Podcast Episode 104 | Week in Soaps: “Knocking Knickers”

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The TV Source team runs downs the week in soaps for November 18, 2019: Headlines – Days of our Lives gets renewed and debuts a new web series; General Hospital brings back a legend, A Y&R vet unites #SoapTwitter against him and Hollyoaks casts a gorgeous new couple of color. We’re also got reaction to the end of Hollyoaks’ alt-right plot, The Young and the Restless changes Jabot execs again and Victor’s interest in Amanda, General Hospital’s Jason realizes his and Sam’s choices impact their children; Days of our Lives’ Marlena returns home ready to boot Hope and Ciara gets in over her head with a scheme.

Taped: November 24, 2019
Panel: Ashley, Jonathan K., Coryon, Ryan
Producer: Jonathan K.

Synopsis: Hollyoaks’ far right story came to a rather abrupt end and we’re of a mixed opinion about it and the seeds of Darren’s depression are being swen as Charlie nearly exposes his affair with Nancy; The Young and the Restless is changing heads at Jabot again, changing our tune on Theo and why is Victor interested in Amanda Sinclair; General Hospital was a slow week but there were moments our panel enjoyed including Finn and Chase’s brotherly heart-to-heart and Jason’s emotional reaction to the ramifications of his and Sam’s actions; Days of our Lives has Queen Marlena vs. Princess Gina! Our thoughts on the budding rivalry, Cin goes undercover to get back baby Mickey and why Will isn’t a plot device, not hating Sonny while liking his thing with Evan and Jennifer being used as the audience’s avatar.

Timestamps: Hot Topics 0:01:20 | Hollyoaks 0:19:55 | The Young and the Restless 0:42:00 | General Hospital  0:51:58 | Days of our Lives 1:00:15.

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