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'Hart of Dixie' Recap: "If It Makes You Happy"


Hart of Dixie’s” second season has been off to a really good start and tonight’s episode, “If It Makes You Happy” continued that trend. Zoe was still determined to stay out of Wade’s bed (or keep him out of hers), George had to tell Lemon that he was going on a date and Lavon was dealing with Ruby (ugh) and her quest to unseat him as Bluebell’s mayor.

The episode got off to an excellent start with a shirtless Wade painting Zoe’s bedroom. Dr. Hart was not amused and she proceeded to throw pillows at him while he pointed out that she seemed awfully bothered by his shirtless state for someone who didn’t want to sleep with him anymore. Later, Zoe complained to Lavon about not hiring someone else and Lavon reminded her that Wade was on his payroll. Lavon told Zoe that he was having nightmares about Ruby winning and everyone voting for her. That somehow sparked Zoe’s memory that the reporter from her college alumni magazine was coming the next day. It turns out that Zoe had been listed as “retired in Bluebell” and she wanted to prove that she was still an important doctor.

At the Breeland house, Brick was upset that Emily was so far away and Lemon felt bad for her father, but told him that he could make a long distance relationship work. There was a knock at the door and it was George. Brick was not happy to see him and berated him for what he’d done to Lemon. George apologized and he was upset that Brick wasn’t taking his phone calls and he offered again to pay for the wedding. Brick started yelling, but Lemon intervened. Brick headed upstairs and George told Lemon that he was going on a date. Lemon hid her distaste and then immediately tracked down Annabeth and told her that she needed to find a man to be in a relationship with so she could win the breakup. Annabeth’s divorce had been finalized so all she wanted was to wallow in her pastry, but she agreed to help Lemon (Annabeth is awesome).

Zoe hijacks the crowd at the Rammer Jammer and wants to put together a 3-point plan to make them healthier. None of them seem really into her ideas about eating better or exercising and Wade mocks her from behind the car. A man comes in and Zoe asks him if he can even do one pushup. It turns out that he’s the reporter from the alumni magazine (whoops) and he’s not the slightest bit impressed with Zoe or the lack of action in Bluebell. Tom shows up at her office and he’s got a rash. Zoe tries to make it seem more professional, but the reporter just quotes Tom saying, the rash is “gross” and then tells Zoe that he’s leaving. Zoe sees some inflammation in Tom’s eyes and thinks it might be more than a rash after all.

Ruby (aka the worst) is setting up campaign flyers or something and taunts Lavon. He wants her to drop out of the race because he’s convinced she’s just doing this to get back at him for dumping her or not calling or whatever happened when he became a football player. She suggests he drop out and Lavon points out that he’s already mayor. Ruby asks him for three reasons he wants to stay mayor. When Lavon doesn’t answer, Ruby claims to have a vision for the town (whatever, I envision her leaving it).

Lemon and Annabeth are shopping for the perfect dress. Annabeth points out a girl wearing a red dress and says Lemon should get something like that, but Lemon thinks the dress is too revealing. The girl starts talking excitedly about her date with George Tucker and Lemon immediately changes her mind and wants to find something equally form-fitting. Annabeth admits that she’s sorry that she ate that pastry.

Brick is trying to find a flight to North Carolina to see Emily and Zoe consults with him about Tom’s symptoms. He agrees that it sounds like leprosy, even though the disease is extremely rare. Zoe calls the reporter to come back and she asks Tom what he’s been up to and where he’s been working and he says he did some yard work for Crazy Earl. Zoe puts him in quarantine and then warns Wade that his father might have leprosy. Wade laughs at her, but Zoe goads him into going to see his dad with her to check for symptoms.

George is on a date with Shelby and things seem to be going okay. She asks how someone like him is single and George skirts the issue a bit, not mentioning that he was just in a very serious relationship (for 15 years). Across the restaurant, Brick is at the bar, still fretting about Emily and when he sees George and his date, he decides to join them. Shelby thinks Brick is just George’s doctor and Brick points out that he’s his fiancée’s father. Shelby is horrified when Brick tells her that George just got out of a 15-year relationship a few weeks earlier. The two men start arguing and they’re asked to leave the restaurant.

Wade and Zoe go to see Earl, who teases his son about bringing his “girlfriend” over. Zoe is amused and Earl mentions that Randy is back. Wade explains that Randy is an armadillo that they’re always trying to get rid of and Zoe points out that the animal is known for carrying leprosy (in rare cases). Zoe wants to go look for him, Wade isn’t interested and as they argue, Earl mocks Wade for painting his girlfriend’s house. Wade finally agrees to go look for Randy with Zoe. As soon as they do, Zoe teases him about how he’s talked to his father about her and their relationship. Wade tries to talk his way out of it, but eventually points out that she’s the one who would rather be somewhere else than with him. He traps the armadillo and leaves Zoe to think about that.

Lemon and Annabeth are at a bar in a different town so Lemon can find a guy to be in a relationship with. She looks around, rejecting most of the men she sees, until she zeroes in on one and decides to send him a drink. Before she can, someone else does and Lemon and Annabeth see Ruby sitting with Cricket. Lemon is not happy with her friend and makes a point of stealing the guy’s attention away from Ruby. When the two have a chance to talk, Ruby admits that she just wants to see Lemon lose because the Breeland family always had everything. Lemon tells her it won’t be that night and she manages to get Walt all to herself. But when he kisses her, Lemon realizes that she’s not ready for that and just wants to go home (aw, Lemon).

Back in Bluebell, Wade introduces Randy to the reporter. Zoe gets Tom’s test results back and it turns out that it’s not leprosy, just a rash so the reporter leaves again. Wade calls Zoe out on her disappointment for not getting to save the day, he tells her that he’s going to go home and play videogames and then he gives this amazing speech, which I’m just going to quote.

““You are the saddest person in the world, always looking over your shoulder at what life should be instead of taking it for what it is. You’re not honest about what makes you happy. If I want to save the world, I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s my choice; just like it was your choice to stay in Bluebell, your choice to be a GP instead of a surgeon, your choice to go to bed with me. Clearly, something about every one of those choices makes you happy, but the problem is they don’t match up with the pictures you have in your head about what your life should be. You want to be happy, Doc? Change your picture or change your life.” (Go ahead and clap for Wade. He’s the best).

Brick and George are fighting outside the restaurant and Lavon comes along to see what the problem is. He forces them to talk to one another and George apologizes again and says that Brick was like a father to him. Brick admits that was why he was so hurt. It wasn’t just Lemon that lost George; he did too (aw, Brick!). Lavon tells them to shake hands, but they hug instead. George is heading home and runs into Zoe. He tells her about his bad date and she’s obviously thinking about what Wade had said to her (I may have zoned out a little on this scene. Team Wade).

Lavon finds Ruby and tells her that he’s a good problem-solver. She’s confused and he explains that a mayor needs to be a mediator and he’s good at that. He tells her that nothing brings him more pleasure than solving the problems of Bluebell. Ruby remains the worst and insists she’s still going to run against him. Meanwhile, Lemon finds Annabeth on her ex-husband’s boat (or “crab shack/metaphor for her marriage” as Annabeth calls it). Annabeth suggests that Lemon get back to being an independent woman and find what she’s good at. Lemon goes to Lavon and tells him that she wants to run his campaign and help him beat Ruby. Lavon promises to think about it.

Wade is playing videogames and Zoe shows up. She brings a game with her and admits that he might have had a point about videogames. Wade invites her to play and suggests that they make it a strip game, which Zoe doesn’t object to (awesome ending is awesome).

I smiled a lot during this episode. I love Zoe and Wade bickering and coming together in the end. I love that Brick is getting more screen time and I’m starting to warm up to George a tiny bit as long as he’s not in a scene with Zoe. I really liked his scenes with Brick. Shelby is still too new to rate yet, but can we please get more Annabeth? It was nice to see Crazy Earl again, but would it have killed them to mention Jesse (You know I have to get my Justin Hartley reference in). Until next week…

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