The Bellarke Of It All: What Was the Point?!


I mean….it’s nothing we didn’t already know, right? That’s the smallest amount of comfort I can offer to the baited and bruised Bellarke fans of the world. The writing has been on the wall for quite awhile now. But anybody saying we weren’t baited and led on are lying to themselves. Because we were. So, the question remains: what was the point?




The ride was, in fact, not good. It started out great. But in the end, we were just screaming to get off while still kinda hoping that the sick feeling in our gut would prove to be wrong.

Bait. And no, no it does not count.

We been knew. I mean….what is that?

So….even looking away from all of that. What was the point to all of this?


Or this extraness?


Was I just supposed to not make the connections here?


And before any dude-bros or “plot watchers” come at me with “This show is about more than ships!” Well, no shit. You don’t say. You know what marks a good show? It’s not subverting expectations and making your audience feel like idiots for the sake of shock-value. It’s about allowing the story to go where it wants to, about following its natural path. And the natural path was clear.

So, which is it? Are you the writer who decided to spite the audience for the sake of being ~original? Or are you the writer that can’t follow the story in a cohesive way? Because those are the options.

Also. Do not ever tell me they were always meant to be platonic. Because there are platonic male/female relationships that are portrayed as such from beginning to end and this. was. not. that.


Me too, Bob. Me too. And I have the shirt to prove it.

Heather Mason
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  1. How do Bellarke fans have the audacity to say they were baited 😂

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