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Jenna Kaylor joined the staff of TV Source Magazine in 2018. She is a thirty-something fangirl who loves all things television and to live-tweet the hell out of it! When not watching, Jenna is a mother of two and an avid reader.

Jenna loves sports, so don’t be surprised if her feed is full of love for the Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Athletics, Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks.

Recent Articles

Days of Our Lives Week in Review: 7.29.19

Welcome back to our weekly Days review! Sorry for the late post but sometimes life just gets in the way. A lot was going down in Salem this week and I had a lot of thoughts about it. Read below for the good, the bad, and the scandalous! This is our Days Of Our Lives […]

Days of our Lives Week in Review: Deliver us From Eve-il

Days of our Lives had a week of strong performances as storylines ramp up for the summer. This is the Days of our Lives week in review for July 22, 2019. Jack and Eve After waiting or almost a year for Jack to see the light, we have been blessed with some amazing performances from […]

Days of our Lives Week in Review: Masks and Romance

Last week’s Days of our Lives was a wild one – two Susans running around Salem, Jack wants to take the memory restoration serum, two arrests are made while two women want to start new chapters in their lives. Ready for a run through the hourglass? This is the Days of our Lives week in […]

Fan Favorite Rebecca Budig Returning to ‘General Hospital’ This Summer

Guess who is checking back into ABC’s General Hospital? Soap alum Rebecca Budig will reprise her role as the sassy spitfire Hayden Barnes this summer! What kind of drama will this troublemaking con bring when she returns to Port Charles? Entertainment Weekly was the first to report the news of Budig’s return to the long-running […]

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: “The Golden Child”

Fans have been waiting for Lin-Manuel Miranda to take “his shot” as a guest star on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine for months, ever since he helped save the show from the jaws of cancellation. The beloved star has been a fan of the show since the first season so I cannot believe it has taken six […]

The Legacy of Luke Perry: Round Table

Luke Perry, Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob and Riverdale star passed away this morning after suffering a stroke last Wednesday. He was 52.

CBS’ Blue Bloods Hits the Right Notes with Season 9 Episode “Blues”

How does a nine-year old procedural drama like CBS’ Blue Bloods continue to draw nearly 10 million viewers regularly on a Friday night? With episodes like the one that aired February 15, 2019. Star Donnie Wahlberg wasn’t kidding when he said this was the most emotional episode that he’s ever filmed. This is probably Donnie’s […]

Blue Bloods Recap: ‘Handcuffs’

This episode found Danny trying to help a friend and battle whether he is ready to move on, Erin breaks some bad news to Nicky about her new boyfriend, Frank flexes the NYPD’s muscles while Jamie and Eddie deal with the fallout. Never a dull week with the Reagans.

Blue Bloods Recap: “Stirring the Pot”

Last week’s Blue Bloods episode “Stirring the Pot” found Erin in a legal and moral dilemma, Frank threw a tantrum unlike anything we have ever seen before, Jamie had a crisis of faith in his abilities to lead others and Danny asks himself how far he will go to protect his friends. Who said these […]