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Dallas Recap: "Truth and Consequences"


I had to re-watch Wednesday’s episode of Dallas again just to make sure I fully absorbed everything that happened. What an episode! If these proceedings do not take one back to days of yesteryear, I don’t know what to say. The scheming has reached a huge mid-season point, and I’m afraid things might just get worse for the entire Ewing family before they get better.

We picked up this week with Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) baring her soul to a confused Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) about the email that was sent to both he and Elena (Jordana Brewster). Julie’s performances have improved ten-fold, and tonight was no exception. Rebecca had two choices; tell all to Christopher or risk him finding out for himself from either John Ross (Josh Henderson) or Rebecca’s brother Tommy (Callard Harris). She conveyed a woman who was caught in between situations beyond her control, and even when she went up to their bedroom while Christopher was packing her things and throwing her off Southfork, she tells him she never knew it was he and Elena who she was setting up. Do I believe her? The fact that I asked myself that question shows how the writing has improved every single week since the show began. Not only was she a stand-out performer, Jesse Metcalf finally came into his own as Bobby’s son. The rage he revealed as he walked away from Rebecca then ran towards Tommy at the Ewing BBQ and laid him out was a thing of beauty. Later on she met with Ann to tell her where she was coming from and why she did what she did. Tommy still thinks they are in business, but Rebecca revealed to Ann how dangerous this man is. Since Christopher is learning how to play dirty, hopefully he will step back up and save her from her brother…and from herself. I am glad Christopher has finally came into his own as a true Ewing.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

My, my. I have seen every single episode of the original series, and I still shake my head at how stubborn, trusting and naïve Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is. I mean damn. How many times has he let someone, anyone get the best of him because of his attitude? I guess he never listened to Jock, who once told JR (Larry Hagman) and I’m sure Bobby that they needed to “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Bobby apparently doesn’t get that. Christopher was right on the mark in my opinion when he told Bobby that sometimes you have to get dirty to clean everything up. I still remember when Bobby told Pamela (Victoria Principal) years ago during the Battle for Ewing Oil that Jock taught him everything he knew about getting dirty. Bobby said he hated learning, but he learned none the less and that he could get down and dirty with JR if he wanted to. But, that upstanding sense of honor got him in trouble once again. JR set him up perfectly…Marta Del Sol (Leonor Varela) is an imposter (Hell, we knew that from day 2, Bob) and is now wanted by the police. Bobby’s lawyer of 30 years Mitch Lobell (Richard Dillard) screwed Bobby like an A+ porn star and then picked his family up and bolted town, probably never to be heard from again. Bobby was told by his legal team that even if e gave the money back from the sale, it still wouldn’t prove fraud and conspiracy. Now, if Ray (Steve Kanaly) was around they could play James Bond and The Man from UNCLE just as they had years ago. But they are truly too old for that.

Bobby did take responsibility for once again not listening to anyone else but himself. Of course this is Dallas. All is not lost for Bobby. But he needs to finally get a damn clue about his brother. Bobby told Christopher that he knew JR pretty well. Pretty well? That’s how he phrases the wars they fought for 15 years? I guess he didn’t listen to his own words. Jock put him and JR against each other for years, to build them both up. And now, with JR skipping town and giving John Ross his power of attorney to not only drill on Southfork but also full rights over the ranch as well. But John Ross is a man conflicted. His daddy screwed him over royally and he did have a moment where he looked like if all the scheming and backstabbing was worth it. Not to mention having lied to Marta once again about what he was doing in last week’s episode. She is plotting something deadly. I feel it in my bones, and Bobby better check Southfork for explosives. I remember the last time someone got on Ewing property and pressed a button.

Good ole JR. Something is wrong on this show if he isn’t screwing someone (or everyone) over. But his weakness and downfall at times was always due to his incredible Texas-size ego. He has been got many times but in the past he was always let off the hook because of Miss Ellie or Jock or Bobby’ stupid ass. Now his parents are gone, and getting in a helicopter and leaving Dallas won’t be enough to keep him from the wrath of his family. He also threw John Ross to the wolves just to test him – all with that devilish smile of his. But as in years past, he truly doesn’t know what he’s done. He has unleashed a mess of pain and trouble heading in the family’s direction, and I would hate to be in his shoes when he comes back to Dallas. John Ross better realize that too. JR does nothing for free, so anyone out there thinking he gave John Ross the keys to the state is in for a hoot.

And speaking of hoots, Mitch Pileggi returned to television as Ann’s (Brenda Strong) ex-husband. A bitter ex-husband from what I saw tonight. For her to go to her own personal devil to help the man she loves was truly painful for her. But it’s about time Ann had something more to do than cook, hug Bobby, tell everyone everything will be alright and walk around the ranch house with a loaded shotgun she still hasn’t shot. She wanted her ex to stop delivering oil from Section 18 on Southfork to slow down the deal until Bobby and Christopher can get back on their feet in this latest battle. He agreed, provided she gives him a hug. In the line of the night, he told Ann, “I always did like your husband, Ann. I always thought his brother was a prick.” Nailed it right on the nose. JR thinks Ann is just there for window dressing and also for the fact (He thinks) that she won’t stick her nose in his business like his former sister-in-law did. He has underestimated her like he did Pamela. This will cost him and John Ross in the long run, and guess who JR will protect? And what about what Christopher has over John Ross?

This show is truly building each week. Everything is weaving itself into the show very nicely. Good writing will have you on the edge of your seat and thinking in many different directions. Dallas has accomplished that. So far. Now what my hope is that since we’ve reached the halfway point, the intensity will pick up and not crash and burn. I’ve seen that once before, in the show Smallville. I don’t want that to happen here. And I don’t think it will. The show runners have done a truly wonderful job. And now it’s time to bring on the second half of the season.

Next Time on Dallas:

Christopher takes matters into his own hands. Will JR return to keep his son in line? How will John Ross get out of the trouble his lies got him into? A fight breaks out between two husbands, and a fan favorite finally steps in to protect her son.

It’s all next week on Dallas, Wed. nights at 9/8 central on TNT.

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