being uploaded to YouTube for a global audience two weeks later. Fans have been urging Lime Productions and Hollyoaks to make the show accessible to international viewers, and it seems their calls have been answered. Hollyoaks has ushered in a new […]

Hollyoaks Says MAKE WAY For The McQueens – Announces Return Of THREE Stars!

The matriarch of Hollyoaks’ rowdiest family, Myra McQueen, is set to return early this year for a brief stint alongside her nieces Cleo and Theresa, as Nadine Mulkerrin and Jorgie Porter return as series regulars for a gripping new storyline. Bringing home a chippy tea, new pictures emerge of Myra, Cleo and Theresa in the McQueen residence, as they return during a dramatic stunt episode this January. Last week, the return of the teen temptress turned bubbly friend Theresa McQueen was teased in Hollyoaks’ New Year trailer, after leaving the village back in November 2022. Myra left the village back […]

Hollyoaks Announces Ex-EastEnders Actress Rita Simons New Role

Hollyoaks release brand-new images of new character Marie, as Rita Simons is set to film alongside Rory Douglas-Speed, Jamie Lomas and Jennifer Metcalfe… An after-credit trailer is set to feature on the Hollyoaks hourlong special airing Tuesday E4, which includes an exclusive first look at Rita Simons new character. Tracksuit clad Marie will be sneaking into the Chester village this year after leaving prison, with her first order of business being to steal Mercedes’ red dress from the McQueen washing line. The Channel 4 soap confirms that she is set to cause a stir, being the mother of established Hollyoaks […]

Worlds Collide Next Week on Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks fans, brace yourselves for an exhilarating week ahead, as the show officially ushers in a new era. Under the leadership of Hannah Cheers and Angelo Abela, the upcoming episodes are set to change everything with a bang. Brace for a transformative experience as worlds collide and everything changes. Sienna’s Wedding Nightmare: As Sienna prepares for her wedding day, her thoughts are consumed by the unsettling words from a inebriated Rafe the night before. Seeking solace, her steadfast friend Ste attempts to allay her fears. However, Rafe, unable to perpetuate the charade, confesses to Dilly that his affections have shifted, […]

Hollyoaks 2024 New Year Trailer

Unveiling the Chaos: Hollyoaks Drops Explosive New Trailer In the upcoming trailer for Hollyoaks, brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions as the characters’ lives spiral into unpredictable chaos. A Heartbreaking Betrayal: Felix’s World Shattered Felix’s world crumbles as he uncovers Mercedes’ secret affair, leaving him desperate for answers. The tension reaches its peak when a distressed Felix confronts his cheating partner en route to the church, leading to a heart-stopping car crash that puts lives in jeopardy. Love Lost and Secrets Exposed: Rafe’s Daring Revelation Rafe confesses to falling out of love with his femme fatale wife, Dilly, exposing […]

Baking Brownies For Breakfast with Author Lynne Bowman 

Over the years Lynne Bowman has done it all. From raising a family to makeup artist for the stars to even being a TV weather person. But now in-between running the Pesadero Foundation, Bowman has dedicated her life to improving and enriching the lives of others through the power of healthy eating and the wonders of food. Today we talked to Ms. Bowman about her career and learned how eating healthier doesn’t mean losing out, we could even be Baking Brownies for Breakfast and still live a full life. Your background is quite varied and includes work as a creative […]

Interview: Celebrating 5,000 Episodes with ‘Days of Our Lives’ Icon Deidre Hall!

On June 21, 1976, actress Deidre Hall made her debut on the NBC Daytime serial drama Days of our Lives as the stunningly perfect Dr. Marlena Evans. Now forty-seven years later Ms. Hall is celebrating a landmark 5,000 episodes filmed on the now streaming serial.  In a celebratory interview with TV Source Magazine, Ms. Hall spoke with us and discussed her lengthy career and the evolution of the television landscape as she shared this historic event.  Congratulations on reaching 5,000 episodes on Days of our Lives! What does this milestone mean to you, and how does it feel to have […]

It’s Official: ‘Days of our Lives’ Renewed for Season 59 & 60!

Sand will continue to flow through the hourglass of Peacock’s Days of our Lives for two more years. The long-running serial drama has been renewed for an additional two seasons, taking the trailblazing drama through its 60th Season. Since moving exclusively to Peacock last year, Days of our Lives has consistently been a top 10 title for the platform. A consistent favorite among fans and critics alike, Days aired its 14,000th episode in 2020 and was NBC’s longest-running drama series until 2022 when it moved to its new and exclusive home at Peacock.  The show has garnered 61 Emmy Awards, including most […]

Evolution Through the Hourglass— An Interview with ‘Days of our Lives’ star Camila Banus

In 2010, 20-year-old Camila Banus joined the cast of NBC’s Days of our Lives, the long running soap opera that was infamous for its over the top plots including devil possession, alien twins and killing half its cast and placing them on a mysterious island. It was the second serialized drama the Banus would join coming off a one-year stint on the New York based One Life to Live. The Gabi Hernandez of 2010 is drastically different than the woman she would become. 12 years later, the Miami-born actress sits down with TV Source Magazine to discuss cementing her role as a […]

Hollyoaks Spoilers: September 26th- 30th 2022

Hollyoaks fans it’s once again time for STUNT WEEK! Let’s take a peak at what’s coming up on the British soap Hollyoaks for the week of September 26th, 2022 in the UK and October 10th, 2022 in the USA Silas’s Game: Taking a page out of Jigsaw from Saw, our returning serial killer has created an elaborate game for the McQueens to participate in. As the rest of the village enjoys the carnival, Silas forces Goldie and Theresa to face a deadly escape room, where only one of them can survive. Olivia and Mercedes are kidnapped and tied up, and things go […]

Hollyoaks Spoilers: September 19th- 23rd 2022

Hollyoaks fans it’s time to revisit the County Lines storyline as Victor returns to the scene and nothing good can come from this return. Let’s take a peak at what’s coming up on the British soap Hollyoaks for the week of September 19th, 2022 in the UK and October 4rd, 2022 in the USA Victor’s BACK! Victors back on the scene, he reaches out to our Sid claiming he’s turned over a new leaf and he’s a changed man, and he needs Sid’s forgiveness to move forward. Victors mother has recently passed and he hopes that with Sid’s help he can find […]

Hollyoaks Spoilers: September 12th- September 16 2022

Hollyoaks fans let’s get ready because our favorite show is gearing up for an exciting Autumn season and we’re here to dish on everything that’s going on. Let’s take a peak at what’s coming up on the British soap Hollyoaks for the week of September 12th, 2022 in the UK and September 26, 2022 in the USA Secrets Unleashed: Joel writes a letter confessing his part in running his father over earlier in the year. However, as he is preparing to deliver the letter Sienna agrees they should put all of this behind them and move forward, only Norma has other plans. […]