General Hospital Spoilers – September 5th – 9th

This week on General Hospital, Cameron rocks out at The Savoy in celebration of Trina’s restored reputation. Plus, Sonny shares a warning and Sasha puts her foot down. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of September 5th, 2022, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers:

Promo Recap: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt!

Cameron and his band play at Trina’s party at the Savoy. Spencer watches Trina kiss Rory. Sonny warns Brook Lynn and Chase that they’re “playing with fire”. Carly and Nina are distressed and Sasha gets very angry with Lucy.

GH Sneak Video: Sasha’s Future at Deception!

Sasha meets with Lucy, ready to get back to work. She asks Lucy what’s on the agenda and Lucy tells her that the agenda is her future with Deception.

Will Spencer Confess His Feelings to Trina?

Spencer puts all his feelings for Trina on paper and is intent on giving her the letter he has written so that she has all the information to make an honest decision between him and Rory. He brings it to the party celebrating her exoneration but before he can give it to her Trina tells him that she wants nothing to do with him. He leaves and intends to take the letter with him but accidentally drops it and Trina finds it! Will she change her mind when she knows how he really feels?

More General Hospital Spoilers:

Portia and Curtis throw Trina a party.
Sasha gets bad news.
Chase calls out Brook Lynn for going too far.
TJ unwittingly gives a clue to Jordan. 


Taggert refuses Sonny’s offer.

Cameron plans a surprise for Josslyn.

Nina faces her past.

Portia and Curtis make a request of Stella.

Willow has a nightmare.


Sam and Dante have much to celebrate.

Felicia shares her theory.

Alexis sees through Valentin.

Victor flirts with Lucy.

Anna seeks Robert’s assistance.


Sonny and Victor clash.

Maxie demands answers from Britt.

Felicia encourages Mac.

Rory asks Jordan for advice.

Trina’s timing is bad. 


Stella delivers shocking news.
Ned has reservations about Brook Lynn’s relationship with Chase.
Sonny shares his suspicions about Nikolas.
Finn thanks Gregory for his support.
Cody makes a proposition to Selina.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of September 12th!

Drew and Marshall clear the air.

Portia visits Ava.

Nikolas makes a mysterious call.

Sasha makes a big decision.

Someone is in grave danger.