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‘Days of our Lives’ Week in Review: Sands of Momentum Days of our Lives Recap: August 10-14, 2020

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Days of our Lives is finally building some momentum this week and there are just some things I need to be over. Jake is the superior DiMera at the moment. Claire is showing just how much she has grown. Hope is back on the force and Eve is still pulling Ben’s strings. Here is my Days of our Lives review for the week of August 10-14, 2020!

Unnecessary Roughness

Why are we being subjected to Chad and Gwen? Why? We all know that he’s heads over heels in love with Abby. While I enjoy Gabi and Jake, I don’t know why we are being led down the road with those two. Jake and Gabi don’t need Gwen or Chad in their sphere. I do appreciate how “sweetening her end of the deal” was “having sex” with Chad. It’s kind of nice to see a female character that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of using someone to get what she wants.

I did love it when Gabi walked in and saw Chad and Gwen kissing. As much as I do not want Chad and Gabi to be a couple, they have some great chemistry. “You two play nice!” I was rolling. I really hope Gwen was right and we’ll see more Jake vs. Chad. I’m sick of Chad being on his high horse all the time. Someone needs to take him down a few pegs.

I love that Jake closed the deal. “He’s a breath of fresh air,” yes, he is. Especially the way he fills out those shirts. Speaking of DiMera, can we have Shin on the show more often? He’s beautiful and we need people on this show who are not related to anyone on the canvas.  Just a thought.

One more thought. I’m sick of this battle over DiMera. Just give it to Abe and let him run it using Lexie’s proxy or something. I am sick of it.  Let it go.

Crazy in Love

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Robert Scott Wilson is hitting this storyline out of the park. He’s doing a great job conveying exactly what’s going through Ben’s mind with his intense expressions. Ben’s insistence that he will never hurt Ciara is simultaneously heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. “I will get as far away from her as I can. I will never see her again, if I have to.”

Damn. RSW got me with that. Ben loves Ciara more than anything else in this world, and Robert Scott Wilson’s consistent, rich portrayal makes that obvious.

Can we talk about that HUGE tie they had Ciara wear on Friday? What was that, a transparent anvil? The obviousness of it all was funny and kind of cringe.

Claire vs. Eve

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Did Eve think that people would be weeping in the streets if Ben killed Ciara? Was she waiting for the wailing to come across the square? Don’t get me started on Eve. Please.

I love that Claire didn’t work with Eve. She should beat the ever loving shit out of her while she was at it. The conversation between the two of them was great. It just showed everyone how much Claire has grown and how far Eve has sunk. Claire did for Eve what Eve should have done for Claire. She begged her to get help.

I get how much Eve hates Ben, of course I do. Ben killed her child. There is no getting over that. I do, however, have major problems with the way she’s set out to get revenge. I hate this storyline and need it to be over sooner rather than later. It has nothing to do with the performances of the actors involved, Kassie DePaiva is doing a good job, but I am not feeling the storyline at all. The Eve I knew and loved would never subject another mother to the pain she feels.

Back on the Beat

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Hope is back on the force and it looked as if Rafe and Hope were headed down the road to reconciliation, but what is it all for? Rafe was already going to leave at this point, so why? Anyway, Ciara called them out for their little moment, and I was laughing the entire time she ran for the door. “Ciara Alice Brady Weston!”

Either way just let Rope kiss or get it over with. Give Rafe something good and pull the rug from under him like you always do.

The Other Things

  • I am so sick hearing about Allie’s baby I could scream. I guess I am going to be screaming for a while.
  • When does Abby get back? I don’t like Chad right now. He’s bearable for me when he’s with Abby.
  • I was so sad to see Olivia Rose Keegan go. She’s on to bigger and better things, but I will miss her!! NuClaire is a good replacement, though. She hides her accent well.
  • Where is Abe?? GIVE ME ABE.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Episodes are also available on Demand, and Peacock.

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