Wine and Wine: Riverdale Season Six Trailer Edition

Something wicked this way comes. And who better to welcome it in then Sabrina Spellman herself?

If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this piece and haven’t seen the trailer for The CW’s Riverdale season six, one) how did you find this and two) what are you waiting for?

It’s clear that this five episode special event is fully embracing the spooky elements that the show has teased since it’s premiere many moons ago. There’s no more flirting with the line of supernatural and horror and instead it crosses the line at breakneck speed and this promo doesn’t give the audience even a second to breathe.

Listen as Allie and I breakdown the trailer frame by frame to the best of our (limited) ability and theorize with our method of throwing noodles at a wall and seeing what sticks.

What are you most looking forward to for Riverdale season six? What’s your whackiest theory? Or your most logical theory! Let us know below or hit us up on twitter at @TVSource or @TVS__WW

Riverdale returns Tuesday November 16th ar 8/7c on The CW