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Heather Mason is a 20-something wine drinker and coffee lover. Formerly of Post Apocalyptic Media, she joined the TV Source Magazine staff in December of 2017. She can often be found at the beach, on a plane, or fangirling over TV shows and ice skaters on twitter. She loves to read, write, but not arithmetic. Current obsessions include The 100, Virtue Moir, and shellac nail polish.

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#Conag3ddon Exclusive: Guest List Announced!

It’s that time of year again! As previously announced Conageddon will be once again gracing us with an intimate and excitement filled event in Boston, MA. There’s a bit of a change since the 2020 event will not be taking place over St. Patrick’s Day weekend as it has for the last two years but […]

‘The 100’ Fandom: Season Six Memes and Jokes

You know what I love about The 100? Season six up until the last two episodes but more than that, the ability for this fandom to turn any and everything that disappoints them in to a meme or a joke of some sort. Look around twitter, tumblr, instagram and it’s memes, memes everywhere the eye […]

“The 100” Finale Drinking Game

Come on, you didn’t really think I’d let us go in to another never-ending hiatus without one of these to send us off with, did you? Especially with the knowledge that this is out last ever months long hiatus? Of course not. As always, I’ve got your back. Tonight is the season finale of The […]

“The 100” Review: ‘Adjustment Protocol’ – Way Too Much For Way Too Little

I love the way I format my reviews, guys. It’s usually so easy to label things and put them in to boxes. Alas, the time has officially come when those boxes just don’t apply. I have been praising season six of The 100 pretty consistently because after season five which was is (in my opinion) […]

‘The 100’ Review: ‘Ashes To Ashes’

Did you guys catch all those great directional shots in this week’s episode of The 100? Did you? Well, you should have because they were filmed by none other than Bellamy Blake himself, Bob Morley. But if you’re reading this than you probably already knew that. Congratulations on a job well done, Mr. Morley. I […]

‘The 100’ Review: ‘Matryoshka’

They almost had me, guys. It was so close. I thought that this episode was going to ruin our streak of “Oh good! The plot isn’t stalling at all, we’re steadily moving along!” After all, until the last few minutes Josephine and Clarke were still sharing a body and brain, floating the nightblood solution was […]

‘The 100’ Review: ‘What You Take With You’

Man, alive. This was an excellent episode, guys. Super choice to come back off of a hiatus from so whoever made that decision? Kudos to you. This is probably the first review where there is nothing I was ‘meh’ about or that I didn’t like. I literally loved everything. Season six is really trying to […]

‘The 100’ Review: ‘The Old Man and the Anomaly’ – Gabriel Revealed, Emori’s Choice and the Kidnapping of Josephine

Oh, no! We’re staring down the barrel of another hiatus and it’s unfortunate since season six continues to be an absolute delight. ‘The Old Man and the Anomaly’ was an episode dedicated to pushing along the B and C storylines of the season and man, push it did. Some things were surprising-and a little uncomfortable-some […]

‘The 100’ Review: “Nevermind”-Mind Over Matter

You know what happens when you give me basically an entire episode devoted to one Clarke Griffin? I have very little to complain about. Which is good! I did manage to find two things that bother me but honestly, it’s more of  a network thing and not a show thing, so I’ll mention it below […]

The 100 Review: ‘Memento Mori’ – Heads, Hearts, Time in a Bottle, and Awakenings

The 100 is back with a brand new episode after a week-long hiatus. And what a wonderful hiatus it was. In case you somehow missed it, Friday night series stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley, our very own Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin/Josephine Lightboure announced that they secretly said, “I do.” From everyone at TV […]

‘The 100’ Review: “The Gospel of Josephine” – Hallowed Be Her Name

Another week, another episode of The 100 that was actually pretty damn amazing. Season six is off to a really strong start and I’m thrilled about it. Let’s keep it up, team. This is, after all, usually around the time that the episodes start going stagnant until the big finale, but if you can keep hitting it […]

‘The 100’ Review: ‘Face Behind The Glass’ – Rebirths & Renaming, But Does Anyone Still Remain?

Welcome back to TV Source Magazine’s The 100 coverage. As always our reviews are broken down in to three main sections: Things I Loved, The Meh Things, and Things I Didn’t Like. We’ve also recently added in two extra sections: Honorable Mentions and Theories. Let the record show that one of my theories has panned […]

‘Good Girls’ Spoiler Preview: “Jeff”

Happy Sunday, Good Girls and Guys! It’s episode day which means it’s time for TV Source Magazine’s weekly spoiler preview! Let’s dive into episode 211 “Jeff”. Obviously the most important thing is MARY PAT IS BACK! Yesssssss! No? Just me? Okay. Anyway, Mary Pat is back and we get some insight to her marriage with […]

“The 100” Review: ‘Children of Gabriel’ – No Answers, New Questions

This week’s episode of The 100 — ‘Children of Gabriel’ — wasn’t as strong as last week’s, but it was still solid. The episode managed to drop hints about upcoming arcs which unfortunately led to no answers, instead raising several more questions that I can’t help but obsess over. As I do here, my reviews […]

‘Good Girls’ Spoiler Preview:”Hunting Season”

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms who are Good Girls and happy show day for those who are not! Tonight’s episode is probably my favorite of the season, as shown by enthusiastic tweeting about it. I meant what I said, if you don’t watch tonight? I’ll judge you. Ruby and Annie fell through on their […]

The 100 Review: “Red Sun Rising” – Hallucinations, Immune Murphy, Theories Galore

This week’s episode of The CW’s The 100 built on the foundation of the season premiere and presented a clear (for now at least) picture of the kind of season it wants to be. Whereas the season premiere was a little rough around the edges in its quest to set story for the season arc, […]

‘Good Girls’ Spoiler Preview: “This Land Is Your Land”

Happy Sunday, Good Girls and Guys! There was some debate about this preview going up since there was already an impressive leak earlier in the week but hey, what the hell? Leaks happen. Let’s get started with the preview for “This Land is Your Land.” Beth is out of the game but that’s certainly easier […]

The 100 Season 6 Premiere Review: “Sanctum” – Not Earth, Take Two

The CW’s critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic drama The 100 returned tonight for it’s sixth season premiere. After a long hiatus, viewers would soon realize that while some things are different for our heroes, it seems much will remain the same. The new planet — which isn’t a planet but rather a moon — “Planet Alpha” offers […]