EXCLUSIVE: #Conag3ddon Schedule

After three long years and three postponements due to COVID-19, the third, only United States The 100 convention, Conageddon, is finally upon us in 11 short days.

This years event will, as the previous two, will take place at The Boston Logan Hilton Hotel August 19th-21st, 2022.

Attendees can expect panels, autographs, selfies, parties, and more with an extensive cast list including:

Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin)

Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake)

Zach McGowan (Prince Roan)

Tasya Teles (Echo)

Christopher Larkin (Monty Green)

Chelsey Reist (Harper McIntyre)

Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins)

Luisa D’Oliveira (Emori)

Jarod Joseph (Miller)

And below you can find their full schedule of events! Grab your notebooks, folders, and snacks because this weekend is going to be a hell of a ride!

See you soon, fellow attendees. Get your party shoes on!