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Glee Recap: "Heart"


Tonight’s Glee was filled with candy hearts, great classic songs and just the right amount of heartbreak, proving once again that Glee can still bring it at least occasionally.

Tonight Mercedes finally made her decision between Sam and her seldom seen and even less seldom heard boyfriend Shane. Breaking the heart of not only Shane but Sam she chose to be alone because of how her actions had hurt Shane who she really cared about or so we are told since we never saw him on screen. Ms. Jones continued her heart breaking ways by killing the audience with a beautiful rendition of I Will Always Love You. The song was made even more powerful given the unfortunate passing of Whitney Huston this weekend.

The last of the Glee Project winners made his appearance tonight. Joe Hart swaggered onto the WMHS campus sporting his trademark dreads and Jesus sandals. As a latest addition to the newly formed god squad he is sure to stir up trouble. With his tattoos and bible loving ways we know those looks Quinn was throwing his way were not all about which bible passages he liked best.  

The Misters Berry finally made their long awaited debut tonight and what can we say but where have you been since season 1. Between their bickering and their show tunes it is easy to see where Rachel gets her personality. Not to mention like the rest of the Glee parents they are such characters that you find yourself almost wishing the show was about them instead. Here is hoping that Hiram and Leroy are here to stay at least until the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding Finn and Rachel’s secret engagement was ousted this week both to their parents and the glee club. While the glee club was somewhat divided in their support for the couple their parents are behind them 100% or at least they are pretending to be. In an effort to get the young couple to see the error of their ways the parents seem to have teamed up to trick Finn and Rachel into breaking their on engagement. They were almost successful too until the couple decided they didn’t want to fight when they could be at a party with their friends. Further complicating the parents’ scheme the couple decided to pick an earlier date for their wedding.

Sugar Motta proved once again that she is an excellent addition to the New Directions team. Not only did she pay for the group to go to regionals saving them from another humiliating round of fund raising she also inspired our new favorite love triangle. With both Artie and Rory vying for her hand to her big Valentine’s Day party at Breadstix we got to see some pretty impressive displays of affection including a gush worthy shower of glitter hearts that rained down from the ceiling when her locker was opened. She also inspired two great songs including our favorite number so far from Rory with “Home.”

Glee shippers around the globe gushed as Brittany and Santana shared their first and second ever on screen kiss. The longtime gal pals and recent exclusive girlfriends finally shared their first on screen kiss but not before dealing with prejudice about their relationship. After a near kiss in the hall Principal Figgins called them into his office to inform them that there had been a complaint made about them on religious grounds. Never one to back down from a fight Santana confronted the god squad asking them sing a singing telegram for Brittany. Between their Glee friends and Joe surfer live and let love approach to god they were able to deliver.

Kurt found himself on the end of a surprising secret admirer this week. Thinking a recovering Blaine was sending him valentines Kurt basked in their seemingly perfect love. Little did he know that the valentines were actually from Karofsky who after a chance encounter at a gay club decided maybe the line between hate and love was even thinner than he thought. Kurt was able to turn him down gently but not before Karofsky accidentally outed himself to at least one person, we have a feeling the trouble isn’t over yet. All is well that ends well though and Blaine made it to the party in time for one last song and dance with his man.

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