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'Hart of Dixie' Recap: "Suspicious Minds"


Hart of Dixie” continued its second season trend of being even more awesome than it was the first season tonight with, “Suspicious Minds.” Picking up where we left off last week, Wade and Zoe were still having sex, but it didn’t mean anything, Lemon had offered to run Lavon’s campaign against Ruby, who is the worst, Lemon had moved out, leaving Brick and Magnolia to fend for themselves and George was dating a new woman named Shelby.

The episode starts off with Zoe and Wade afterglow, which is always a great way to start any episode. Apparently our favorite non-couple are into role play. They made a few suggestions for later that night, including sexy hobos on a train (LMAO) and Zoe left for the day, once again stressing that things were totally casual between them (Oh Zoe, just because you repeat it does not make it true). Zoe wanted to talk to her BFF Lavon about her FWB Wade, but for obvious reasons, Lavon wasn’t into that conversation.

Zoe turned to Ruby (Ew!), who promised to keep any and all election talk out of their friendship because Zoe was totally Team Lavon. Ruby mentions her cousin is going to be in town, but Zoe says she’s sort of casually seeing Wade. Meanwhile, Geroge was at the Rammer Jammer with Wade, complaining that Shelby was coming on too strong and George wasn’t interested, but he didn’t know how to let her down. Wade had some advice for him, but George didn’t really know how to be the bad guy and let Shelby down gently so she was basically walking all over him.

Brick and Magnolia were visiting Lemon on her houseboat. Neither of them was happy that Lemon had moved out since they really didn’t know how to take care of themselves. Lemon busted Magnolia when she tried to steal the keys to the boat and sent them on their way. Back at the Breeland house, Magnolia was worried they were going to starve without Lemon, but Brick insisted that they could be independent too. He said he would cook and Magnolia would do the laundry.

Zoe puts on some sexy doctor’s clothes and heads to see Wade later that night, only to spot him with a blonde woman. Wade takes her inside and Zoe notices a sock on the door. Of course she assumes the worst and calls Ruby to ask for her cousin’s number. The next morning, Wade asks what time he should come over to install her bathroom tile (not a euphemism) and Zoe tells him about her date. Wade is very nonchalant about the whole thing, tells her to enjoy her date and then Zoe calls Zach (the cousin) and suggests they meet at the Rammer Jammer instead of having dinner in Mobile.

Lemon is working on getting a big endorsement for Lavon’s campaign and Ruby shows up to be a bitch. Lemon is not impressed and when she leaves, Wade mentions to Ruby that he’s voting for Lavon. Lemon gathers the belles to talk about the campaign and after being nauseous all day, she starts to panic when someone mentions being pregnant (Uh-oh). Later, Lemon is at the drug store with Lavon and she’s doing her best to steal a pregnancy test since the pharmacist is so nosy. Lavon is arguing with him because he wants to put one of Ruby’s campaign posters up. As they leave, the store alarm goes off and when the pharmacist finds the pregnancy test and accuses Lemon of stealing it, Lavon claims he’s the one who took it because he needs it for Burt Reynolds, his gator, that’s actually a girl, he says.

Zoe is on her date with Zach and once again, Wade is not acting jealous. Zoe starts drinking a lot; to the point that Zach offers to take her home, especially when he sees that she’s more interested in what Wade’s doing than she is in talking to him. Wade gets a call and comes over, but Zoe tries to make it seem like Zach is taking her home for sexy purposes. Wade pulls her aside and whispers something in her ear. Drunk!Zoe practically shouts, “Lavon got arrested for shoplifting?!” as Ruby gleefully stands by and hears the whole thing (Have I mentioned that she’s the worst?).

Wade heads to the drugstore and offers to bail Lavon out, but the pharmacist tells him that the sheriff already worked something out with Lavon. As he’s talking, Wade realizes who the pregnancy test was actually for and calls George. He’s on another date with Shelby at his place and Wade tells him that he needs to be sitting down.

Zoe chases Ruby down the street and begs her not to say anything, but it’s too late. She already reported the tip to the press (WORST). Zoe finally realizes that Ruby is horrible and tells her off for being a bad friend, even as Ruby insists that she just wants to win. Meanwhile, Lemon thanks Lavon for covering for her and admits that she’s wanted a baby her whole life, but she doesn’t know how to raise one on her own. Lavon points out that she practically raised Magnolia and he thinks Lemon can do anything (aw!).

George shows up on the boat later and tells Lemon that he wants to be there for her. She tells him that she’s not pregnant, but she appreciates that he wants to help. He points out that she gets seasick and it’s actually the houseboat making her nauseous all the time. He offers to live on the boat and give her his apartment since she decorated it and he was never a huge fan anyway. The two have a really nice conversation about the state of their relationship and it feels like they’re going to be able to move on and maybe be friends again (Well done by both actors).

Lavon is not happy with Zoe when she tells him that Ruby knows because of her. The next day at the fundraising event, everyone has a copy of the newspaper with Lavon’s picture and the headline, “Thief in Chief.” Lemon promises that she’s going to do something and goes to the pharmacist and confesses the truth. Brick and Magnolia show up at the party with a plan to get Lemon to come home and make her see how much they need her. But when the pharmacist tells Brick about Lemon’s pregnancy test, Lemon quickly explains that she’s fine and she and George are switching places. Brick abandons the plan in favor of buying new clothes and stealing food from the barbeque (LMAO).

Zoe offers to find a new best friend, but Lavon forgives her because he’s the best. He tells her that if he would have let her talk to him about Wade in the first place, she wouldn’t have had to turn to Ruby. So Zoe starts talking about Wade, even though she swears she doesn’t want to. Lavon points out that she doesn’t seem like the casual type. Ruby continues to suck by sticking around and trying to get votes for her fundraiser or something. Wade gives George another pep talk and he ends things with Shelby, earning him a good slap. Wade admits he might have forgotten to mention that part.

After all is said and done, Zoe heads to Wade’s and tells him that she doesn’t know how to do casual so they have to stop. He seems a little disappointed, but then Zoe tells him that she likes having sex with him and suggests they do casual her way, which means monogamous casual. Wade agrees really quickly and Zoe has to confirm he knows what monogamous means. She makes a comment about random blondes and Wade tells her that the woman she saw him with was actually the woman who brought the tile for her bathroom. Wade invites her in and the two start a new role play game.

Next week is Halloween and Zoe finds a sleepwalking George in her bedroom. Um, let’s just focus on how great Zoe and Wade were this week and ignore whatever mess that’s going to be. See you next week!


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