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'Emily Owens, M.D.' Preview: Can Will and Emily get past the awkwardness?


Let’s talk about “Emily Owens, M.D.” It’s this really great new show on The CW that not enough people are watching. But it’s not too late to remedy that. The second episode of the series airs this Tuesday and since we’ve already seen the episode (it’s fantastic), we can give viewers a sneak peek on what to expect.


ICYMI: ‘Emily Owens, M.D. Series Premiere Recap: Pilot

If you missed the pilot last week (again, that can be easily remedied by going to and watching it for free), here are the basics of what you need to know. Emily (Mamie Gummer) is a surgical intern at Denver Memorial Hospital and she’s really excited about taking the next step in her life. But here’s the problem. Her job feels a lot like high school (I know people can relate to this. If you tell me you’ve never felt like you’re back in high school at work, then you probably work from home). Anyway, Emily has a crush on her BFF Will (Justin Hartley) and in the pilot, she tells him how she feels about him and Will tells her that he doesn’t feel the same way. It honestly was one of the most awkward moment ever…until the second episode.

In “Emily and…The Alan Zolman Incident,” Emily wants to put the awkwardness behind them, but in typical Emily fashion, she makes things worse, starting by shouting out, “Hey Willie!” Needless to say Will doesn’t actually go by ‘Willie’ and he’s a little confused as to why she’s calling him that so the two do what they can to avoid each other for awhile. But that’s not so easy when they’re working at the same hospital, in the same residency program.

Of course, Emily has other problem as well. In the pilot, one of her fellow interns Tyra (Kelly McCreary) thought that one of the nurses might be interested in dating her since Tyra constantly caught Nurse Jessica staring at her. So after doing a favor for Emily, she asked her to find out if Jessica was a lesbian. Once again, Emily’s awkwardness kicked in and she ended up coming off more like a predator than a nice woman inquiring about a possible date. So now all of the nurses think Emily is out to sexually harass them and let’s just say they’re not very nice to her.

Emily didn’t make the best impression with her boss Dr. Bandari (Necar Zadegan) either and she wants to try and do better this week. But when her patent is in serious trouble and Dr. Bandari is in surgery, Emily considers going to the chief of surgery and using what she knows about him (he’s having an affair with Nurse Jessica) to convince him to move her patient up on the list. But would Emily really do something so unethical?

In her continuing quest to make Emily’s life miserable, Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) presses Emily for answers when she hears Emily telling Will that she has a crush on someone new. Emily reluctantly says that she’s talking about Micah (Michael Rady) and then she has to go to Micah and admit the truth to him because the gossip is all over the hospital. It seems like Micah already has a soft spot for Emily, so how will he react to the news of her fake crush?

As for Will, just when you think it’s safe to count him out of the game because of all the awkward moments, the audience gets to see Will being there for Emily and proving that he’s a really good friend. We also get a glimpse into the past and see that there’s a reason Emily had such high hopes for their relationship evolving past the friendship level. The second episode will definitely leave the triangle feeling more balanced and seriously, who would have counted Will out so early in the game anyway?

“Emily Owens, M.D.” airs Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EST on The CW.

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