General Hospital Spoilers: October 18-22, 2022


A woman still on her apology tour. A man about to be arraigned for acting like…well….the rest of his family. Forces converging in Greece. Join us as we find out what’s happening this week in Port Charles in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 18, 2021. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Mamma Mia…Here I Go Again

  • Anna comes to Valentin’s aid (I cannot WAIT to see how he repays her)
  • Sam and Dante make a discovery
  • Curtis and Portia are surreptitiously watched by a mysterious man (I’d say voyeurism but this isn’t Days)
  • Nikolas and Ava celebrate at The Savoy (Cue the Peaches and Herb)
  • Jason and Britt learn disturbing news (Prolly that Obrect is being held captive in Greece) 
  • Nina seeks support from Curtis
  • Terry receives an surprising phone call
  • Finn and Liz have an awkward cross (I’m happy to have Elizabeth on my screen but can they give her a legit storyline?)
  • Jason announces he’s leaving town to help Britt (How is Carly going to take the news?)
  • Olivia meets Ned for dinner (Lemme guess. Is it pasta?)
  • Sonny connects with Spencer
  • An idea dawns on Nina (I would say I hope it’s to seduce Sonny but y’all like to dive bomb my mentions so I hope it’s to get Phyllis a job running Kelly’s or Charlie’s)
  • Willow voices her concerns about Michael (The jokes write themselves)
  • Monica advises Austin to make peace
  • Brook Lynn feels vindicated (Is she right about Austin being shady?)
  • Joss and Cam arrive at Spencer’s arraignment (I’m more interested if Trina shows up to support him)
  • Michael makes a bargain (It’s probably about Wiley with Nina, but I hope it’s about Aurora just so he can have something else to talk about)
  • Robert tries to get the truth from Victor (Truth? From a Cassadine? Ha!)
  • Anna is presented with a proposition (I’m intrigued)
  • Jason and Britt arrive in Greece (Why not them? Everyone else and their momma is there)
  • Jax makes an admission to Michael (Unless he’s spilling that Nixon Falls tea about Smike and Nina do we even care?)
  • Ava reminds Nina of the ace up her sleeve (Queen)
  • Anna apologizes to Valentin (I hope there’s a kiss or 12 involved)
  • Maxie shares Brook Lynn’s concerns (What they should be concerned about is what Valentin is going to do when he finds out he’s been lied to)
  • Sasha runs interference when Gladys ruffles feathers (Nobody cares. Wait. Like 12 people care)

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