‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week in Review: Smack My Brooke Up


The Bold and the Beautiful was in high gear this week. Fists were flying, demands were made, Forgiveness was passed around all the while the Spencer sons were making questionable choices. My eyes must have been deceiving me because there was more than one storyline on this week. Hopefully a sign for all the good things to come. Let’s dig in! Here’s my week in review for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of January 13-17, 2020.

Whack-A-Mole at the Mansion

Let me tell you, when Quinn knocked Brooke off her feet after Brooke slapped Shauna, I screamed. Crazy Quinn is peeking through the cracks of Mrs. Eric Forrester and it’s about damn time she has come out to play. Rena Sofer is being criminally underused on this show and I am so excited that there is finally a story. There is no way that Quinn is going to take this lying down.

Brooke has needed a good female foil for a while and God bless us all, she has two of them now. While I am a little confused about how this confrontation went from Ridge confessing, he kissed Shauna to Brooke blaming Quinn and telling Eric to send her “back to the desert”, I am not against it. There needs to be some scheming and some screaming in that mansion again.

While I am enjoying it, Brooke and Quinn are wrong for putting Eric in the middle of all this. They are putting him in a no-win situation. If Brooke wants to be angry at someone, she should be angry at her husband for kissing another woman. She should be angry at Shauna for kissing her husband. I just don’t understand why she’s so angry with Quinn. I get that she doesn’t like her, but it’s not like she has proof that Quinn knew anything or was plotting to keep Brooke away from Ridge or to have Shauna spend more time with Ridge.

Again, I’m not complaining about these two powerhouse women getting screen time together. It’s the escalation of how Brooke went from A-Z that I don’t understand.

The Waffle House of Spencer

The one thing that I always loved about Wyatt is that he wasn’t like his father and brother when it came to women. When he was with someone, that was it. He was never looking around for the next thing, never let another woman catch his eye. It was refreshing and made him an anomaly on a soap that is so heavy on triangles. When he found himself in a triangle, it never had anything to do with his emotions transferring to someone else. He always ended up the odd man out, watching the women he loved going to someone else, leaving him in the dust. My how the tables have turned.

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Now he’s caught himself between Sally and Flo. Flo, who he says he has never stopped thinking about, and Sally, who he is engaged to, but there is no ring or wedding date.

This is going to end in disaster. I can imagine that he will break things off with Sally, only to find out later that she has some sort of disease or tumor that can explain away why she has been acting so strange. He will feel guilty and try to be there for her, while Flo says it’s okay. Feelings will pop up again and we will be on an endless cycle of flip-flopping that neither woman deserves.

Sound familiar to anyone? It’s bad enough that we have been going through this for years with Liam, that we had to go through it with Bill off and on for over a decade. Why Wyatt too?

It just makes me sad for one of my favorite characters. By the way? Who else wanted to punch Liam in the face when he said he was just “sorry Hope saw it” when talking about his kiss with Steffy? 

Just me? Okay.

Florence and the Forgiveness

Honestly, I don’t care one way or another about Flo. I’m not sorry she’s back, though. I enjoyed her scenes with Shauna, Wyatt and the Spencer clan. I don’t know if I was just happy to see Bill, Katie, Justin and Donna on my screen or if Flo’s time away has given me a new appreciation for the character.

I still don’t really care for the fact that they are shoving the “forgiveness” angle down my throat, but if Thomas is going to be the big bad forever when it comes to baby Beth, it makes sense to sweep Flo’s involvement under the rug.

I still want to know what she did with that $50K. I guess we shall never know.

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