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The Good Wife Recap: "Live From Damascus"


Finally! After a two week hiatus, The Good Wife (aka my show) returned Sunday night. Episode 15, “Live From Damascus” begins right where we left off at the end of the previous episode…

Peter Florrick dismissing Wendy Scott-Carr from his office. Wendy telling him that she will be going to the bar association with the information she has on Will. Will and Diane celebrating his victory with a party at their office. Will is notified that he has a call from Cary Agos, “Oop, there it is,” says Diane. I wonder how many laughed aloud as I did and started hearing that song in their head…. It turns out Cary was calling with official word that he was indeed safe and that the states attorney’s office would no longer be coming after him.

Alicia arrives for an 11th hour meeting with Viola Walsh, played by Rita Wilson, regarding a class action suit against a software company that she is representing. Will saw her step off of the elevator and followed her into her office. Her dark office. Who else wanted them to have sex right then and there? She told him how happy she was for him and he thanked her. Will then asked her if she would greet Viola and her client when they arrived.

While they were in the meeting, Kalinda was on a video call with Syria. This seems out of place, but it has to do with the case. Apparently, the Syrian government was using the software to make American protestors mysteriously “disappear”. While she was waiting for her contact to get conformation on something that would aid them in their case, she gets a call from Eli Gold asking if she found out why his ex-wife had his arch nemesis in charge of her campaign. Kalinda tried to tell him that she couldn’t deal with him right now because she was busy, but he wouldn’t listen and just kept talking. So, she hung up on him.

Before the night was over, Lionel Deerfield arrived to inform Will that his disbarment was being pursued due to the bar association receiving information about his taking $45,000 from a clients account fifteen years ago. They couldn’t even let him enjoy his victory for one night, could they? Poor guy looked like his world came crashing down around him. He informed Diane and she paid a visit to Lionel. They end up offering Will a six month suspension. During this suspension, he cannot practice law. If he were to decline the offer, they would launch an investigation that could lead to his disbarment.

Will had kept all of the grand jury happenings from Alicia, not wanting to involve her. However, this time, he confides in her about his possible disbarment and the offer he received of a six month suspension. While talking to her, he comes to the decision to take the suspension. (Sigh. See? She’s his lobster! She just makes everything make sense for him.) He informs Diane of his decision and she in turn, lets him know that he will still have a place there when his suspension was over.

Due to Will’s suspension, Diane has to reassign all of his cases. She and Will tell Alicia that they need her to take over a certain case that needs to stay under the radar. The client? Kalinda. Alicia was reluctant to take the case, but they convinced her that she was the best person for it. Could this bring us the friendship of Alicia and Kalinda back? I hope so!

Ok, I don’t know what my problem was while watching tonight’s episode. But, every time Alicia and Will shared a scene and stared at each other longingly. I just wanted them to jump each other’s bones right where they were. The episode ends with Will leaving, a bat in his hand (very Kalinda-esque). Alicia is there to see him off. “Follow Diane’s lead, Alicia. You’ll do fine.” Will says. What he should have said was, “Take the next elevator down and meet me at my apartment so we can have mind blowing sex to make me feel better.” Well. A girl can dream, right?

So, what do we think Will is going to do with six months of free time? We already know his sister has been cast. We also know that Matthew Perry has been cast in a recurring role and that his character will try to charm Alicia. Key word here would be “try”. Of course, we have another delay in new episodes. Next one will be March 4th.

Who did we anger at CBS? Until next time…

Chrissie Ortiz
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