‘Days of our Lives’ Week in Review: Give Me Everything You Got For This WAP

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I am back from my slacker tendencies here to talk about Days of our Lives for the week of August 3, 2020. I am unhappy about a lot of things that are happening in Salem. While I love that we have Sami and Lucas back, I am hating their storyline. Meanwhile, Eli and Lani have some good news, while Xander and Sarah bring the sexy back to daytime. Who is ready to dive in with me?

Allie’s Baby

What exactly is up with everyone going absolutely ape-shit about Allie’s baby? Sami’s freaking out and meddling in who can adopt her grandchild. Sonny is acting like this is the only child in the dang world that they can ever get. Will is stuck between his mother and his sister. Rafe is doing the right thing for himself and Allie is acting like he’s betrayed her on a molecular level. Nicole is acting like she knows everything, and Eric is not saying anything, which is even worse. Lucas is really the only one who is not taking sides or judging.

That’s a lot for one storyline. Let me unpack my feelings.

I have to say that everyone in Salem is in the wrong when it comes to not telling Sami that her daughter was in Salem.  I’m going to break it down for you really simply. If that was my daughter, grown or not, and I didn’t know where she was, and you knew and didn’t tell me? Hell would be paid to me.

Now that I have made that known, Allie was stupid as hell for coming to Salem in the first place if she didn’t want Sami to know where she was. The child literally has family all over the world and she chose to come to Salem? Make it make sense. So, everyone is conspiring to keep this secret and it’s dumb. I’m sorry, but it’s dumb as hell.

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Now she has asked Rafe to adopt her baby and he has said no. Partly because of Sami and partly because he knows he would be using her baby to replace David. His feelings are completely valid, but it feels like Allie just isn’t listening. He did admit that he probably would have said yes if Sami hadn’t made her feelings known, but it really just gave him the time to think about what he really wanted. While Sami was completely wrong for “forbidding” her ex-husband to adopt her grandchild, she had her reasons (I will get to that in a little bit) and Rafe is allowed to have his own as well. Allie needs to grow up a little bit and realize that things don’t always go the way you plan.

Then Allie said Will and Sonny could adopt her baby, only to renege once she found out that Will knew that Sami had talked to Rafe about the baby. What exactly was Will supposed to do? If he had told Allie, what would that have accomplished? Rafe probably still would have said no. Then what? Now Allie is upset, and Sonny is having a hissy fit because Will “lied” to him again. I just –

You know what? Nevermind.

The point is that everyone in Salem is being stupid about this baby. I’m over it.

Next week doesn’t look to be much better. Eric will still be on the sidelines watching his wife and his sister shriek at each other like the harpies on She-Ra. He will do nothing except get mad at Sami or Nicole and I am not here for it. Sami needs to grow up. Eric needs to grow a pair. Nicole needs to just say that she does half of this just to needle Sami.

Just move on. Give the baby to Sarah and leave it alone. That’s probably where they are going to end up anyway.

I’m tired.

Two of a Kind

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My babies are having twins!!! Say it with me!!! Double the Elani tacos! To say I was excited when I found out about the twins, is putting it mildly. These are going to be the first set of twins since (ironically enough considering what we are seeing on the show) Allie and Johnny.

The reaction to the news was the best part of it all for me. Eli was just trying to wrap his mind around it, while Lani was trying to figure out the logistics of breastfeeding twins. It ended with them two of them having goofy smiles and hugging.

I really need them to have a good and healthy pregnancy, Days. I’m serious. No premature, one baby is in a health crisis delivery. They should be happy and healthy. Please do not harm another Elani baby. 

This is a couple that deserves a bit of peace before you throw something else at them.

Bringing Sexy Back

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Xander and Sarah are back together, and we received one of the hottest love scenes I have seen in a while. I was honestly surprised that it got past the sensors. Before I get all horny on main, I will say that it makes me really happy that these two found their way back to each other. Linsey and Paul have tons of organic chemistry that shines beautifully through the screen.

The one thing that I have always loved about Xander is the fact that he is an awful person who loves with his whole heart. Soaps are full of these flawed characters and Days is no exception. Sarah sees the good in him, despite the awful things he has done to her and others. It’s a tacky troupe that works in this situation. Is it real life? No. Would we really root for a guy like Xander in real life? Lord no.

He and Ben are the two most polarizing characters on Days at the moment. People either love them or hate them. Does it help that they are played by beautiful men? Yes, I suppose it does. Does that really matter to me? Not so much. I love that they know they are flawed men. There is no excuse for their behavior, and they know it. They are candid about the awful things they have done and in Xander’s case, he would probably do most of it again if it meant he would get what he wanted.

The thing Xander wants the most right now is Sarah and man did he get her.

Now it’s time for horny thoughts and things and holy shit. Days hasn’t had a love scene like that since EJ banged Abby in the Showers. Paul and Linsey were unafraid to go there. If this is one of the last love scenes we get in the next couple of months/years, Days went out with a literal bang.

All About Eve

I’m going to take this moment to say that I have no idea why Days has decided to go this route with Eve.  She will hate Ben forever and has every right to begrudge him any happiness, but why make him a serial killer again? What will she gain? Is it Ben back in jail? Ben in pain for killing Ciara? Okay, I’ll bite at that. But she’s okay with putting another mother through what she went through after Paige died? That’s where I’m calling bullshit on this.

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The Eve I know would have tried to cut his dick off and let him bleed out on the floor. Instead, she has put herself back into the position of going back to jail for absolutely nothing. Attempted murder of half of Salem and then the false imprisonment of Ben. Again, for what?

Wendy’s father should have come to Salem to stalk and attempt to kill Ben. Have a good old fashion show down with someone we don’t know directly but can empathize with over the death of a good woman who was just trying to help. The acting for all of this has been great, but I’m just not feeling it.

Extra Bits

When are they going to put Roman and Kate back together? Just do it!

Kayla and Patch are boring me. Why are they back together again?

Chad/Gwen/Jake/Gabi story needs to move the hell along already. I am sick to death of the four of them in general.

Where is Abe?? Isn’t he the mayor or the chief of police or the senator or something?? FIND A REASON FOR HIM TO BE ON MY SCREEN.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Episodes are also available on and Peacock.

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