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'Hart of Dixie' Season 2 Premiere Recap: "I Fall to Pieces"


It’s time to return to Bluebell for “Hart of Dixie’s” second season premiere, “I Fall to Pieces.” When we last left off, George had called off the wedding, which led to Lemon punching him in the face and then he hurried over to Zoe’s cottage to tell her that he was a free man and he wanted to be with her. He sealed it with a kiss, completely clueless to the fact that Wade was in Zoe’s bed at the time since the two had (finally!) given in to the spark between them. But would Zoe tell Wade about George? Would she tell George about Wade? Would Lemon punch George again? So many questions as the premiere picks up the morning after to answer them for us.

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The town is cleaning up after the massive storm that swept through and Zoe is in bed with (shirtless!) Wade as she ignores a call on her cell phone from George. While Wade is sleeping, Zoe slips out and heads up to the main house to talk to Lavon. She tells him about George showing up and about how she had sex with Wade and now she feels a connection and she doesn’t know what to do. Lavon laughs at her, tells her that she needs a girlfriend and he mocks her for going from no boyfriends to having two in one night. Zoe asks for advice and Lavon suggests she be honest with everyone involved.

As Zoe is leaving Lavon’s, George shows up. He wanted to thank Lavon for his help the night before and he tries to get close to Zoe, but she evades him. Wade shows up and quickly figures out what’s going on. He drops a not-so-subtle hint about the house call the doctor gave him and then he slips out. George is not happy and Zoe explains that it just kind of happened and she’s not sure what to do. George leaves too and when Lavon appears, Zoe tells him that he is the worst girlfriend.

Meanwhile, at the Breeland house, Lemon is asleep on the couch while Annabeth, Magnolia and Cricket huddle around her, trying to decide what they’re supposed to do. Cricket says all the wrong things and Annabeth tries to get her to leave, but Lemon wakes up and grabs her by the throat, pointing out that she can hear her. But Lemon was determined not to let the failed wedding get her down. She wants to find a job and her own apartment and do things on her own…and she demands Annabeth go with her to help.

Zoe seeks out Wade (who is shirtless again!) while he’s working on his car. She apologizes for not telling him and lets him know that she’s not automatically choosing George because she felt something when she was with Wade. He insists that it was just because she was having A+ sex for the first time. She doesn’t want to let him be “all Wade” and make light of things, but he insists it was no big deal and for him, it was more like “B-” sex. Zoe is not okay with that, but Wade doesn’t seem to care. He tells her that he’s not going to get into a John Wayne-off with George over her.

The whole town is buzzing over Zoe-gate and Lavon reminds people that they should be cleaning instead of gossiping. Zoe is treating a new patient, who repeatedly refers to her as “the homewrecker” while his granddaughter, Ruby, admonishes him. Ruby and Zoe hit it off and Ruby explains that she’s originally from Bluebell, but she moved away for awhile. Zoe invites her over to her place later so she can have someone to talk to.

George shows up at the office and he apologizes and admits that he was jealous. He tells Zoe that he’ll understand if she chooses Wade, but he really wants her to choose him. He insists that he and Lemon are over forever. Brick walks in on the two of them and he is not pleased to see that Zoe is in the middle of things. He stiffly tells her that she has a patient waiting. George admits that he knows things will be hard, but they’ll get through them together if she picks him.

Lemon is sitting on a park bench, reading want ads when Ruby pops up and Lemon is not happy to see her. Ruby admits that she tormented Lemon in high school because she was three years younger, too big for her britches and named after a fruit. Lemon explains that she’s changing her life and Ruby basically tells her that she’s useless (not feeling the new girl). Lemon takes it to heart and heads home to talk to Brick and blames him for not letting her become an adult sooner and have a career. Brick points out that he thought George was to blame and Lemon storms off to return a knife that they received as a wedding present. But as she walks through the town, she sees people taking down the wedding decorations and starts to freak out.

Lavon isn’t exactly thrilled to see Ruby either and ends up spilling wine all over Zoe, forcing her to go home and change. It turns out they dated in high school and when Lavon went off to be a football star, he left Ruby hanging. (On the one hand, that’s terrible, but on the other, Ruby isn’t really garnering sympathy from me: Team Lemon!). While those two are chatting, George shows up at Wade’s with some beer and wants to make a pact to be cool with whoever Zoe chooses. Wade is pretty aloof about the whole thing and George starts to go into his spiel about how he really likes Zoe, but Wade stops him and tells him to come outside and look at something.

Zoe opens her door and Lemon is standing there, knife in hand, and greets her with, “Oh good, you’re home.” Zoe freaks out, assumes Lemon is there to kill her and attempts to use some kind of karate on her, only to end up falling down. Lemon just looks at her like she’s crazy and then explains that she’s dying, she’s having chest pains and she’s decided to spend her last moments on earth with her sworn enemy because she doesn’t want to go home to her father (hilarious). Zoe thinks Lemon is having a panic attack and offers her some valium, but Lemon is convinced it’s a heart attack and tells Zoe that she’s a bad doctor.

Word spreads fast in Bluebell that Lemon was seen walking around town with a knife. George tells the sheriff that she’s at Zoe’s and then Tom interrupts Brick’s dinner date to tell him that, “Lemon has taken Zoe hostage.” The entire town rushes to the plantation and George, Lavon and Wade argue about who should go in and make sure everything is all right. Lavon is quickly ruled out and Wade tries to take initiative, but George stops him and the two get into a fight (sad to say Wade is wearing a shirt for this scene) as the whole town watches.

As everyone assumes the worse, Zoe manages to get Lemon to calm down and the two have a really nice talk. Lemon admits that she’s a mess and Zoe tells her that she is too. She tells her about sleeping with Wade. Lemon tells Zoe that if she wants to be with George, she doesn’t have to hide it from her, but she’s still going to hate her until her dying day. Zoe offers to walk her out and the two women are stunned to see the scene outside. Lemon explains why she had the knife and Zoe tells everyone they were just chatting because they’re pals. Lemon also tells everyone that she and George breaking up was no one’s fault. The town seems disappointed that no one was stabbed.

The next day, Wade offers Lemon a job at the Rammer Jammer. She accepts, even if she doesn’t completely agree to the part where he gets to order her around (new couple potential, anyone?). Zoe asks George to meet her and gently tells him that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to get involved right after he called off his wedding, especially since he’s never dated anyone. He’s upset that she’s choosing Wade, but Zoe explains that she’s choosing no one. She says Wade was never interested in being an option, but maybe someday, the stars will align for her and George (vomit).

Zoe runs into Wade and she tells him that she’s not choosing anyone. He goads her about the sex again and she insists that she’s been with other men and they never complained. She gets right in Wade’s face as they argue and then of course they end up in bed again, or on a bed. As Wade takes off her clothes, Zoe insists that she doesn’t like him and it’s just sex (Keep telling yourself that, Zoe…).

I loved the premiere, even if I would have rather seen more of Annabeth and less of Ruby, but other than that, it was solid. The hostage crisis was the best and proved once again why this show is the true “Gilmore Girls” successor unlike another show that shall remain nameless…and of course I enjoyed the ending. Looking forward to seeing where Zoe and Wade’s ‘friends (enemies?) with benefits’ relationship goes.

Did you enjoy the premiere? Do you think Zoe made the right choice? Tell us what you think and be sure to check out the preview below for next week that features lots of shirtless Wade. You are welcome.


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