Dee Flintakis


TV Writer

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Dee is a self-professed super stan of Daytime Television that spends far more time obsessing about the attractive, shirtless men on Days of our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful than she should. When Dee isn’t teaching the kiddies, she is addicted to traveling, reading, attending soap events, nuanced storytelling, and making dramatic proclamations on that bird app.

She is staff writer for TV Source Magazine, focused primarily on soap operas, primetime dramas, and is currently willing a spinoff of Josie and the Pussycats into existence.

Current Favorite Television Shows: Riverdale, The 100, Roswell, New Mexico, and Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Gone but Not Forgotten Shows: LOST, Gossip Girl, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Originals, Katy Keene (why y’all didn’t tune in I will never understand) and Game of Thrones (although the last season is trash and she has blocked it from her psyche)

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