General Hospital Spoilers: February 7-11, 2022

GENERAL HOSPITAL -- Pictured: "General Hospital" Key Art -- (Photo by: Walt Disney/ABC)

Love is in the air. Bullets are in the air. The fate of three of Port Charles’ citizens is up in the air. Find out what’s happening this week in Port Charles in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 7, 2022.


  • Carly rushes to General Hospital (If it’s not because they found Jason, do we even care?)
  • Nina is worried (About Sonny off his meds or about Sasha who’s snorting Booger Sugar?)
  • Chase and Brook Lynn call for help
  • Maxie and Felicia await word (If Victor harmed one precious silver lock, Felicia, strap up)
  • Victor’s plan hits a snag (I hope it’s Mac putting a bullet in Peter but we can never catch a break like that)
  • Friends and family anxiously hold vigil at General Hospital (If y’all kill off Mac, we riot)
  • Tempers flare on the Haunted Star (Barware of Port Charles…beware!)
  • Maxie, Brook Lynn and Chase make a choice (They’ve been making choices and they’ve been the wrong ones. Tell. The. TRUTH.)
  • Sam and Drew have a long overdue conversation (The ELQ proxy? How she left Michael in charge of Aurora? Her choosing Jason?)
  • Charlotte is worried about her father (Same, Sis. Same).


Anna, Dante and Laura put their heads together (The adults are taking charge)

Carly and Drew are surprised to cross paths (If it’s on the bridge, how is it a surprise?)

Austin comforts Maxie

Under threat, Peter reveals how he’s protected himself (Here comes more posturing, ego stroking, and mwa-ha-ha)

Nina doesn’t know what to say (We know it’s big, Nina. Women have been acting a fool over it since 1993)


Maxie is faced with an impossible choice (Is she going to let Peter take that baby?)

Elizabeth and Finn learn the truth (About Bailey or why Elizabeth is stalking herself?)

Laura is relieved (Is Mac okay or did she finally boot Esme out of her house?)

Anna wants answers (This is prolly about Maxie keeping Bailey a secret but honestly…Where is Valentin?)

Brook Lynn feels guilty (There’s so many places this can go but I would start with lying to her family)


Curtis and TJ confer about their Valentine’s Day plans (Y’all double dating at the Savoy or what?)

As Terry prepares for her first date, Elizabeth makes a startling discovery

Sonny checks on Phyllis, who has decked out Charlie’s for the holiday in an unexpected way 

Nina and Ava confide in each other (Outsider besties. We love this for them)

Carly sets up a meeting that could impact her future (I miss Mob Boss Carly)

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – February 14, 2022

Ava and Nikolas celebrate Valentine’s Day. Spencer gets a surprise. Austin threatens Victor. Brook Lynn and Chase help each other through a painful moment. Maxie awakes from a nightmare.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Episodes are available for streaming on ABC.com and Hulu.com.


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