The TV Source Podcast | Episode 119 – Feeling The Pride

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In the new TV Source Roundup segment, the panel shares all of their thoughts on trending news of the last week in round table format. This week, listen to your favorite hosts help answer the following burning questions:

  • Is an actor like Heartstopper‘s Kit Connor’s unlabeled sexuality an issue or not? Should fans have any say in something so personal?
  • E3 is essentially DEAD – Does this matter to the gaming industry? Is this a sign of the times?
  • A new Pokemon game trailer has dropped! What does the panel think?
  • Billy Porter makes his directorial debut with young adult rom-com “Anything’s Possible” has the panel buzzing
  • Was making true crime as entertainment a mistake? How has it affected us all?

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Podcast 119 –

Hosts: Johnathon K., Coryon Gray, Ryan White and Ashley Dionne
Producer: Johnathon K. and Coryon Gray
Taped: June 2nd 2022