‘The Bold and Beautiful’ Week in Review: Wild Things and Bridge over Troubled Water


The Bold and the Beautiful is ramping up another quadrangle between Steam, Lope and Thope into high gear while Brooke and Ridge try to fix their broken relationship. Here’s my week in review for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of January 6-10, 2020.

Where the Wild Things Are

Thomas is obsessed with Hope, but he hit the mark with what he said to Liam this week. I didn’t disagree with a single thing he said, and Liam couldn’t even say anything because he knew Thomas was right. I don’t think I really have words for Liam’s proposal to Hope. What exactly had he been expecting? He basically said “marry me because Thomas is crazy and you have made a million mistakes. You can’t be strong without me.” Then talking about how grateful he is for Douglas and then in the next breath wants Hope to cut ties with Douglas.

Like… what?

Although I have to admit that Thomas popping in with Douglas had me laughing my ass off. Just in time for another confrontation between Liam and Thomas. I admit they both make valid points about why both of them are terrible for her. Liam does string her along and Thomas is using Douglas to get closer to Hope.

I guess I am somewhat proud of Liam for having some semblance of boundaries when it comes to what he won’t put up with, but… yeah…. Then he wakes up at Steffy’s house.. You know.. Thomas’s sister. Make it make sense, please.

Is there a woman on this show that is free of Thomas? Not Sally, Hope, Steffy or Zoe. Not even Brooke. So how is Liam ever supposed to be free of Thomas? I have no dog in this race, but I am down for the Forrester siblings fighting for what they want. I mean, if we are going to go down this route for the millionth time, at least make it interesting. This show needs some more scheming women wanting to hold onto their man. Brooke used to be that bitch and now it needs to be Steffy. If she wants Liam, fine. Go back to the way she used to be when she locked up Hope and married Liam.

Just give me something entertaining. Give me something that makes sense.

The way Steffy’s whole demeanor changed when that phone started ringing? You could see the conflict inside of her. Did she want Liam? Was this her last chance? Should she? Could she? She did and it was not one sided at all. Part of me wishes Hope had never shown up so we could have seen what Liam actually would have done and said in the aftermath. Would he have kept it from Hope? Or would he have let Steffy down gently?

I guess we will never know.

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Repairing the Bridge

Brooke and Ridge still have it, but they are doing nothing with it. All they do is complain about their children. They should be having sex and not spend all their time talking about their kids love lives. I get that they can have fundamental differences about what their kids have done to each other. While I understand that, there has to be better fodder for their storylines then this. It’s not like they haven’t been dealing with each other’s children for decades.

I’m sick of the recycled storylines.

Storyless Spark

Zoe and Thomas have everything they need to be a good couple, all they are lacking is an actual story. Thomas is still hung up on Hope and Zoe is feeding Steffy intel on what Thomas says and does. A story for a couple, this does not make.

I guess a girl can dream.

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