Days Of Our Lives Spoilers October 3rd – 7th

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This week on Days of Our Lives, Mike Horton’s in Salem! And so is a woman from his past. Meanwhile, Kristen revels in her “petal power” over Marlena!Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of October 3rd, 2022, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: They’ve Got History! They’ve Got Chemistry? And They’ve Got Bio Toxic Poisoning Causing Rare Deadly Infection All at The Hands of a Vengeful Asshat!

Mike and Nancy see each other in the square, Chad kisses Stephanie and Alex is not happy about it. Kayla, Kate and Marlena fight for their lives battling the deadly poisoning Orpheus gave them. Brady says the antidote is in an extinct orchid, but Kristen has one and taunts Marlena about the desperate search for one and what it will mean if they don’t find it!

Gwen Forgives Jennifer!

When Gwen remembers that Jennifer is the one that hit her Leo suggests she blackmail Jack with the information, but Gwen is against the idea because she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with her father. Leo ignores her wishes and goes to Jack anyway, demanding money for Gwen’s silence.

Meanwhile Jennifer tells Chad she is going to rehab and then remembers hitting Gwen. She goes to visit her in the hospital to apologize and admits she was high at the time. Gwen sees the amount of pain she is in and forgives her. She stops Jennifer from going and turning herself in. Jack shows up at the hospital and Gwen tells him what happened with Jennifer and assures him she wants nothing to do with Leo’s blackmail scheme.

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers: 

Sarah blasts Gwen for trying to frame her.

Chad lends Stephanie a hand and they grow closer over drinks.

Will urges Sonny and Alex to make peace.

Chad receives an unexpected job offer.

Nancy and Craig consider the possibility of reuniting and Leo has a proposition for Craig.

Rex delivers devastating news to John as Kristen solicits Marlena’s help.

Gabi strategizes with Ava regarding EJ’s offer.

Chanel gives Johnny advice about Ava and Ava and Johnny come clean with EJ.

Allie confides in Will about her fight with Chanel.

Rafe and Jada find Nicole and Eric in a compromising position. 

Paulina gets a surprise visit from Sloan.

Chanel is taken aback by Allie’s scandalous suggestion.

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