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‘Days of our Lives’ Week in Review: Holiday from Hell DAYS episodes airing January 20-24, 2020


I was having a difficult time enjoying Days of our Lives in recent weeks. If I’m being honest, it felt as if the soap was spinning its wheels, forever keeping the audience waiting for something big to happen. The week of January 20-24, 2020 blew all of that treading out of the water. So many questions about major events during the time jump was answered, and I think it’s safe to say that last Mother’s Day was the holiday from hell. Did anyone in Salem have a good day? Let’s dive, shall we?

Blame it on the Alcohol

Sarah goes into labor.

I hate Summer Townsend so much. I hated her the first time she was on and I hate her now. How much do I loathe this character? Well, she made me root for Maggie. M-A-G-G-I-E. That’s how much.

First of all, she shows up to the Kiriakis Mansion right as Maggie is about to leave with Sarah. Summer sees that her sister is in labor, but cries and whines about how she needs to speak with Maggie. Maggie was stupid for staying behind. This bitch just shows up out of nowhere and wants you to stay home during a crisis for another child? I would have told Summer she could wait, or she could get her ass in the car and we would talk at the hospital.

Secondly, don’t blame your terrible life choices on Maggie. You are the one that went to Vegas to drink yourself to death. You’re the one that got all of Maggie’s messages and ignored them. You have no one else to blame for your death sentence. You did that all by yourself. Maggie didn’t make you sip outta that bottle.

Third, what kind of horrible bitch do you have to be to not only pour your alcoholic mother a glass of vodka, but leave the damn bottle when you storm out? I hate her for making me want to protect Maggie Horton Kiriakis.

Maggie was definitely wrong for getting behind the wheel after she drank but I don’t think she caused the accident. If she was going to the hospital, wouldn’t she have been going the same way as Adrienne and Sarah?  I still think it was Summer who ran them all off the road.

Death of a Mother

Sonny and Justin revisit the last day of Adrienne’s life – which happens to be last Mother’s Day. And on that day…

Poor Adrienne. She had such a good Mother’s Day and now she’s dead. Wally Kurth killed me when Kayla came out and told him the dreadful news. The tears came slowly, shock was the biggest factor. That’s how real people grieve. They don’t just burst into a mess of (non) tears at the news.

Sorry, I’m being petty…

The flashbacks were beautiful, and it gave a scope to the Justin/Adrienne romance for people who hadn’t watched when they were a supercouple on the show and why they mean so much to a lot of fans.

The way the news trickled around was very real too. Justin to Will and Sonny, Kayla to Xander, Xander to Victor and so on. Will was absolutely devastated to believe he killed his husband’s mother. I was so glad that he told the truth from the jump and didn’t drag it out. His scenes with Sonny and Justin were painful. You could feel Will’s helplessness and Justin and Sonny’s righteous anger and disbelief.

I still don’t think that Maggie had anything to do with the crash, but we shall see what this “twist” is.

The Baby Switch

Kristen and Brady still give me all the feels. I can’t help it. I want them together and I want them to be happy. That first scene of them in bed together so happy and loving and that’s what I wanted for them from the beginning. I loved that she didn’t want to go with Brady to see John and Marlena and that she offered to leave when they were uncomfortable. That’s what we call growth, people.

The fact that Kristen called Marlena “Mom” and proceeded to have her water break on Marlena’s shoes was classic. Kristen’s labor was pretty funny from the jump, her yelling and red face was so relatable, so un-Kristen, that I found myself loving her even more. “I want this baby out of me” and “why is that lady taking so long to have her baby” was so on the nose. Anyone who has had a baby can relate to those sentiments.

Kristen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and the joy on their faces was something to behold. The fact that she even brought up how bad she felt about Tate and what she did to him, tells me that Kristen is a slightly different, better person. But she’s not completely unlike the Kristen that we know and love. When Haley told Kristen that her baby was dead, our girl came unglued. Just give Stacey Haiduk all the awards, please. She looked like a zombie as she watched Haley fall down those stairs (which is wasn’t her fault) and then go back to her room and lay down on her bed. Then when she told Brady that their baby was gone? Eric Martsolf and Stacey Haiduk broke my heart.

I still want to know why they aren’t together anymore. Is it because she accidentally killed Haley? I honestly don’t remember.

Surprisingly for me, Sarah gave birth to what appeared to be a healthy baby girl on the side of the road. There were some cute moments between Sarah and Xander at the hospital. It was a far cry from those scenes at the restaurant that made me want to slap Sarah across the face. Xander was so concerned for her and the baby, so it makes sense that he would agree to go with Victor’s plan to switch Sarah’s dead baby with Kristen’s very much alive baby.

I did like the look of regret on his face as he was cuddling with Sarah and “their” baby. He may have done some terrible things, but he’s still a man with something akin to a conscience. We shall see how long it lasts.

The week ended with Will finally knowing the truth that he wasn’t responsible for Adrienne’s death. Do you think he will throw Maggie under the bus?

I guess we shall see.

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