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Coryon Gray joined as Staff Writer covering Soaps at TVSource Magazine in October 2014.

Prior to TVSource Magazine, he’s written for and moderated Asian entertainment blogs all while staying updated with his multiple “stories” like the elderly person in his soul. TV is a big part of his life, and it shows as he has been known to try to incorporate TV hijinks into his life with varying results.

Follow him at @sourcecoryon for soapy soap reactions and more!

Recent Articles

Interview: Celebrating 5,000 Episodes with ‘Days of Our Lives’ Icon Deidre Hall!

On June 21, 1976, actress Deidre Hall made her debut on the NBC Daytime serial drama Days of our Lives as the stunningly perfect Dr. Marlena Evans. Now forty-seven years later Ms. Hall is celebrating a landmark 5,000 episodes filmed on the now streaming serial.  In a celebratory interview with TV Source Magazine, Ms. Hall spoke with us and discussed her lengthy career and the evolution of the television landscape as she shared this historic event.  Congratulations on reaching 5,000 episodes on Days of our Lives! What does this milestone mean to you, and how does it feel to have […]

Evolution Through the Hourglass— An Interview with ‘Days of our Lives’ star Camila Banus

In 2010, 20-year-old Camila Banus joined the cast of NBC’s Days of our Lives, the long running soap opera that was infamous for its over the top plots including devil possession, alien twins and killing half its cast and placing them on a mysterious island. It was the second serialized drama the Banus would join coming off a one-year stint on the New York based One Life to Live. The Gabi Hernandez of 2010 is drastically different than the woman she would become. 12 years later, the Miami-born actress sits down with TV Source Magazine to discuss cementing her role as a […]

A Peacock Preview – An Exclusive Interview With The Queen of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Deidre Hall

On November 8th 1965, Days of Our Lives broke new ground as the first soap opera to premiere in full “living” color. Now the trailblazing soap ventures once again into uncharted territory as the franchise makes the transition from network television to streaming. With this transition, we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the reigning Queen of Daytime, Deidre Hall.  Spanning four decades (off and on), Deidre Hall has aired in a staggering 4,955 episodes. As Dr. Marlena Evans Black, she has been kidnapped 33 times, had 18 on-screen weddings, given birth to 6 children, been possessed by […]

The TV Source Podcast | Episode 117 – The Cancellation of Peak TV?

Thanks to your invaluable feedback, the TV Source Podcast is back with an updated format for your listening pleasure! In the new TV Source Roundup segment, the panel shares all of their thoughts on trending news of the last week in round table format. This week, listen to your favorite hosts help answer the following burning questions: Just what the hell is going on with the major cancellations and reshuffling at The CW? The highly-anticipated new season of STARZ’s P Valley is just two weeks away, is the panel excited and does season 1 hold up? Is the box office […]

‘Days of our Lives’ Star Billy Flynn Opens Up About His Salem Journey, Romance and New Beginnings Eight years into his run as Chad DiMera, Flynn discusses supercouples, recasts and the fans desire for a 'Chillson' pairing.

Billy Flynn joined Days of our Lives in 2014 during a major shift on the NBC soap that saw two of its biggest players, James Scott and Alison Sweeney departing. Audiences quickly took to his take on Chad Dimera and especially the character’s eventual supercouple, Chabby with Abigail Deveraux. TV Source Magazine learned that while his character has shifted from frontburner romantic hero to a more supporting role, Billy has enjoyed every step of the journey with DAYS. There’s a genuine love there for Chad and it shows. As new stories kick up for the young Dimera heir, we hope […]

‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Paul Telfer Goes In Depth on Playing Salem’s Most Charming Psychopath

Paul Telfer has had a crash course in soaps over his near on-and-off decade at Days of Our Lives and it shows in his breadth of knowledge on the genre, its fans and especially his breakout character, Xander Kiriakis. TV Source Magazine got to sit down with the Scottish-born actor to learn about how he approaches playing the twisted but damaged Kiriakis black sheep, Xander’s tangled up love life and even more about his exciting thriller film, Green Rush and going full dark. Our time was spent full of laughter but also insightful conversation that will hopefully enlighten you all […]

‘Days of our Lives’ Star Lindsay Arnold Discusses Playing a Legacy Character, Allie’s Journey and Romantic Entanglements

Lindsay Arnold may be fresh to the industry but to her steadily growing number of fans, she seems an old pro on screen in her breakout role as Allie Horton on Days of Our Lives.  TV Source Magazine took time to get to know the rising actress who openly expresses her love for her craft, for the soap genre, and its fans – even if the feeling of having said fans is one she’s still getting used to.  Time flew by getting to know the thoughtful newcomer but as we all confessed to being ramblers, we know there’ll be much […]

Interview With ‘Big Nate’ Star Ben Giroux

You may not get to see his face very often, but there’s no doubt you’ve heard Ben Giroux’s voice –  especially if you’ve tuned into Nickelodeon any time in the last ten or so years. He’s had audiences giggling (and sometimes cowering in fear) from adult baby supervillain, The Toddler in the Henry Danger series and many other credits as both in front of the camera and behind the mic.  Now, Nickelodeon has tapped Giroux to voice the titular character in their upcoming Paramount+ animated series, Big Nate. The 22-minute animated series is based off of the globally popular comic […]

‘Days of our Lives’ Star Carson Boatman Is Having One Hell of a Year (Exclusive)

The year 2021 was undoubtedly a roller coaster of a year but for rising Days of Our Lives actor, Carson Boatman, it was the year counting blessings. From a wedding celebration to a big break in Daytime, there was a lot for DAYS’ resident Iowan to be thankful for last year. After speaking with him over the course of an hour, getting to know the actor with his charismatic Iowan twang and ever thankful heart, it’s clearer than ever that DAYS secured a great talent. As we all know, the devil is truly in the details, so I hope you […]

Podcast Episode 106 | BEYOND SALEM SPECIAL

It’s been almost 700 days since the TV Source crew got together to tape an episode of the TV Source Podcast. The last time the Source crew was together, there was a different president, there was no global pandemic and we were all blissfully ignorant to our favorite soap stars’ anti-vaccination stances! But after nearly two years on hiatus, the hosts of the TV Source podcast are back, baby! When we were coming back was important, but how we came back was the most important thing. We decided the best way to make our grand return to the podcast airwaves […]

Podcast Episode 105 | Season Three Finale – Year in Soaps: “2019 Hot Takes”

As the year 2019 draws to a close, the TV Source Podcast returns from a much needed holiday break for its season 3 finale – a hot take recap highlighting the good, the bad and the messy the year in soaps had to offer from US serials The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Days of our Lives and UK soap Hollyoaks. Taped: December 30, 2019Panel: Ashley, Jonathan K., Coryon, RyanProducer: Jonathan K. Synopsis: The Season 3 finale begins with our hosts naming our performers of the year (three women and one male), before tackling […]

Podcast Episode 104 | Week in Soaps: “Knocking Knickers”

The TV Source team runs downs the week in soaps for November 18, 2019: Headlines – Days of our Lives gets renewed and debuts a new web series; General Hospital brings back a legend, A Y&R vet unites #SoapTwitter against him and Hollyoaks casts a gorgeous new couple of color. We’re also got reaction to the end of Hollyoaks’ alt-right plot, The Young and the Restless changes Jabot execs again and Victor’s interest in Amanda, General Hospital’s Jason realizes his and Sam’s choices impact their children; Days of our Lives’ Marlena returns home ready to boot Hope and Ciara gets […]