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Heather Mason is a 20-something wine drinker and coffee lover. Formerly of Post Apocalyptic Media, she joined the TV Source Magazine staff in December of 2017. She can often be found at the beach, on a plane, or fangirling over TV shows and ice skaters on twitter. She loves to read, write, but not arithmetic. Current obsessions include The 100, Virtue Moir, and shellac nail polish.

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‘Good Girls’ Spoiler Preview: “You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson”

It’s time for another spoiler review for NBC’s Good Girls, the series we’re not only obsessed with but also obsessed with giving you clues to upcoming episodes! Check out what’s to come in the new episode “You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson” airing March 17, 2019.

‘Good Girls’ Recap: “Slow Down, Children At Play”

Are we all still alive? Beth and Rio! Stan and Ruby! Annie and Greg are BUSTED. Stop signs are being demolished! There’s plenty to unpack in this week’s episode NBC’s Good Girls so let’s get started. Here’s the recap for the episode “Slow Down, Children at Play”.

‘Good Girls’ Preview: “Slow Down, Children At Play”

It’s Good Girls Sunday, and we’re just hours away from the second episode of Season 2. TV Source has seen an advanced copy of the newest episode “Slow Down, Children at Play” and put together a light spoiler preview of things you can look forward to for fans of our deliciously devilish trio.

‘The 100’ ConAgeddon 2: The Drinking Game

Fans of The 100 are you ready? The second edition of ConAgeddon — ConAgeddon 2 — is upon us in exactly one week. As fans prepare to descend on Boston, TV Source has made a new (un)Official Drinking Game for the event. Cons can be the best time of your life, but we can all […]

Season Two of NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ Is Here and People Are Hype

People are hype for Season 2 of NBC’s Good Girls. I am one of those people, and thankfully I’m not the only one. If you haven’t watched the NBC dramedy, do yourself a favor, hop on Netflix and binge it.

The Legacy of Luke Perry: Round Table

Luke Perry, Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob and Riverdale star passed away this morning after suffering a stroke last Wednesday. He was 52.

Exclusive: ConAgeddon 2 Schedule for ‘The 100’ Convention Revealed

Attention fans of The CW’s The 100! The official schedule for The 100: ConAgeddon 2 fan event is here, and TV Source has the exclusive! Find out all the details on the upcoming convention event including what times you can see your favorite stars throughout St. Patrick’s Day weekend and more!

‘Abducted In Plain Sight’: The Top Five WTF Moments

Abducted In Plain Sight is not a fictional series. There are no tortured heroes, lovable bad guys, or anti-hero grey characters. It’s a Netflix documentary following the 1970s kidnapping and brainwashing of 12-year-old Jan Broberg by her trusted neighbor Robert ‘B’ Berchtold.  These are real people with real lives who made some very real mistakes.

Exclusive: Announcing The 100 #Conageddon2 Guest List

Another show day, another Conageddon announcement! Fans who attended the inaugural Conageddon event earlier this year will have the chance to purchase tickets to Conageddon 2 in an exclusive pre-sale tonight. But that’s not the only news tonight — TV Source Magazine has the exclusive on which stars from The 100 will be attending the […]

Get Ready The 100 Fans… Conageddon 2 is Coming!

What’s that noise you hear? Oh, just my bank account trembling in fear because last night the first tease was dropped by not one, not two, but three of our favorite The 100 actors that…it’s coming — by it, I’m referring to Conageddon.

The 100: Kane, Diyoza, and a Little Hope Proved Me Wrong About Eligius

“There are no good guys.” This one quote is what The 100 is known for: there are no good guys, there are no bad guys, there’s only grey moral ambiguity. The show often likes to make our heroes play out the same actions as their previous enemies to make both the characters and the audience understand that […]

The 100 Recap: “Exit Wounds” Hurts In More Ways Than One

Sometimes you love an episode, sometimes you’re “meh” about it, sometimes you just don’t like it. The 100’s sixth episode of Season 5, “Exit Wounds” falls into the latter category for me. Guess what? That doesn’t make me a bad fan, or an awful commentator – it makes me human. We all have things we […]

The 100 Recap: “Pandora’s Box”

Another day, another recap. Let me start off by saying that overall, I really enjoyed the “Pandora’s Box” episode of The 100. Reunions! Sabotage! Betrayal! Confessions of love! It had everything that my soap loving heart could ever want or need.

Podcast EP 32: After-Series Recap – The 100 5×03 – Sleeping Giants

Welcome back to the After Series Podcast, hosted this week by TV Source Magazine’s Heather Mason and Post Apocalyptic Media‘s KB Orson. This week’s episode covers The 100 episode “Sleeping Giants,” with Heather and Kalista discussing Monty and Murphy’s fight, Spacekru’s journey back to the ground, the difference between Eligius and the original delinquents, future theories, […]

The 100 Recap: ‘Sleeping Giants’

I’ve flailed, and I can’t get up! *mashes keyboard*. That’s it. That’s my entire review for The 100. Thank you for reading. I jest! The 100’s 5×03 episode, Sleeping Giants, was firing on all cylinders: fights, sacrifice, reunions! Finally, the season is truly starting and it’s taking off running. Let’s dive into this The 100 […]

The 100 Recap: ‘Red Queen’

Busy week, no excuse, but we’re keeping this short and sweet. Let’s just dive right into a brief recap 5×02, ‘Red Queen’ of The 100 and then check in with fan reactions (I love those videos) and how we did in ratings.

Drinking Game: The 100 Season 5 Episode “Red Queen”

Last week’s drinking game for The 100 season premiere went over incredibly well, so yesterday I did an incredibly scientific Twitter poll asking if we should host another for tonight’s episode. The answer was overwhelming yes, which pleases me down to my wine loving soul. So, grab your drink of choice (daiquiris for me!) and […]

58 Thoughts I Had When Watching #The100 Season Premiere “Eden”

The CW’s The 100 aired its season five premiere tonight and well…I have emotions. What better way to tide you over while I work out those emotions than with a real-time reaction of my feelings while watching the season premiere. “Eden” takes places years after last season’s cataclysmic disaster. How did our heroes fair? Check […]